If you are still making huge expenditures on business communication systems, you are definitely unaware of the well-being of virtual mobile phone number users. The majority of the vastly grown businesses and developing start-ups have opted for virtual numbers for their office phone systems. If you are expanding your business, communicating is the essence of your business, performing a huge transfer of information through voice process; you must not anymore keep your business deprived of the Virtual Telecommunication System.  

Where you can use a virtual phone number?

If you are doing international business from your country, you want to avoid unjustifiable expenses you usually do in cold calling, communicating via call is a must for your business, you don’t want to be in the glitch of buying numerous phone numbers and devices for all your venture, you have to act smart and switch to Virtual Phone System for your office communication system.

Researches show that when businesses switch to virtual phone systems from their traditional communicating system like VoIP, they save 70 to 75% of the investment made for similar purposes. A case study suggests that when a business with 30 phones switched to VoIP phone numbers, they saved an average amount of $1200 per month. Still not clear about how and why you can avail of such service? CallHippo is the solution to all your questions.

How Virtual Phone Numbers are being used widely

The virtual phone system works as the best office phone system when your business involves the communication of a huge amount. From lead generation to feedback collection, the only constant action you need to take is to be in touch with your clients. This is where you must not compromise. If you do it, the client is definitely going to go away, and that’s not what you want for your business, right? You have to be sure that this need of yours doesn’t become an unavoidable expenditure. Pick any industry; almost every business has now started using virtual numbers in their business telecommunication system after experiencing tremendous results.

Businesses in the marketing and business management consultation use the virtual phone system to be in touch with their clients and to take follow-ups for their international deals. Human Resource projects and Customer Relationship projects have called as their main business, and that’s where virtual phone numbers have played their vital role. Businesses which are working in the fields of real estate, law, import and export, and finance have the major responsibility of taking care of their clients’ interest before every action they take on their behalf.

Systems like virtual phone numbers and VoIP have made it easy and cost-effective for them to be in touch with their clients. No one can deny the fact that this internet-based phone system has been boon for the businesses of call centers, customer care and customer relationship management departments, and many more which are earning solely through calling. Your businesses do require such facility in some of the other ways and you must not fail to fulfill the need.

benefits of VOP - CallHippo

How to get one for yourself?

Searching for hot deals is not going to work here. You must turn towards deals as that CallHippo provides. Ever imagined getting your own low-cost support center in less than 5 minutes? Yes, we can do it even in lesser time, within 3 minutes. All you need to do is to purchase the most suitable plan for you. (See the plans).  And no, you don’t need to install expensive on-premises equipment for using it. Have a computer device with a good internet connection and a headset, and you are ready to go. We do not only help you with the easiest and affordable communication, but we also facilitate the integration of your communication system with your CRM software which makes it even easier to use it. Also, you don’t need to worry about complex features like call forwarding, call queuing, call barging, voicemail systems, contact management, and many more. It’s like getting all-in-one with just a click. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has, for such reasons taken over many old communication systems.

How can it help me in other ways?

By now you must have got an idea of why these virtual phone systems have taken over all the old calling mediums. Cost-cutting is not the only benefit you get by using such a system. This system can also provide other benefits like:

Establishing a local presence:

 you are operating your business from multiple countries, you are outsourcing your business, you want to create a virtual office at an initial stage of your business in any country; you must try CallHippo.

Creating a good professional image:

Using numbers with country codes of trusted countries makes a good first impression on your clients. And remember, the first impression is the last impression.


The virtual phone system does not only give you the benefit of calling. The integration of different software makes it easy to keep a record of all the clients, which makes it possible to search-click and dial any number within seconds. No more need to waste time in filtering records and dialing numbers from there.

Giving flexibility in expanding the business:

You get flexibility when it comes to expanding your business. You can use numbers of any country and operate from anywhere. The place is now no more a boundary.

Less investment towards device purchasing: You don’t need to purchase the latest and costly equipment in order to establish a good communication channel in your business.

You must be missing out on many advantages and incurring many losses if you are yet to develop a virtual phone system for your business till now. Without wasting time, go check CallHippo. We bet CallHippo is the best solution for your needs.

Updated : February 17, 2021


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