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How To Call France From the US? [3 Methods Explained]

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Supriya Bajaj

Senior Writer:

green tickDate: February 26, 2024

If you need to call someone in France from the US, the process can be intricate. Our blog simplifies this by outlining steps to call France from the US, including country and area codes.

To save costs on frequent calls, utilizing VoIP or a virtual phone system is recommended when more than 6 in 10 French online users made voice or video calls using the internet in 2021. Stay tuned for our guide on calling France from the USA.

How To Call France From The US?

Using modern communication technology, making an international call or getting in touch with your clients in France has become more accessible. There are several ways available to make calls affordable.  Check the outline below:

Step 1: Call the exit code of USA– 011.

Step 1 to call france from the US

Step 2: Type in France’s international dialing code (IDC) – 33.

Step 2 to call france from the US

Step 3: Enter the France area codes. For example, dial 1 if you are looking for a solution on how to call Paris from us.

Step 3 to call france from the US

Step 4: Dial the eight-digit number 66-66-66-66.

Step 4 to call france from the US

However, note that you can call by adding the “+” symbol instead of an international access code 011. Both options work the same way.

After entering all the digits and symbols listed above, the France phone number will look somewhat like this: 011 33 01 22 33 44 55, the digits before the number are called the trunk code as they are used to call internationally. To understand the process better, continue to read.

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3 Different Methods to Call France from the USA

Many people might have questions, such as how do I call France from a US cell phone?  All you can do is use the France country and area-specific codes and follow the exact number patterns.  Below are significant ways to explain how to call France from the US.

France map

(Source: imagekit)

1. How Do I Call France From a US Cell Phone or Landline?

Want to call France from your US cell phone or landline? Check out these below-mentioned 4 simple steps and get started right away!

Step 1: Dial 011 From a Landline or Dial + on Your Mobile Phone Number

If you’re calling France from the US through a landline within the same geographical region, you need to dial the two or three-digit area code followed by a seven or eight-digit local number.

Also, if your mobile phone is from the US and you try dialing an ISD code or a US number from France, you are not required to call an access code.

Step 2: Enter 33, the France Country Code

Once you dial an exit code, enter the France country code, i.e. 33.  If you accidentally enter the wrong country code for France, you’ll call the wrong country.

Step 3: Enter the Area Code 

France has five telephone French area codes of its own.  For phone landlines, the area codes are 01, 02, 03, 04, and 05.

The other area codes 06 and 07 are reserved for cell phone numbers, and the 08 area codes are for special numbers such as corporate, premium, or toll-free numbers.  Lastly, 09 is reserved for the main internet access providers.

Note that these reserved numbers can charge extra without your knowledge.

Step 4: Dial the France Phone Number

As we know, France has eight-digit numbers after adding the area code.  They usually look like 011 33 22 66 55 44 22.  Therefore, you need to enter the area code and dial the France number.

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2. how to Dial France from the US Using a Prepaid Calling Card?

If you’re looking to call France using a prepaid calling card, then here we have the perfect solution.

Step 1: Select a card that can be used to dial France fixed line number

Look for prepaid calling cards for sale at any department store. Purchase the prepaid card after reviewing the per-minute rate for calling France from the US.

Don’t use a cheaper card, as you won’t always get the best deal. Compare the price of different cards and check their expiry date.

Step 2: Look for the PIN available on the card

Activate the card before calling France from the US. Use the PIN that you’ll find on the card back side and activate the card.

There are a few calling cards that will provide a PIN on the receipt of the purchase. Do not lose the PIN, or else you won’t be able to activate the card.

Step 3: Dial the number available on the card

If you don’t know how to dial France from the US, here is another way to begin a call from France from the US, i.e. using a calling card.

Dial the access number that is listed on the card. Look at the front and back of the card to know the number, call the number and enter the PIN you have been given.

Sample: Access Number + PIN + 33 area code + Caller’s number

Step 4: Call by dialing the rest of the number

Call the access number, enter your PIN, dial 011 and 33, and then dial your number. It would take a while after you dial and get connected over call.

Step 5: Keep track of the time you spend on your card

Keep track of your time spent on each phone call. Few phones can tell you how much time you have spent on that particular call. Some cards can give you a number to call and check the remaining time balance while allowing you to refill the calling cards to use again.

Moreover, it requires all steps to understand correctly how to call France from a US cell phone and make an international call easily. You can also get a business number at a low-cost value and manage your business operations from one place.

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3. How to call a France Phone Number from the US via Internet?

If you want to leverage internet calling, then here’s how you can make international calls to France phone numbers using the internet.

Step 1: Make calls to France using VoIP

Lot of phone service providers like CallHippo use Voice over Internet Protocol for international calls.

Various service provider companies allow customers to dial France numbers at cheaper rates than several traditional phone companies. Using VoIP protocol, one can use the Internet to place calls from a computer, a smartphone, or any conventional phone.

If you are confused about how to dial France from a US phone, you need to dial 33 (French country code), the area code, and then dial the number to connect over the call.

Make calls to France using VoIP

You will need an adapter to use a landline for placing VoIP calls. However, the difference between VoIP and traditional phone systems is easy to understand.

Step 2: Use an Application on a Smartphone

Dialing France from the US has now become easier with platform like CallHippo.

You can download and install the app from your respective phone’s marketplace application and start making calls to other phones.

If you use the application for calling France phone numbers, you need to dial the US exit code(011) and the France country code(33) before dialing the area code and cellphone.

Step 3: Place a video call to France

Individuals can use the video chat service to make free calls using various smartphone applications as long as you’re connected over the Internet.

You are not required to enter an exit code or country code for France as a prefix if you’re calling through a video calling application. But, it will need a good network to facetime. Therefore, it’s better to call from a direct number and talk about business operations and solutions.

So this is how you can call France from the US using different ways. Moreover, if your company makes hundreds of international calls to france from the US for marketing, customer service, or for any regular phone lines, it will be way too expensive and not viable.

Nevertheless, start investing in advanced telephony systems such as CallHippo and use the best VoIP phone system for calling France from the US.

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When To Call France From The US?

Calling France from the US is simple. Morning is the ideal time to call France from the USA for corporate discussions. You can contact your clients between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM.
But, to avoid missed calls, you must be aware of the time difference between France and the United States.

Time in the United States :

Time in the France :

The United States is eight hours behind France in time. To call France, users must keep the time difference in mind unless they want to call someone at midnight!


Now, you have a clear understanding as dialing france from the US is not as complicated as you might have thought. In short, one needs to understand the format of calling a France Virtual Phone number. Simply add the US exit code, then the entry code, along with adding the area code and number.

However, investing in a good VoIP phone system is highly recommended for handling tricky call lists. Request a demo to talk to our executive team to understand the telephony technology in a better way.


Are Calls to France Expensive?

Yes, there are times when you want to have a long conversation to discuss business requirements or any personal reasons.

And it turned out to be expensive. The cost of calls differs depending on if you’re calling a landline or cellphone. If you want to make frequent calls from France to the US, or vice versa, using CallHippo can save you time and money.

How many digits is France Phone Number?

France uses nine-digit numbers. Here’s an example to give you a better idea of how to dial France from the US with a number  011 -33-1-66 55 44 33

1: Dial 011 (Exit Code)

2: Dial 33 (France Country Code)

3: Dial 1 (Paris Area Code)

4: Dial 66 55 44 33 (Phone Number)

How To Call the US From France?

Step 1: Dial the international access/exit code – 00.

Step 2: Type USA International Dialing Code (IDC) – 1.

Step 3: Type the three-digit area code, for example, 800/877/888

Step 4: Type in the seven-digit number 1234 567.

Sample calling for how to call the US from France: Dial 00 1 880 555 1212.

Note that you will be charged at the regular rate, and you can also enter the “+” symbol instead of the access code (IAC) – 001.

We have reached the end of this Blog, and we hope the article helped you to clearly understand how to call France from the US and how to call the US from France.

You can consider CallHippo as the best virtual number calling system, as it can help businesses serve their customers more efficiently by increasing retention rates and boosting revenue.


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