“The key to reducing wrap time is to do so without pressuring advisors, so we don’t impact the quality of their output or their morale.

Do high call wrap-up times worry you? Are you also looking for ways to reduce them and increase customer satisfaction? 

Reducing average call wrap-up time can significantly lessen the workload of agents. 

7 Sure Shot Ways To Reduce Call Center Wrap- Up Time

So, how can you achieve this? 

This feat requires streamlining your internal processes, training agents, and using the right call center tools to your advantage. 

Without further ado, let us dive in and understand how you can reduce your call wrap-uptime. 

What will you learn from this blog? 

  • What is Call Wrap-up Time? 
  • How is training agents important to reduce call wrap-up time?
  • Why is it essential to evaluate your call center software?

What is call wrap-up time?

Call wrap-up time is the time your call center agent spends doing follow-up tasks to complete a customer interaction. This includes speaking with their managers, adding notes into a CRM, and toggling between systems to handle the next customer. 

The call center industry’s standard after-call work time is about six minutes. Your agent may also need to mail the customer or another department to discuss the issue further. 

7 Sure Shot Ways To Reduce Call Center Wrap- Up Time

Along with the average handling time, call wrap-up time takes away a significant amount of your agents’ time. 

Agent training

One of the easiest ways to reduce wrap-up time is to train your call center agents and make them a pro in handling your systems and processes. Now, how is this possible? 


All you need to do is train your agents on your company’s CRM and call center software. Once your agents are well-versed with the software’s working, you can significantly reduce call wrap-up time. 


What if you could automate wrap-up tasks? 

Well, automating customer service would not only reduce the time spent on calls but also reduce the likelihood of human error. 

So, how can this be done? 

All you need to do is make a list of tasks the agents perform during wrap-up time and then look for tools to automate them. 

Some of these tools include speech analytics and call tracking. These will help you target the right audience and increase the conversion rate. 


Training your agents is not a one-time event. While providing training can certainly reduce wrap-up time, it should be an ongoing process. 

So, how will this help reduce wrap-up time? 

Well, if you sit on calls with underperforming agents and help them identify their problem areas, it can drastically reduce wrap-up time. Hence coaching call center agents should be done on a continuous basis.

Document processes

Some callers only need assistance with resetting passwords or checking their account status. Moreover, most of them are looking for updates on queries previously discussed with support agents. 

So, what can you do to reduce such instances and make life easier for customers and employees? 

You need to create systems that allow your callers to resolve issues without speaking to an agent. 

You can create a knowledge base and add how-to videos. Each time a person signs up for your services, you can put them on cycling emails and remind them to use these resources

Another way to reduce call wrap-up time is to use interactive voice response (IVR) to help the callers. This way, you can easily slash the average handling time.

The trick is to resolve issues before they become complaints and deliver on your promises!

Evaluate your call center software

Is your call center software easy to use and is intuitive?

Well, your employees today expect that their workplace tools are easy to use. 


You must assess the tools your agents are using and check them thoroughly to reduce wrap-up time. 

They may be using tools that are redundant and are not up to the mark. Thus, invariably leading to an increase in call wrap-up time. 

Fast typing 

One of the solutions to reduce wrap-up time is to have fast typing. Well, joining typing classes is not what we would suggest. 


Jokes apart, you can also use text expander or voice typing to save your time. 

Punching perfect call reasons

In every call, there is a piece of the particular information that your employees share with your customers. 

You need to record each and every call with a suitable call reason for future records. 

So, how will this help? 

By identifying problems and punching the correct call reasons, you can save a lot of call wrap-up time and manage your call records. You can even categorize your calls in three different ways. 

  • Information
  • Complain
  • Processing

These are some of the ways you can reduce call wrap-up time and make way for smoother call center operations. 

Did we miss out on any aspect? Let us know in the comments section below!

Updated : July 19, 2021


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