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How to Call Dubai from USA?

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Supriya Bajaj
Senior Writer:
green tickDate: October 18, 2023

USA businesses trying to expand in Dubai often have to call Dubai from the USA to connect with their stakeholders. You may have to discuss business deals, develop marketing strategies, or resolve customer queries. Whatever the requirements be, if you are one of them, you must know how to call Dubai step by step to experience successful international calls.

Also, not knowing how to call Dubai will restrict you from connecting with your Dubai team over calls, leading to miscommunication. And you must avoid this because 42% of leaders believe that miscommunication leads to missed deadlines and extended timelines on employees’ part.

We have curated this guide on how to call Dubai local, toll-free, and cell phone numbers for your reference to ensure that your international calls get through in the first go. You’ll also find the best time to call Dubai from the USA and the process to get a Dubai phone number later in the blog.

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Expert Advice

"Calling Dubai from US involves careful attention when dialing the codes and phone number. Also, if you want to make frequent business calls cost-effectively, traditional phone lines are not a wise choice. Switch to a reliable virtual phone system provider like CallHippo, get a Dubai phone number, and improve business communication at low rates."

How to Call Dubai from USA?

Although calling Dubai from the USA involves multiple codes for the international call to get through, you can do it correctly in one go if you follow the right roadmap. Just make sure to modify your format as per the device you use for calling–landline or cell phone.

Also, triple-check all the codes on your dial screen to ensure they are correct. This saves you from draining time trying to connect multiple times and avoids friction in operations due to hindrances in communication.

Now let’s connect the different dots involved in dialing Dubai local, toll-free, and mobile numbers from the USA.

Call a Dubai local number from the USA

Call a Dubai local number from the USA

Want to urgently connect with a teammate in Dubai to discuss a project for your USA business? Here are the steps to make international calls to a Dubai local number from the USA –

Step 1: Dial the US exit code

The foremost step to make international calls to a Dubai local number from a US landline is to dial the US (country’s) exit code or the international access code ‘011’.

Step 2: Enter the UAE country code

After dialing the US exit code, it’s time to enter the United Arab Emirates international subscriber dialing code. Dubai country code from the US is 971. This will signal to your carrier that you want to reach Dubai.

Step 3: Enter the area code

Once you’ve correctly entered the US exit code and United Arab Emirates country code on your landline, key in the one-digit Dubai area code (4). This ensures that your call routes to the recipient’s specific area, i.e., Dubai. If you’d like to make international calls to some other area in UAE, refer to our sample calling code list or find the area code here!

Step 4: Key in the complete phone number

After you have all the codes–US exit code, United Arab Emirates country code, and Dubai area code, dial the 7-digit telephone number.

For example, when making international calls to Dubai from a US telephone, your complete Dubai phone number will look like 011-971-4-1234567.

Here’s the breakdown: US exit code- 011, United Arab Emirates Country code- 971, Dubai Area code- 4, Telephone number- 1234567

Call a Dubai toll-free number from the USA

Call a Dubai toll-free number from the USA

Here are the steps to call a Dubai toll-free number from the USA via cell phone or landline-

Step 1: Dial US exit code

Dial the US exit code ‘011’ (when calling from a landline) and a ‘+’ sign (when calling from a cell phone) as the first step to calling a Dubai toll-free number from the USA.

Step 2: Enter the UAE code

Now enter the United Arab Emirates or Dubai country code from US (971) to route your call to a Dubai landline or cell phone.

Step 3: Key in the toll-free prefix

The US exit code and United Arab Emirates country code will be followed by a toll-free prefix (800 or the one you have) instead of the area code. A toll-free prefix indicates that it’s a toll-free number, and the company, not the customer, must pay the call charges.

Step 4: Correctly enter the recipient’s phone number

Double-check all the codes and prefixes–US exit code, UAE country code, and relevant toll-free prefix displayed on your dialing screen. Next, dial the toll-free phone number.

For example, when dialing Dubai from a US landline or mobile phone, your complete Dubai 800-toll-free number will look like 011/+-971-800-123456.

Here’s the breakdown: US exit code- 011 or +, UAE Country code- 971, Toll-free code- 800, Telephone number- 123456

Call a Dubai mobile number from USA

Call a Dubai mobile number from USA

Do you know that voice calls are employees’ most preferred communication mode, especially after the pandemic? Yes, that’s one reason why you must know to call a stakeholder in Dubai to discuss your USA business. Here are the steps to call a Dubai mobile number from the USA –

Step 1: Dial the exit code

Enter the exit code ‘+’ to indicate the upcoming international call you’re going to make for business purposes via mobile.

Step 2: Enter the UAE country code

When calling a Dubai from the USA, the US exit code will be followed by the UAE country code (971).

Step 3: Key in the mobile operator code

Now comes the turn to key in the relevant mobile operator prefix instead of the area code to instantly route your call to your recipient’s cell phone number in Dubai.

Step 4: Carefully enter your contact’s phone number

After you have all the codes–US exit code, UAE country code, and relevant mobile operator code, dial the 7-digit mobile number.

For example, when dialing Dubai from a US mobile number, your mobile’s dialing screen with the complete Dubai mobile number will look like +971-X-1234567.

Here’s the breakdown: US exit code- ‘+’, UAE Country code- 971, Mobile operator code- X, Telephone number- 1234567.

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How To Get A Dubai (UAE) Phone Number?

How To Get A Dubai Phone Number

Having a Dubai phone number for your USA business can help you build and strengthen your brand presence in Dubai. What’s better than getting it from a trusted provider like CallHippo that facilitates international direct dialing without an international calling card?

CallHippo’s Dubai direct dial number can instantly improve customer service, add credibility to your business, and lower international call costs from the US to Dubai.

CallHippo is an exemplary virtual phone number provider that offers UAE mobile phone number so you can interact with your Dubai prospects, clients, and customers via a stable internet connection and zero jitters, latency, or dropped calls.

With CallHippo’s UAE phone number, you’ll get the following perks –

  • Streamlined communication process
  • Area codes provision
  • Low communication costs
  • Professional brand image
  • On-demand scalability
  • High call quality
  • Great portability
  • Seamless integration with business tools and CRM

Here are the steps to get a UAE phone number from CallHippo instantly –

Step 1: Create a new business account on CallHippo within 3 minutes.

Step 2: Select the Dubai area code as you want to make phone calls from Dubai, UAE.

Step 3: After selecting the area code, choose your new Dubai phone number from the list of Dubai phone numbers available with CallHippo (displayed on the screen).

Step 4: Choose and buy a CallHippo pricing plan that best aligns with your budget and business’s communication needs.

Step 5: Now start assigning your business’s new Dubai, UAE phone number to your agents so they can start calling Dubai affordably and effectively.

Wish to make free calls to Dubai, UAE? Start CallHippo’s free trial today!

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What is the Best Time to Call UAE from the US?

Best Time to Call UAE

Knowing the right codes and dialing the correct number doesn’t guarantee to reach the desired destination phone number, and have result-oriented discussions with your stakeholders in UAE until you do it during their business hours.

Due to the time zone differences, calling UAE from the USA can seem overwhelming. Still, it’s only until you gauge the time zone differences and arrive at the perfect UAE phone number time to reach out.

As UAE is around 10 hours ahead of the US, the best time to call Dubai, UAE from the US, is around 7 AM to 11 PM in UAE, which’d be around 9 PM to 1 PM in the US.

US Time ZoneUAE Time ZoneBest Time to Call
Eastern Time Zone (EST) UTC-5Gulf Standard Time (GST) UTC+411 PM – 12 PM
Central Time Zone (CST) UTC-6Gulf Standard Time (GST) UTC+410 PM – 11 AM
Mountain Time Zone (MST) (UTC-7)Gulf Standard Time (GST) UTC+49 PM – 10 AM
Pacific Time Zone (PST) UTC-8Gulf Standard Time (GST) UTC+48 PM – 9 AM
Alaska Time Zone (AST) UTC-9Gulf Standard Time (GST) UTC+47 PM – 8 AM
Hawaii Standard Time (HST) UTC-10Gulf Standard Time (GST) UTC+46 PM – 7 AM

Wrapping Up

International calling might seem like a rollercoaster ride if you’ve experienced failed calls or had your calls get through after multiple trials. To make international calling from the USA to Dubai a seamless experience, you must have all the mandatory codes at your fingertips and the right steps in your mind, which you can learn from this guide.

Even after brushing up your international calling skills, you may not be able to have business discussions if you call your Dubai client at the wrong time.

So, refer to our best time-to-call table to gauge the time zone differences and always get your timing right. To improve the quality of your communication without incurring high costs, switch to a reliable virtual number provider like CallHippo. We can’t wait to see your business reach heights!

Frequently Asked Question

1. How to call Dubai from USA for free?

You may call Dubai free with free calling apps like Skype and WhatsApp. However, to leverage advanced calling features, register for a free trial for CallHippo’s UAE virtual number. If it fits well, switch to a best-suited CallHippo plan.

2. How much does it cost to call the Dubai from US?

With CallHippo’s VoIP services, you can call Dubai from US at just $0.276/min.

3. How to call Dubai without WhatsApp?

You can call Dubai without WhatsApp at affordable rates with robust virtual phone systems like CallHippo.

4. What is the Dubai mobile number example?

The mobile code for Dubai, UAE is “+971,” followed by the mobile network operator code, which can be “50” or “55,” and then the mobile number. For example, a standard mobile number in Dubai would look like +971 55 123 4567.

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