Telephony, since its inception, has been a significant part of business communication. Many times clients and customers feel customers reach your establishment through a call itself. Thus, business telephony can never be abandoned at the mercy of the service provider. The latest technology like the VoIP solves all potential issues in the PBX systems with its exemplar features and multidisciplinary benefits. 

If you dream of having a free Canadian phone number for your business, it is only possible with VoIP services. Thus, there is no need to open a physical office in Canada when you can have a virtual Canada phone number for serving clients in the best possible way.

Canada Phone Number for your business

Why go for a Canada Phone Number for your business?

You may think of the benefits of investing in the greatest and fastest-growing economies of the world. Matching a perfect technology like local area phone numbers as the tool to manage attractive economies like the Canadian economy can attract notable benefits for your business.

Establish Yourself in a Robust Canadian Economy

Canada comes out to be in the top ten economies of the world. However, the Canadian economy is strongly impacted by its deep-rooted relations with the US economy and never impresses the entrepreneurs. Therefore, if you’re looking for some fantastic business ideas to establish your business in the Canadian economy, it is best to go with the Canadian business numbers.

It is easy to gain the trust of the local customers and business partners when you have the same regional number. Further, it prioritizes your services over the other global service providers that don’t pay attention to the benefits of the local Canadian phone numbers. Canadian Markets are competitive like they had never been before, so using technology like VoIP services can be highly beneficial for your business. It will simply boost the rise in your quarterly and annual revenues.

Say Goodbye to Location Constraints

First of all, there are no requirements to wait for the covid-19 pandemic to be over as you can use the Canada virtual phone number from any corner of the world. Thus, there are no restrictions on having a regional office or local Canadian address. The flexibility of using the virtual numbers in Canada further eliminates the bulky and high-charging PBX systems from your business telephony. 

With individual logins and VoIP IDs, it is easy to call Canada while your team is working remotely. Thus, this flexibility in doing business in Canada adds new wings to your organization and ensures that you score high on the customer satisfaction standards.

Serve Your Customer Better

Customers want to be heard of their concerns, issues, and all other common problems or queries. Bringing in technology to customer service boosts your business and makes you a top-rank holder in customer services. 

As well, the powerful features like global coverage, ease to use, and minimal costs of the Canadian virtual phone numbers help you handle large volumes of clients effectively.

The excellent call quality with mo reliability on the infrastructure ensures that you’re always available to the customers. The additional features like self-service platform and virtual attendant saves the time of the busy customers that don’t like to wait in call queues. The automatic call distribution further ensures the least waiting time and customized greetings add the much-needed corporate touch to your boring business telephony. 

Gift Your Team the Power of Virtual Number Canada

Remotely working groups require the best facilities to help businesses grow in challenging times. The multiple features of the Canada phone numbers like the easy access to voicemail, multi-device sync, and quick call forwarding to personal devices ensure that your team is working on total efficiency at all times.

Power of Canada Virtual Number

More than 25% of the users agree that virtual numbers provide them with the freedom to access voicemails and respond to their clients quickly. With more than 21% of the businesses using the interoperability features of the Canada virtual phone numbers, it is easy to integrate them into any device. In addition, as high as 30% of the teams prefer VoIP due to simple call forwarding on personal devices. Thus, while revolutionizing your business, you’re taking your workforce with you by giving them the power of using virtual phone numbers.

Further, entrepreneurs can monitor their teams by incorporating the live call recordings, data analytics reports, and call barging features of the Canada phone numbers.

How to Select a Canada Phone Number for Your Business?

With so many options in the service providers, making your first business call to Canada is quick and effective. However, the features and the functionality of the Canada virtual phone number are dependent on the service provider. Thus, the best ways to select a Canada phone number for your business include:

  • Features of the Canada phone number: If you’re looking for a Canadian phone number to power up your business, you must look at the powerful features of the services.  The leading virtual phone number providers offer valuable features like power dialers, call barging, call recording, global switch, etc., to all users. 
  • Ease of calling: There shouldn’t be any requirements of the local codes when you’re using Canadian phone numbers. It helps your team to improve their efficiency and reach customers frequently. The method to call to Canada from the US should be easy and quick. 

first call to Canada

  • Affordability: Buying a Canadian business number that attracts considerable operational costs may not be a good decision at all. Thus, you must look at the affordability of the business numbers in Canada by going through the monthly charges, additional call rates, and inbound call rates.

How Much Does a Canada Phone Number Cost?

After all the advantages and best features of a Canadian virtual phone number, how much are you ready to pay for this latest technology for your business? You don’t have to worry as the Canada phone numbers are highly affordable and bring in considerable cost savings for your business.

Starting with eliminating up to $1700 on roaming charges to an overall reduction of 40-75% in the total operational costs, the Canada virtual numbers are highly affordable. Many virtual phone number service providers offer decent call rates and a monthly subscription to the businesses. The average inbound rates for Canada phone numbers and the toll-free numbers range from minimal costs of $0.09 to $0.04 per minute. Further, the toll-free Canadian phone numbers start at a little over $15, and the Canada virtual numbers start at a little over $4. Additionally, it all depends on the selection of the service provider.

Wrapping Up

If you’re a business that focuses on customer experience and wants to earn significant profits from Canada, it is hard to miss the free Canadian phone number. The multiple advantages of these virtual phone numbers over the traditional landlines with flexibility in operations and scalability. Many small and medium businesses can unlock the potential of Canada’s phone number for corporate benefits.

Getting a Canadian phone number for your business is so easy. All you need to do is look for a leading service provider that helps you gain the best benefits of the economy-rich country. It is a sure-shot solution to give a much-needed boost to revolutionize your business.

Updated : August 5, 2021


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