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How To Call Italy From the US – [In 4 Simple Steps]

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Paras Kela

Senior Writer:

green tickDate: August 18, 2023

With a population of over 60 million– Italy is the 3rd-most populous country in Europe and a major tourist destination, attracting over 94 million visitors yearly. And let’s not forget about its economy- the 3rd-largest in the EU– making it an ideal place to start or expand a business.

But, to make the most of the opportunities Italy has to offer, you need to be able to connect with your customers and clients. And that’s where a reliable phone system comes in. You need to call Italy from the US easily and efficiently.

To call Italy from the US

In this article, we will give you the lowdown on everything you need to know about calling Italy from the US. From the best times to call, to the most affordable and reliable phone systems out there. So, let’s dive in without further ado!

Guide on Calling Italy From The US

To make calls to Italy from the US is pretty simple. All you need to do is follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: Enter the US International Exit Code

Every country has a distinct exit code that enables people to dial outside the country. To call Italy from the US, you will need the US international exit code, i.e., 011.

Step 2: Enter Italy’s Country Code (International Access Code)

Just like the exit codes, every country has a unique code that lets you connect calls in their region. In the case of Italy, it is 39. Dial this code just after the US international exit code. 

Step 3: Enter the Area Code for the Region You Are Trying to Call Within

Each city in Italy has a different area code (2-3 digits) that you need to enter to connect the call. Here are the Italy area codes for popular regions within Italy.

RegionArea Code
Reggio di Calabria965

Step 4: Enter the Italy Phone Number

Finally, dial the 8-10 digit Italian landline number of the person you want to connect to.

So, your format to call Italy (Rome) from the US will look something like this:


(It is important to note that there is no need to enter an area code when dialing Italy cell phone numbers or mobile phones. Rather, dial the Italian cell phone number, including the country code–3.)

Call Italy from US

What is the Best Time To Call Italy From the US?

When it comes to making calls to Italy from the US, timing is an important factor to consider to increase the chances of reaching the right person and having a productive conversation. Businesses, in particular, need to be mindful of call timing as it can impact their ability to establish and maintain relationships with clients and partners in Italy.

Best time call Italy from the US

The best time for dialing Italy from the US would be during the late morning or early afternoon in Italy, which would be around 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM Eastern Time in the US. This is because– during these times, most businesses and offices in Italy will be open and available to take calls. Besides, the time difference between the US and Italy is 6 hours, so these times align with typical working hours in both countries.

Calling at the right time can help businesses avoid leaving voicemails or reaching out to unavailable people. It also shows that the caller has made an effort to include the time difference and respect the recipient’s schedule.

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Advantages Of A VoIP System

Below listed are some of the major benefits of calling Italy from the USA through a VoIP phone system.

1. Local Phone Numbers

Types of virtual phone numbers

When dialing Italy from the US, having a local phone number can greatly improve your chances of connecting with potential customers. With CallHippo, you can buy local Italian numbers to establish your local presence in the country, even if you don’t have an office there. This can help build trust with potential customers and make it easier for them to reach you.

2. Advanced Features

VoIP systems like CallHippo offer a wide range of advanced features that traditional phone systems don’t have. For example, you will have access to features like a power dialer, smart switch, call queuing, and global connect. These features can help increase your efficiency and productivity and give you access to advanced analytics that can help you track key call center KPIs, what customers expect from you, and how you can improve your services.

3. On-demand Scalability

As your business in Italy grows, you may need to add more agents to handle the increased workload. With a VoIP system like CallHippo, you can easily scale your system to support your growth. You can add more users to your team in just a few minutes, without purchasing any hardware or installing telephone lines in your office. Instead, simply upgrade your plan and add more users as needed.

4- Round-the-Clock Accessibility

A cloud-based VoIP system like CallHippo allows you to access your business phone system from anywhere, at any time, as long as you have an active internet connection. Also, you can forward calls to your personal device, so you will never miss a call, even when you’re on the go. This ensures that your business is always accessible to your customers, and you can take care of their needs at any hour of the day or night.

steps to get a virtual number

Have you used CallHippo or other business phone systems for international calls? Share your experience in the comments!

How to Call Other Countries from The US:


How much does it cost to call Italy from the USA?

The cost of an international call to Italy from the USA varies depending on factors such as your phone service provider, the recipient’s phone number type, and your chosen plan. For example, some virtual number providers may charge a flat rate for international calls, while others may charge per minute. Therefore, it is best to check with your service provider for their specific rates for calling Italy.

How to call Italy from the USA for free?

Below are the steps to make an international call to Italy from the USA for free using CallHippo Italian phone numbers.

Step 1: Dial the exit code for the USA– 011.

Step 2: Dial the international access code/Italy country code– 39.

Step 3: Dial the area code for the region you are trying to reach in Italy. (Omit the initial “0”.)

Step 4: Dial the Italian phone number you wish to call.

Step 5: Press the call button to place the call.

Example: To call a phone number in Rome (Italy) from the USA, you would dial: 011 39 06 XXXXXXX.


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