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There are more than 1.3 billion WhatsApp users in the world, and the number is constantly growing! Apart from widely used for personal messaging, new uses of WhatsApp are being discovered. Businesses have started using WhatsApp for many business purposes. No wonder, there are more than 12,000 Google searches of “WhatsApp for business” the keyword.

We have received many questions from our prospects on how to use WhatsApp with a virtual phone number. One such example is this:

Chat support

And there are many such queries we receive, every day! Customers ask about the installation of WhatsApp using their virtual phone number, and the process is quite simple. Actually, the process is quite similar to the general method. Here is the process to use WhatsApp with a virtual phone number.

Steps to use WhatsApp with a Virtual Phone Number?

Well, you can use any virtual phone number provider but we are taking an example of CallHippo for the sake of understanding:

Let’s consider, you already have a virtual phone number. If you don’t, just follow this article to know what is a virtual phone number and how to get one?

Now, feed your country details and virtual number in WhatsApp, and ask for a verification code.

Whatsapp Verification

You will receive an SMS verification code on your virtual phone system app or desktop.

After feeding your verification code in WhatsApp, you’re all set to use WhatsApp with virtual phone numbers.

That was pretty simple!

But, let’s look at some reasons why companies have started using WhatsApp in their businesses.

How are Businesses using WhatsApp?

1. Support:

Companies have understood very well that providing a good product is not enough, providing good support is equally important. In the initial days of a new product, you will find tons of bugs in your product. But, still, there are examples of customers sticking with your product, only because of good support!

Businesses have learned this mantra, and they are trying to help their customers, every way possible. Or we can say, businesses are offering multiple channels through which customers can reach to the support.

Whatsapp for support

Emails and chat heads are the leading tools for customer support, but companies have started using WhatsApp for the same. This is a good alternative to provide support as you can solve the customer queries on the go! WhatsApp with a virtual phone number will help you to solve queries of your international customers.

2. Internal Communication:

For a startup, every penny matters! Startups choose to use economical software in every way possible. No doubt, internal communication is vital for any business, but there are always some choices available which can help you generate one less invoice. Slack is a very good tool for internal communication which allows you to create various groups/channels, send files, and create a perfect team environment.

Whatsapp application

WhatsApp has also become a tool for team communication after the introduction of the WhatsApp web. Companies use it to create groups, send important attachments, and team collaboration. Some companies use it for general notification or company alerts. On the other hand, some companies use it to share knowledge or learning materials.

Whatever your use is, WhatsApp web can be a good choice for your internal communication because of its features.

3. Marketing:

Yes. Marketing! WhatsApp has become so dear to us that we hardly ignore any message. On the other hand, we do ignore many SMSs every day!

Emails and SMSs have been great tools for promotion or marketing. But, lately, people have developed an attitude of ignorance towards emails and SMSs. On the other hand, services like DND (Do Not Disturb) have drowned the market of SMS advertising.

But, we hardly ignore a WhatsApp message coming from a new contact number (Unless we know that contact number is trash!)

Marketing your product or service through WhatsApp is a new method in town these days. Marketing your product with virtual phone numbers targeting global customer is effective. On the other hand, the opposite is more effective here!

Sending a WhatsApp message to a Sri Lankan prospect with a US virtual phone number would be more effective because we become more intrigued when we see a message from another country. The attitude is exactly the opposite when it comes to calling an international prospect. We like to pick up calls from our own country!

Point is, marketing from WhatsApp is becoming popular and there are various tools to send bulk messages. Just like the one below:


4. Other Business uses of WhatsApp:

Apart from interesting WhatsApp uses, businesses are finding interesting ways to make the best use of WhatsApp. Taking orders via WhatsApp is becoming famous in many genres like e-commerce for gym accessories, medicine, food and beverages, gift shopping, grocery shopping, etc. Here an online clothing platform is accepting orders via WhatsApp. Have a look:

How to order Via Whatsapp

Many consultants are giving advice via WhatsApp where a customer can drop a question on the provided number and the consultant responds to the query when time allows.

Final Words:

Using WhatsApp with a virtual phone number is easy as we know now, but using this combination for business can emboss a great impression on your prospects. Plus, it creates a good bond between you and your customers when you communicate through such channels.

Updated : July 22, 2022

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