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Why CallHippo Is The Best Grasshopper Alternative?

What’s the need to look for a Grasshopper alternative when you can invest in CallHippo – the market in business phone systems. Simplifying telephony with artificial intelligence-enabled applications, CallHippo is stacked with innovative features and tons of valuable integrations. The best Grasshopper alternative available today, CallHippo, is your best bet for instant better productivity!

Compare Features & Pricing And Select The Best Grasshopper Alternative

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About Grasshopper

If your business involves handling several inbound calls, it is evident that you might be using a business VoIP phone service like Grasshopper to meet your evolving communication needs. With such cloud-based phone systems, companies can not only make their communications more efficient but also boost their credibility.

However, if you are seeking a replacement for Grasshopper due to its pricing, features, reliability, or customer support, you can take a look around at one of its reliable alternatives – CallHippo.

Grasshopper Plans & Pricing

Grasshopper Pricing

CallHippo – An Ideal Grasshopper Alternative

CallHippo, a leading Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service provider, enables businesses of all sizes to have potential communication with their clients effortlessly. As opposed to Grasshopper that doesn’t offer international numbers, CallHippo provides virtual phone numbers for over 50 countries. Moreover, it comes with desktop and mobile apps so that you can keep an eye on things irrespective of where you are.

With a myriad of calling functionalities, including CRM integrations, internal calling, number availability status, and more, CallHippo stands as a strong Grasshopper substitute. Besides, it empowers businesses to expand their global reach while maintaining a local presence, creating brand awareness, increasing customer base, and enhancing customer experience.


Per user/Month
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For Startups

  • Unlimited Users (Pay only for number)
  • Click To Dial
  • Global Connect
  • Teams
  • Call forwarding
  • Voicemail
  • SMS/Text messages
  • Smart Switch
  • Last Called By


Per user/Month
Start Free Trial

Ideal For Small Team

  • Everything in Basic +
  • Free Number1
  • Forward-to-device
  • SMS
  • Voicemail
  • Teams
  • SDAP : Patent Pending Technology
  • Shared Inbox
  • Skill Based Call Routing
  • Webhook
  • Paid Call Recording
  • Target Vs Achievement
  • Campaign Management


Per user/Month
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For Fast Growing Team

  • Everything in Bronze +
  • Role based access control
  • Free Call Recording
  • IVR
  • Live Call
  • Call Queuing
  • User Working Hours
  • Call Reminder
  • After Call Work
  • Internal Team Calling
  • Call Cascading
  • Holiday Routing
  • Feedback for Calls
  • Gamification
  • Call Tagging


Per user/Month
Start Free Trial

For Larger Team

  • Everything in Silver +
  • Sticky Agent
  • Power Dialer
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Multi-level IVR
  • Multiple Level Call Transfer
  • Conference Calling
  • Call Barging
  • Route to External Number
  • Forward to Multiple Device
  • Call Whisper
  • Pause-Resume Recording
  • Download Call Recordings
  • Call Script
  • Intelligent Reports Analytics
  • Reports via email

*The Platinum plan is available on annual subscription only

Why should you consider CallHippo as a replacement for Grasshopper?

CallHippo enables Internal Calling:
Internal calling enables employees to make calls among themselves. This encourages team members to build stronger relationships. On top of this, businesses can improve their customer service with this feature. For instance, one of your representatives is talking to the client or customer and requires assistance from his colleague or supervisor at some point in time. Instead of asking the client or customer to call later, he can directly connect to his team members and resolve the issues. With CallHippo, you can also leverage the benefits of connecting with anyone on your contact list.

Internal calling tends to be the most favorable and useful for businesses with teams at multiple sites. Companies, where communication is the key to success, can benefit immensely with this feature.

CallHippo lets you determine your client’s time zone:
Connecting with the client at the right time is utterly essential for any business. If your business involves dealing with multinational clients, this becomes more crucial. However, this Grasshopper alternative makes it easier.

CallHippo comes with a feature named GlobalConnect. It lets you determine your client’s time zone within the fraction of a second. All you require doing is hover your mouse’s cursor on any number, and you will see the time, day, and the date of the area where your number belongs to. Besides, GlobalConnect also acknowledges the validity or availability of the number. Thus, it ensures calling your clients at the right time.

Comparison between CallHippo and Grasshopper

CallHippo competes on cost:
When you choose to deploy a business phone system, comparing the alternatives based on the pricing is also a must. While comparing CallHippo and Grasshopper in terms of its pricing, Grasshopper is way too expensive. On one side where Grasshopper has no free plans, CallHippo offers some functionality in its Plans just at the cost of a number.

Grasshopper has its Solo Plan for $26/month, whereas businesses can make the most of CallHippo’s Platinum Plan with all the features at $30/month. Well, you can choose among CallHippo’s Bronze and Silver plans, which are available at affordable rates based upon your business needs.
CallHippo provides a host of features
Right from simple call transfer and call forwarding, this Grasshopper alternative’s feature list extends to Auto-Switch, Low Network Symbol, Last Call Details, After Call Work, and more. All these help businesses improve customer service and enhance their credibility. Thus, CallHippo is a better replacement for Grasshopper.

Grasshopper Alternative – CallHippo


CallHippo Logo

Grasshopper Logo

Plans Bronze - $16, Silver - $24, Platinum - $40, Enterprise- Customized SolutionsSolo 29$ , Partner 49$ , Small Business 89$
Price SchemeMonthly payment | Annual SubscriptionMonthly payment
Product Info provides you with ultimate solution adhering to all your business requirements associated with Phone Support Systems.Grasshopper is a virtual phone system designed for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and even medium enterprises.
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • IVR System
  • Custom Messages
  • Call Recording
  • Forward to Cellphones
  • Voice Mail
  • Working Hours Per User
  • Contact Management
  • Shared Contacts
  • Email Support
  • Priority Email
  • Free Calling Credits
  • Call from Any Number
  • Ring All Devices
  • Office/Number Opening Hours
  • Call Hold
  • Call Hold With Custom Music
  • Call Mute
  • Click to Call
  • Voicemail in Email
  • Voicemail Custom Greeting
  • Custom Integration
  • Call Notifications
  • Android App
  • iOS app
  • Outbound Caller ID
  • International Numbers
  • 3-Digit Editable Extension
  • Call Conference
  • Call Barging
  • Call transfer
  • On Call Notes
  • Call Reminder
  • Analytics
  • Concurrent Calls
  • Global connect
  • Dynamic Number insertion
  • Auto-switch numbers
  • Fax support
  • Conference calling
  • International calls
  • Mobile app
  • Toll-free number
  • Softphone
  • Voicemail to email
  • Caller ID/Screening
  • Call forwarding
  • Call transfer
  • Call blocking
Customer SupportPhone, Live Support, Ticket, TrainingPhone, Ticket, Live Support
Types of CustomersSmall Business | Large Enterprises | Medium BusinessSmall Business | Medium Business | Freelancers
OS SupportedWindows, Mac, Web-based, Android, iOSWindows, Mac, Web-based, Android, iOS

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Frequently Asked Question

Which is a better service provider, CallHippo or grasshopper?

CallHippo is a more advanced and cost-effective business phone service provider than Grasshopper. It is has a diverse range of intelligent features, reporting capabilities, and provides round-the-clock customer support. A holistic and top-ranking VoIP provider, CallHippo provides virtual phone numbers to over 50 countries to enhance operational efficiency.

Is CallHippo more cost-effective than grasshopper?

Undoubtedly, CallHippo is far more cost-effective than Grasshopper. It provides economical pricing plans such as Bronze, Silver, and Platinum plan that do not dent a hole in your budget. CallHippo also provides enterprise customized solutions that are tailor-made to suit your budgetary requirements.

Which has more features among CallHippo and grasshopper?

CallHippo has a wider range of features and integrations as compared to Grasshopper. Some of its popular features include call barging, call analytics, recording, call transfer, call queuing, conferencing, voicemail, and interactive voice response.

10 Best Grasshopper Alternatives for 2023

1 ) CallHippo

Grasshopper Alternative Callhippo

CallHippo is the best alternative to Grasshopper for business. CallHippo has more to offer than just pocket-friendly prices. It offers a complete phone solution to small and mid-sized businesses for internal and external communication.

Features of CallHippo:

  • Power dialer
  • Smart switch
  • Global connect
  • Smart call forwarding
  • Call conferencing


  • Extremely affordable
  • Best-in-class support and live product demos
  • Simple learning curve
  • Complimentary product training


  • Pricing can be less
  • The mobile app is missing few essential call management features

Pricing: CallHippo’s business telephone number starts from $16 per user per month.

2 ) Monster VoIP

Grasshopper Alternative MonsterVoIP

Monster VoIP is yet another great alternative to grasshopper for business. Though it has limited features (as compared to CallHippo), it is perfect for small businesses.

Monster VoIP allows you to communicate effectively with your team, customers, and prospects. It has Android, Windows, and Mac apps and also supports SMS and video meetings.

Monster VoIP’s features:

  • Auto-attendant
  • Call queues
  • Call recording
  • eFax


  • Flexible and reliable system
  • Seamless integration


  • Poor customer support

Pricing: Monster VoIP starts from $27 per month.

3 ) OpenPhone

Grasshopper Alternative openphone

OpenPhone has an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that makes it easier for you to handle business communications (over the phone). It even lets you share your number with your team so they can call and text from the same phone number.

Openphone Features:

  • Global calling and messaging
  • Group messaging
  • Call recording
  • Business hours
  • Snippets and auto-replies


  • Seamless integration with multiple tools
  • Cost-effective phone solution
  • It is highly affordable for small and medium businesses.


  • Sometimes the call quality is poor
  • Customer support needs to be improved

Pricing: Starts from $10 per user per month

4 ) Phonebooth

Grasshopper Alternative Phonebooth

Phonebooth is a cost-effective alternative to grasshopper for business. What sets them apart from other phone network providers is that they control their network like a traditional phone company. This ensures high call quality all the time at low prices.

Phonebooth features:

  • Unlimited local and long-distance calls
  • Voicemail
  • Auto-attendant
  • HD voice quality


  • Easy and flexible to use
  • Affordable pricing


  • Complex initial setup
  • Poor support system
  • UI can be improved

Pricing: Starts from $20 per user per month.

5 ) Telzio

Grasshopper Alternative telzio

The modern and elegant interface of Telzio makes it a perfect grasshopper alternative. Not only do you get an interface similar (or even better) to grasshopper, but you also get access to premium features.

Telzio features:

  • Automated call management
  • Team collaboration
  • Unlimited users and extensions
  • Live call reporting
  • Call recording
  • Business hours


  • Easy to configure and manage
  • Good Support System


  • Sometimes lag while the call
  • Too many hidden charges

Pricing: Starts from $50 per month.

6 ) Ringblaze

Grasshopper Alternative ringbase

Ringblaze is a simple, effective phone solution that allows businesses to manage business calls flawlessly. It enables you to manage call activities, take notes, and assign calls to the right team to increase customer satisfaction.

Ringblaze Features:

  • Call collaboration
  • Real-time customer interaction
  • Custom phone numbers
  • Multiple users
  • Call recording


  • Easy to use UI
  • Affordable pricing for small businesses


  • The Android app doesn’t seem to be working properly
  • Average customer support

Pricing: Starts from $15 per user per month.

7 ) MightyCall

Grasshopper Alternative mightycall

Ideal for small businesses, MightyCall provides an easy-to-use and setup VoIP system. What sets it apart from other systems in this list is that it doesn’t charge as per the number of users.

MightyCall features:

  • Unlimited users
  • CRM functionality
  • Text messages
  • Call recording


  • MightyCall offers dial-by-name directory with all plans
  • 24/7 Auto Attendant
  • It provides unlimited storage.


  • Few unified communications features
  • Free trial is only 7 days
  • The IP phone is only supported above the base tier

Pricing: Starts from $29.99 per month.

8 ) GenVoice

Grasshopper Alternative genvoice

Based in Ontario, Canada, GenVoice is a set of powerful yet simple business communication tools. It provides more than 40 free features to amp up your business communication.

GenVoice Features:

  • Unlimited concurrent calls
  • EFax
  • Free visible call analyst
  • Conference rooms
  • Intra-domain calls


  • Quick solutions to issues
  • Good customer service 


  • Lag in VoIP phone system

Pricing: Starts from $20 per month.

9 ) Aircall

Grasshopper Alternative aircall

Set up in 2014 and with a customer base of 8500+ brands, Aircall empowers businesses to build better conversations. It is a cloud-based call center and phone system, helps businesses focus on closing deals and delighting customers. In addition, Aircall offers customized solutions based on the use case, role, or business.

Aircall Features:

  • PowerDialer
  • IVR
  • Call Routing


  • Seamless integration with Hubspot
  • Easy to set up
  • Very easy to use


  • The quality of calls is not so good
  • Customer Service is poor
  • Too many bugs in the chrome extension

Pricing: Starts from $30 per month.

10 ) Freshworks

Grasshopper Alternative Freshworks

If you are looking for a grasshopper VoIP alternative, Freshworks is your go-to application. This application is specially designed with support-specific features to minimize ticket errors and help you deliver an excellent customer experience.

Freshworks Features:

  • Easy number management
  • Custom reporting
  • Advanced inbound routing engine
  • Best in class supervisor controls


  • Relatively simple to set up sales sequencing
  • Intuitive interface, simple Gmail integration, and novel features like email tracking
  • CRM-to-CRM full migration support


  • Customer service should be improved.
  • A little pricey for small and medium-sized businesses.

Pricing: Starts from $15/user per month.

Final Thoughts

Though grasshopper is one of the best brands in the market, there are several alternatives to grasshopper for businesses that offer better features at competitive prices. The ten VoIP providers mentioned above can make business communications easier and improve customer experience.