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What Are US Toll Free Phone Numbers?

Toll free numbers in north american numbering plan start with one of the following three-digit codes: 1-800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 or 833. Area codes reserved for future expansion of the US toll free service include 822, 880 through 887, and 889.

While 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 or 833 etc., are all toll free numbers code assigned, they are not interchangeable with each other. When you use a toll-free numbers for your business, you allow your customers to make free-of-charge calls to you. Numbers with the toll free prefix 800 are considered premium US toll free numbers. They are not as easily available as the other toll free number database.

A USTFN or US toll free number benefits the business as well as the customer. The importance of owning toll-free numbers for your business cannot be overstated enough. It not only enables your business to gain credibility.

Why Is A Toll-Free Number of USA Necessary For Your Success?

Toll-free numbers provide your customers with a free-of-cost unified communication. It encourages customers to contact you without worrying about being charged for the call.

Furthermore, it strengthens the professional image of the organization.

How CallHippos USA Toll-free Number Software Looks like

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Toll-free Phone Numbers

What is the difference between 800 toll-free numbers, vanity numbers, and local numbers?

An 800 number is widely used as a toll-free number for toll free calls. Most customers instantly recognize an 800 number as a toll-free number. The cost of the toll free calls is borne by the owner of the phone number, making the call entirely free for the caller. A vanity number is a customizable number which has a high recall value. It helps you build a stronger brand image. A vanity number generally includes the name of your business along with the digit code. For example, 1-800-POPCORN or 1-800-FLORIST are vanity numbers. However, these numbers are not usually offered by VoIP service providers. Learn How to Connect Toll-Free Numbers to Your VoIP Phone System?

Unlike international toll free call, when customers call you on a vanity number, they are charged for the local based on standard local call tariffs.

Do you need to pay extra for toll-free Service?

When you get a toll-free numbers, it comes as a package-based service. The package generally includes a few free calls, SMS messages, and a set of features. You do not need to pay anything extra for what is already included in the package. However, when you exhaust your free minutes, your US toll free number provider might bill you on a per-minute basis for any additional calls.

How many toll-free number prefixes are available for purchase?

The 1-800 toll-free numbers prefix is one of the oldest and recognizable formats of a toll-free number. It was launched in 1963, and since then millions of such numbers have been sold.

As of now, 833,800, 888, 877, 866, 855, and 844 toll-free number prefixes are available in the market. If reports are to be believed, the FCC is going to launch 822 toll-free numbers fairly soon.

Why is CallHippo the best choice for a toll-free number provider?

Virtual US toll-free phone numbers from CallHippo come with a whole set of advanced features such as call forwarding, auto-call recording, call transferring, IVR, on-hold music, voicemail transcription, and time-and-day scheduling, without any additional charges.

A toll-free numbers from CallHippo is more than just a phone number. It is a comprehensive business tool to promote success, reduce operational costs, and streamline operations. Moreover, round-the-clock customer service ensures that you get assistance just when you need when you buy 1800 number usa.

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Advantages Of USA Toll free Numbers For Your Business

Improved Customer Satisfaction
Improved Customer Satisfaction

An USA 800 number for business or any toll-free number allows your customers to reach you easily. They do not have to hesitate to reach out to you as calls to these numbers are free of any charge for them.

High Recall Value
High Recall Value

Toll-free numbers are easy to remember and recall. A number like 1800-111-1111 is easier to remember than a standard phone number.

Enhanced Business Credibility
Enhanced Business Credibility

Most people expect only big corporations to have an USA 800 number. However, that’s not the case. Startups, small businesses, and mid-sized enterprises can also have a toll-free numbers. Since not many people know that, toll-free numbers instantly creates a favorable impression of your business in the mind of the customer.

Feature-Rich Marketing Platform
Feature-Rich Marketing Platform

You can add extensions to your toll-free number and use the extensions to measure the response to your various marketing campaigns such as a billboard ad, or a print ad or even a website ad. Existing Toll free numbers work to finetune your marketing efforts and increase your call volumes, sales, and ROI.

What are The Features of US Toll Free Number

CallHippo Feature - Power Dialer
Power Dialer

Deliver your daily calling commitments like a pro with CallHippo’s super-efficient Power Dialer function with toll free usa number.

CallHippo Feature - Smart Switch
Smart Switch

Multiple telephony providers before placing a call. You can now safely bid adieu to all your call connectivity issues.

CallHippo Feature - Global Connect
Global Connect

Global Connect helps you know the right time to call your international clients.

CallHippo Feature - Smart Call Forwarding
Smart Call Forwarding

Each user can choose to have calls on toll free number usa forwarded to several phones, to remain reachable even on-the-go.

CallHippo Feature - Call Transfer
Call Transfer

The Call Transfer feature allows you to redirect a connected call from your phone number to a team member.

CallHippo Feature - Call Conference
Call Conference

It’s a feature that will enable you to add a third person to your two-way call and turn it into a 3-way conference.


What Are The Things to Consider When Buying Toll-free Number For Your Business


Examine the need for a toll-free number for your business

To determine if you need a US toll-free number for your business, you simply need to reflect on the current position of your company and compare it with its competitors.

Do you think that a toll-free service will help you improve your sales and marketing efforts, or provide better customer experience? If you believe it can, CallHippo can help you choose the perfect toll-free service for achieving unprecedented success in your business.

Plan how you want to use the toll-free number

Now that you are convinced about the benefits of a US toll-free telephone number for your business, you will need to plan how to incorporate it with your daily operations. You need to figure out the primary use of the toll-free telephone number.

Do you plan to use it as a primary phone number for customer service? Do you want to use it for your marketing activities? Are you trying to get more customers to call you proactively? Once you know the answers to these questions. You will be able to integrate US toll free number successfully into your existing operations.

Register the toll-free number

Once you have zeroed in on a best toll free number USA provider such as CallHippo, you need to register your toll-free number. The first step would be to sign up with CallHippo and create your account with us.

Choose a pre fix for which you want the US toll-free number

Once you sign up, you will get to buy us toll free number from a variety of prefixes such as 800, 888, 877, 866, 833, 855, and 844 and you can set up a toll-free number for your business accordingly.

1800 us toll free numbers

Why Should You Buy 1800 Number of USA?

Businesses invest in toll-free phone numbers to allow clients, partners, employees, and customers to reach businesses at any time and any place. Toll-free numbers generally begin with one of the following three-digit codes: 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 or 844. In fact, specific countries have different toll-free number formats. The US toll free numbers have a format of 1800-811-800 and France toll-free numbers use the prefix of 0800 or 0805. Toll-free numbers facilitate flexible routing for remote workers and ensure that your clients do not have to wait in long telephonic queues to get connected to support team members.

What are the Benefits of using a toll-free phone number for business?

1. Increases your business reach

USA Toll-Free Numbers gives your business a national presence which allows you to access a wider audience and thus reach out to more potential clients. Mobile advertising is increasing at an alarming rate, and toll-free Phone numbers are driving more sales than ever before.

To fulfill the requirements of USA toll-free numbers, FCC released a new set of toll-free number prefixes on June 3, 2017. This set consists of numbers with prefixes 833, 855, 800, 844, 888 toll-free numbers.

833 toll-free numbers are accessible for the businesses centralized in Canada. You can easily have a unique number with 833 toll-free number prefix for your small business.

855 toll-free numbers are associated with North America. If you have a business set up in North America and are looking for a toll-free number to enhance your customer service, the 855 toll-free number prefix might be the perfect start for you.

800 toll-free numbers can be considered as the replacement of every other prefix. The 800 toll-free number prefix can be used by any business irrespective of its location and in addition to that the most attractive benefit is bid good bye to international calling charges as they are most affordable.

844 toll-free numbers are used by the businesses located in Canada, the United States, and any other country using the North American Plan. Almost every business has got one 844 toll-free number.

888 toll-free numbers are also based in North America. Using the “888 area code” can help you mainly target the customers in the US.

2. No need for a separate business phone

You can set up a toll free us numbers on your existing device which is separate from your personal phone. As soon as you receive a business number you will be able to distinguish it immediately as a business number or a personal phone number. This means you will always be ready to answer your phone professionally instead of an informal and unprepared “Hello”.

According to a survey by GoDaddy and SurveyMonkey 89% of a business is likely to trust a small business if they answer the phone in a professional manner.

3. It’s easier to relocate with a toll-free phone number

You can take your existing phone number wherever you go. Once you choose new toll free numbers,  it’s yours as long as you want to use it.

4. You will be more scalable

As soon as you start making progress, you might move to a big office, expand new locations, welcome new members to your team and possibly switch phone service providers. Everything discussed is possible to do with a Toll-free Phone number as you can easily port or route it to meet your changing business needs.

Why should you buy USA 800 number:


1. Pick calls from anywhere and anytime

 800 toll-free number and patch calls to any phone, anywhere, and anytime. Attend your customers on the cell phone, office, home, or from your vacation home in the Maldives. As your customers dial the same 800 online toll-free number, for them you will always be “in the office”.

2. Know which of your marketing campaign is rocking

Besides their easy availability, these toll free numbers are extremely affordable. You can buy multiple numbers and then use them to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. For example, you can use one number for your website, one for billboards, and one for your newspaper ad. Tracking the performance is simple- just check the call logs on the online management page and you can instantly know from where most of the inquiries are originating.

3. Flexibility

What if you get a chance to move your operation halfway across the country as doing this will increase your profit and productivity two-fold?  What about half-way across the world? Having an 1800 virtual Toll-free number will help you maintain the continuity even if you are moving every 2 months.


What Are The Other Countries That have Toll Free Numbers




Frequently Asked Questions About US Toll Free Number

How much does a toll free number cost in United States?

The cost is generally a combination of the plan you choose and the amount of minutes you use per month. You can check out the various pricing plans we offer on our website.

Is there a difference between the 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 and 844 prefixes of US Toll Free Number?

There is no difference between either of the prefixes of US Toll Free Number. Although the 800 prefix is more widely used and recognized, all the prefixes work just the same.

What are some additional features that CallHippo offers?
CallHippo offers a wide range of advanced features such as power dialing, call forwarding, call transfer, call barging, call recording, analytics and so much more. You can choose the features you like and create a tailor-made solution for your business needs.
Can I send and receive text messages with my US toll-free number?

Yes. CallHippo offers business SMS features with its US toll-free numbers.

Are these numbers free to call from anywhere?

The short and simple to this question is a “No”.

Toll-free numbers are country-specific. Each country has its own set of rules, regulations, coverage, and restrictions. Each country has its own dialling format as well.

Say for example in Germany the toll-free numbers begin with 800 and are followed by 7 digits. So the 800 online toll-free number looks something like this: 0800-XXX-XXXX.  In Ireland 1800 virtual toll-free numbers will have 1800-XXX-XXX format.

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