We’re thrilled to announce that CallHippo now integrates with 100+ Business Apps. Make the most of your existing business applications by connecting them with the CallHippo platform.    

With our integrations, you will be able to:

Improve your productivity:

Let’s say you use HubSpot CRM for managing your clients. By connecting it with CallHippo, you will be able to automate mundane tasks like entering data to and from the CRM and saving numbers. Ultimately, this will save you hundreds of hours in a month. The capability to dial directly from the connected tool means no switching between apps for interacting with your customers. You can do it all from a single interface.

Streamline your data:

When all your apps are interconnected with each other, you won’t have to worry about synchronizing data among them. For instance, if you connect CallHippo with your other business applications, you can sync all the crucial customer information in real-time. It enables you to always stay on top of things by keeping a track of all the interactions that your team is having with prospects or customers.

Simplify your business processes:

Managing several business applications simultaneously can be a strenuous job. However, connecting them with one another can help you automate and simplify your business processes. When CallHippo gets connected with other business software you use, you can leverage their capabilities collectively – all from one place. Having it all in one place makes management easier.


Make informed decisions:

Integrating CallHippo with your applications will help you gain better insight into your business. When you have all your data on a single dashboard, you can make smart and informed decisions faster.

Whether you’re running your business on Shopify or communicating with your employees on Slack, we’ve got you covered.

It will help you create an ecosystem of applications to manage and scale your business.

Empower, Integrate, & Build with CallHippo’s App Marketplace

Best business tools, seamless integrations, and voice collaborations that deliver, if that’s what you are looking for, CallHippo’s App Marketplace is your magic lamp! 

Try out CallHippo’s App Marketplace here at https://callhippo.com/app-marketplace.

Stay tuned for more awesome app integrations coming your way. Doubts, queries, or just wanna say hi? Drop us a mail at support@callhippo.com. We would be more than happy to help!

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