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How to Call Turkey from US?

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Supriya Bajaj

Senior Writer:

green tickDate: February 26, 2024

Want to expand your business to Turkey and need to conduct frequent business calls or make international calls to friends? Well, you need to figure out how to call Turkey from the US cost-effectively.

Do you know 92% of customer interactions happen on the phone? Yes, that’s another reason why you must know an inexpensive way of calling Turkey from US .

For your convenience, we have curated this extensive guide on how to call Turkey from the US. We have also discussed the right time to call Turkey from the US with a list of mistakes to avoid when calling Turkey. Wait until we reveal how to call Turkey from the US at the lowest cost without compromising the call quality. Let’s get started.

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Expert Advice

"Calling from the US to Turkey doesn't have to be complicated. Follow the 4-step guide and connect with your target audience!"

How to Call Turkey From US? [4 Steps]

calling turkey from the US

Here are the steps you must follow while calling abroad to Turkey from the US successfully:

Step 1

The first step to making an international call is to enter the exit code. Doing this ensures that your call travels to the correct network internationally (outside the US, in this case).

If you use a landline number to call, dial 011, the US exit code. However, to call via mobile number, just enter the ‘+’ plus sign instead of the 3-digit US exit code.

Step 2

After entering the exit code, it’s time to dial the Turkey country code with the mobile number you’re trying to reach. To call Turkey, you must enter its country code, ‘90’. This signals your mobile phone/landline carrier that you want to call Turkey.

At this point, the dialed number should look like +90 (if dialing via mobile) or 01190 (if dialing via landline).

Step 3

Once you dial Turkey country code, your call will be routed to Turkey. But to call a specific area in Turkey, you’d need an additional Turkey code from USA, right? Well, here the Turkey area codes come in. These 3-digit area codes segregate different areas and provinces of Turkey. For instance, the area code for Istanbul, Turkey, is 212.

Suppose you want to call Istanbul from US; your entered keys would look like +90212 (if dialing via mobile) or 01190212 (if dialing via landline) after entering area codes.

Note– Need Turkey area codes for all the regions? A simple search can do the job.

Step 4

Finally, we’ve reached the last step of dialing to Turkey from the US. After correctly entering the US exit code, Turkey’s country code, and Turkey area code, you must enter the 7-digit local number of the contact you’d like to reach.

For example, to call Istanbul from US, with a contact number ‘1234567’, the Turkey international dialing format will be +90-212-1234567 (if dialing via mobile) or 011-90-212-1234567 (if dialing via landline).

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When to Call Turkey From the US?

when to call turkey from the us

Do you need to discuss business over an international call to Turkey from the US, but not sure of the right timing? We understand. Given the time zone differences between Turkey and the US, selecting the appropriate hour can be tricky.

So, if you’re calling Turkey from the US, you just have to cater to your region’s time in the US, as Turkey observes the same time zone (TRT) in all the areas.

To give you a clearer picture, here are the time zone differences between different US regions and Turkey.

US Time Zones Comparison with Turkey time (TRT)

(Turkey follows UTC+3)

Eastern (EDT)UTC-4Turkey is 7 hours ahead of the US
Central (CTD)UTC-5Turkey is 8 hours ahead of the US
Mountain (MDT)UTC-6Turkey is 9 hours ahead of the US
Pacific (PDT)UTC-7Turkey is 10 hours ahead of the US
Alaska (ADT)UTC-8Turkey is 11 hours ahead of the US
Hawaii (HDT)UTC-10Turkey is 13 hours ahead of the US

Wait, that’s not all. To be more precise, you’d want to consider Daylight Saving Time (DST) which is observed in the US but not in Turkey.

To increase your chances of making international calls at the right hour, you may decide on a time that works for you and your contact in Turkey.

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Guide for Calling Turkey from US at Lowest Cost

Do you think making international calls costs a few cents to a couple of dollars per minute, especially if done frequently? We are here to bust that myth today. One of the ways to call Turkey from the US at the lowest cost is via VoIP. Why? It lets you place calls over the Internet, significantly reducing international call costs.

CallHippo, for instance, is a VoIP service provider that allows you to reach out to your Turkey contacts at $0.080/minute. To start making calls instantly, invest in a Turkey virtual number for local presence, create a CallHippo account, and ensure you have a stable internet connection. It’ll take you less than 3 minutes.

Also, we understand the aim is to save money and have quality business communication. The good news is that a virtual business phone system can help you achieve enhanced business communication with its advanced features. Here are some features you get to access with the CallHippo virtual phone system:

  • Global connectivity to hit the right Turkey time to conduct an international call with your Turkey client
  • Free unlimited calling within US and Canada
  • VoIP number to CallHippo porting in just 4 steps
  • Smart call forwarding to forward inbound business calls to your desired device so you never miss a call, not even on the go
  • Call analytics to track the performance of your customer support
  • Call recording to review your customer/client calls later and train reps to perform better
  • Business app integrations with Slack, Zapier, Zoho CRM, and more
  • Smart switch to ensure the highest call quality and connectivity by switching between multiple telecom operators to land on the one that suits the best

You don’t have to take our word for it; hop on to CallHippo free app and see for yourself.

Check CallHippo’s exclusive pricing plans and experience the most seamless international calling today or get a free trial today!

Try CallHippo for free for 10 days

Mistakes to Avoid While Calling Turkey

mistakes to avoid while calling turkey

International dialing to Turkey business contacts can be successful only when you follow their business etiquette. One mistake can lead to a loss of the deal. So, here’s a list of mistakes you must avoid while conducting a business call to Turkey:

  1. Choosing the wrong time to call Turkey, after business hours or on holiday, might leave an unprofessional impression on your Turkish clients. Consider the TRT time zone to decide upon call time.
  2. Not giving importance to hierarchy and titles can offend Turkish professionals, as they believe in a strong hierarchy structure and appreciate addressing people with titles.
  3. Not incorporating the Turkish business language while on calls with Turkish professionals will make it challenging to establish strong business relations.
  4. Jumping into business with Turkish professionals can have negative consequences as they prefer engaging in small talk on general topics before doing business.
  5. Not having a clear meeting agenda will not work with Turkish clients as they prefer having a structure and goal in business.
  6. No prior meeting schedule will present you in an unprofessional light. So, set a proper schedule to show that you respect their time, own a sense of punctuality, and are organized.

Your professionalism and commitment to a project make or break the deal. Don’t let these mistakes be the reason for a lost client.


While calling Turkey from the US, you must double-check the time difference, cell phone numbers you’d like to reach, and Turkey business etiquette. But one non-negotiable point to consider is to call a local number in Turkey without hitting big-figure bills. That’s possible if you make online calls using a virtual business phone system.

An excellent virtual phone system you can opt for is CallHippo. Now international calling is made easier, more seamless, and cheaper. So, what are you waiting for? Go invest in a Turkey virtual number and virtual phone system today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to call Turkey from the US?

The calling cost depends on the length of your call and can vary between a few cents to a few dollars per minute. To lower your calling costs to $0.080/minute, consider shifting to CallHippo.

2. How to call Istanbul from the US?

Here are 4 simple steps to call Istanbul, Turkey, from the US:

  • Dial the US exit code 011
  • Enter the country code for Turkey, ‘90’
  • Now dial the 3-digit area code, ‘212’ for Istanbul
  • Finally, key in the 7-digit phone number

3. How to call US from Turkey?

Here are 4 simple steps on how to call US from Turkey:

  • Dial the Turkey access code 00
  • Enter the country code for the US, ‘1’
  • Now dial the 3-digit US area code
  • Finally, key in the US phone number
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