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How To Call El Salvador From The US

Simplify your phone communication with a cost-effective, secure and reliable virtual phone solution

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Paras Kela

Senior Writer:

green tickDate: June 11, 2024

Making an international call from any U.S locality to a local phone number in El Salvador has become very simple and convenient in today’s connected world. You can use a variety of calling instruments such as a mobile phone, landline phone, or even the Internet to make international calls. Additionally, with the proliferation of the VoIP technology-based virtual phone systems, making an international call to an El Salvador virtual phone number has become affordable and easy to install for both small to large business enterprises.

Easy to set up and very cost-effective, CallHippo is a global virtual phone company that can provide you with a cloud-based El Salvador virtual phone number with a range of features such as call recording and forwarding, IVR system, and call analytics.

This article presents the business-related benefits of the virtual phone system from CallHippo and how international callers from the U.S can place a call to your El Salvador virtual phone number.

Business Benefits of the CallHippo virtual phone system

With a global presence in over 50 countries, the CallHippo virtual phone system allows you to make international calls to over 190 countries, including El Salvador in Central America.

You can easily set up a successful business venture in El Salvador with a VoIP-enabled online  Internet number from CallHippo that is a more affordable and hassle-free alternative to the traditional phone system. 

With a basic monthly subscription cost of just $15, this CallHippo virtual phone number for your El Salvador-based business ensures that both local and global customers can easily reach your business phone number any time 24×7 for the entire year. With some basic user details like name and E-mail address, you can get a unique virtual phone number from CallHippo in less than 3 minutes.

Dialing El Salvador from the US

To call El Salvador from the US, follow these simple steps:

  • Dial the US exit code, which is 011.
  • Dial the country code for El Salvador, which is +503.
  • Dial the phone number you want to call in El Salvador, including the area code.
  • The format for dialing El Salvador from the US should look like this: 011 + 503 + phone number.

Here are some of the business-related benefits of owning a virtual phone number from CallHippo for your El Salvador-based business:

  • The overall reduction in business communication costs, including phone billing and the cost of maintaining communication hardware.
  • Cheaper rates for incoming calls at just $0.02
  • No more missed calls from your valuable customers across the globe
  • Easier to transfer or divert incoming customer calls to other local or mobile phone number operating in El Salvador
  • As a global business entrepreneur, you can establish a local presence in El Salvador by opting for a local phone number from CallHippo that makes it comfortable for your local customers to get in touch with your business.
  • The CallHippo virtual phone system imparts a professional look to your local El Salvador business that can make your customers develop more trust in your business brand.
  • Easy connectivity and integration of the CallHippo virtual phone system with any CRM tool used by your business.


CallHippo - EL salvador virtual phone number

The 8-digit subscriber phone number starts with the following area codes:

  • The central area of El Salvador (3, 23, 29)
  • Eastern area of El Salvador (6, 27)
  • Metropolitan areas of El Salvador (2, 5, 20, 21, 22, 25)
  • The western area of El Salvador (4, 24, 28)

How to call an El Salvador mobile phone number

Just like landline phone number, a mobile phone number in El Salvador is comprised of 8 digits (the only difference being it always start with the “7” digit). To make the international call from the U.S. to a mobile phone number in El Salvador, you need to dial El Salvador country code (“503”), the area code followed by the 8-digit mobile phone number starting with 7. For example, 503-7-450789.

If you are calling the El Salvador mobile number from a mobile phone number in the US, you may need to enter the “+” sign before dialing the rest of the international phone number (as shown above).

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Calling El Salvador

Making international calls can be confusing, especially if you’re not familiar with the dialing codes and protocols. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when calling El Salvador from the US:

  • Forgetting to dial the country code for El Salvador (+503).
  • Dialing the wrong phone number.
  • Not checking the time difference between the US and El Salvador.
  • Not having enough credit on your international calling card.
  • Not using a reliable VoIP service.

About the CallHippo Virtual Phone System

Whether you are running a small or a large business enterprise in El Salvador, CallHippo can help you set up a reliable and affordable VoIP-based business phone system that makes it easy for you to make and receive local or international phone calls with your customers. The CallHippo virtual phone system can provide you with a local phone number in El Salvador (with code “503”) that establishes a local presence for your business or a toll-free phone number that can improve your business reach.

Are you interested in a Virtual US phone number for your business? Sign-up page and get started.

Note: Please check Updating Pricing here.

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