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Everything to Know About RingCentral For HubSpot Integration

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Hiba Ali
Senior Writer:
green tickDate: June 7, 2023

Optimizing and leveraging interactions is an essential part of Customer Relationship Management. That’s why businesses strive to enhance their CRM experience and represent their brands appropriately.

Who better to know about improving customer experience than RingCentral, which is widely used by businesses to make phone calls to customers. It is well known that RingCentral is a trusted communications platform that allows users to connect to global clients from anywhere, a popular tool for preparing calls to clients.

RingCentral For HubSpot Integration

(Source- RingCentral)

Businesses use RingCentral to make phone calls with their customers. This Cloud Phone system is a powerful tool for preparing calls to clients. When you integrate RingCentral with HubSpot, you can take advantage of everything HubSpot offers for sales, marketing, and CRM processes. In addition, with this integration, you can make calls right from HubSpot.

Read along to learn more about the RingCentral HubSpot Integration.

What is RingCentral?

RingCentral Logo

RingCentral is a robust cloud-based business phone system that offers various features for businesses of all sizes, such as video conferencing, voice calls, and messaging.

Remote teams can keep in touch with RingCentral thanks to its ability to work well with other tools. With the app, your business can continue using all of your essential tools, such as Salesforce, Zendesk, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Microsoft Teams, and Outlook, as it has an open API and over 2,000 integrations.

Call management features in all RingCentral MVP plans are comprehensive, including answering, forwarding, screening, parking, and flipping calls to other devices, except a multi level auto attendant, which is included in most MVP plans as a standard feature.

Features of RingCentral for HubSpot CRM Integration

Below are the features of RingCentral Integration for HubSpot:

Sync RingCentral Personal Contacts with HubSpot

Sync personal contacts between HubSpot and RingCentral to eliminate manual data entry. The information is automatically shared when records are created or updated in either HubSpot or the RingCentral app.

Active Call Management

Use RingCentral’s calling capabilities, answer inbound calls and make outbound calls without leaving HubSpot.

Centralized Hub

Manage faxes, voicemails, and text messages from one place.

Custom field mappings

Operations Hub Starter and Professional plans offer custom field mappings. These custom mappings add the flexibility to customize your default mappings or add your own mappings.

Seamlessly Sync Data

The settings are up to you. For example, you can enable one or two-way data sync, which means you can sync data from one app to another or back and forth between RingCentral and HubSpot data.

sync data between ringcentral and hubspot

(Source- RingCentral)

In addition, you can filter any RingCentral field (such as a phone number) or HubSpot list to sync only the data you want. Additionally, you can also sync RingCentral Video to HubSpot.

Instant Screen pop

RingCentral for HubSpot identifies incoming calls by their HubSpot records. You can make a new contact if no records are available by selecting the “add new contact” option.

Association Call Logging

Easily log calls with various associations, such as contact, company, deals, or tickets. The app can also automatically log calls on your behalf.

Advanced Analytics

Generate custom reports within HubSpot, and view your RingCentral data within HubSpot. Gain actionable insights based on invaluable metrics about individual and team performance.

System Requirements of RingCentral for HubSpot Integration

Here are the RingCentral system requirements for HubSpot integration:

  1. The Windows® 7 operating system or higher
  2. Mac OS® X 10.8 Mountain Lion (or latest)
  3. The supported browsers include Chrome™ 69 (or later)
  4. Chrome extension supports Chrome OS

How to Connect RingCentral to HubSpot CRM?

How to Connect RingCentral to HubSpot

(Source- RingCentral)

The following stages will guide you through installing RingCentral HubSpot Integration:

  1. Visit the RingCentral integration page in HubSpot
  2. At the top of your screen, click “Install app”.

(Click “OK” on the bottom right of the screen to be redirected to an overview page of the app)

  1. Now, click “Install” to continue
  2. Choose your HubSpot account (of which you must be a Super Admin).

(Clicking on your account will lead you to a page asking you to connect to the app by agreeing to share the information. After clicking “Connect app,” you’ll be redirected to the overview page. Click “OK” on the bottom)

  1. Click on “Connect RingCentral Account”.
  2. Click “Authorize with RingCentral account” to proceed with the authorization.

(Then you’ll be taken to RingCentral, where you have to click “Continue as…” assuming your correct account is logged in and displayed on this screen. If you want to connect another account, use “Use Another Account.” After doing this, you will need to authorize the following access to RingCentral and this app)

  1. Click “Authorize”, and you’re done.

Importance of SMS and Call with RingCentral HubSpot Integration

HubSpot allows you to send and receive SMS without leaving the platform. With RingCentral HubSpot Integration, you can be ensured that your network is up and running at 99.95%, so your business can be satisfactorily aware of what it does.

RingCentral HubSpot Integration offers many significant capabilities, including short trackable links that you can use to split Text Messaging and degree marketing campaigns!

Similarly, as soon as you set up Calling in HubSpot, you can call your contacts from their HubSpot documents. You can file decisions, take notes while on the ring, and save the call. If you are on a HubSpot Trial, your Calling minutes are the same as those on a paid subscription; customers on a paid subscription have the same limit as unrestricted customers.

How to use RingCentral Calling in Chrome?

How to use RingCentral Calling in Chrome

(Source- RingCentral)

Here are the steps for installing RingCentral Embeddable Voice for HubSpot in google chrome:

  1. Get RingCentral’s latest zip file by visiting RingCentral’s Release Page.
  2. After downloading the file, unzip it. Contents of the package will be unpacked into a folder named dist.
  3. Next, click the Developer mode link on the Chrome Extension page in the upper right corner.
  4. On the final step, click Load Unpacked, select the dist folder, and then click Select.

Hooray! You have now installed RingCentral HubSpot for Google Chrome.

Let’s have a look at RingCentrals’ best alternative integration with HubSpot.

How CallHippo and HubSpot Integration Work?

The CallHippo-HubSpot integration allows you to synchronize data seamlessly, increase customer relations, increase sales efficiency, and much more. Call directly from HubSpot, get real-time call status reports, and more!

CallHippo + HubSpot Integration

Make & Receive Calls from HubSpot

Click-to-Dial within HubSpot allows you to reach out to prospects faster, track changes made via CallHippo directly inside HubSpot, and use callback requests to avoid losing leads.

Power Dial through sales leads after loading a list from HubSpot. It instantly lets your sales agents call a long list of customers or prospects.

Efficient Call Tracking in HubSpot

The HubSpot integration keeps track of all your call activities, messages, and other activities associated with a specific contact. Thus, eliminating swapping between windows.

Access Call Management Features

You can use recorded calls to analyze employee productivity, review data, and train team members. Most importantly, it will allow you to take a step back to see what can be accomplished over a good business call. Get rid of the hassle of searching for specific recordings or voicemails; you can access them right from HubSpot.

RingCentral Integration Overview

Sync RingCentral contacts directly from your phonebook without manual data entry or time-consuming imports. Here’s what you get:

  1. Two-way sync: Real-time data sharing between RingCentral and HubSpot
  2. Default field mappings: Easy setup with pre-configured field mappings
  3. Historical syncing: Existing data syncs immediately, and updates sync as they occur

Note: The maximum number of contacts that can be synced to this phone book is 10,000, so please use the sync filters.


Why connect RingCentral with HubSpot?

Using the HubSpot Add-in for RingCentral, users can carry out calls within the RingCentral app and view contact details directly within a team. Furthermore, it enables you to find and share details about companies, contacts, deals, and tickets between team members.

The RingCentral for HubSpot integration automates workflows, increases call efficiency and improves customer service.

What is the use of RingCentral and HubSpot integration?

A RingCentral and HubSpot integration can improve your sales and support teams’ call handling and CRM experiences. HubSpot allows users to manage all call-related activities from one place, including screen pop-ups for calls, automatic call logging, custom field mappings, and much more.

How to make a Call with RingCentral HubSpot Integration?

You can use Hubspot’s click-to-dial feature from any phone number to make an outgoing call.

  1. Go to contacts
  2. Choose the phone number you would like to call.
  3. A click-to-dial badge appears if the field contains a legible phone number. To call, click the phone icon for RingCentral for Hubspot. 

What are the main features of RingCentral HubSpot Integration?

RingCentral HubSpot Integration offers many features, such as custom field mappings, active call management, click-to-call, click-to-SMS, etc.

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