Are you moving abroad permanently? Or planning to shift to another country for a long while? If yes, you will indeed have tons of things to think about, but one major question will be whether you can keep your US phone number while moving internationally? Well, don’t worry! 

You can keep the same US phone number, that’s great news as you will be able to receive calls from contacts on the same number without any inconvenience. Want to know more?

Let’s dive deeper and find out how you can keep your US phone number when moving internationally.

How To Keep Your US Phone Number When Moving Internationally

With the advent of globalization, many people are moving from the United States of America to explore more internationally. However, holding on to your US virtual phone number is a smart option as you may choose to return after a few months or need your number to verify your identity for bank accounts or any other reasons.

You can keep your United States phone number by porting it to a virtual phone service provider. Since US virtual phone numbers can be an ideal business solution as they use the Internet to facilitate business communication, they easily work overseas. It is a cost-effective and flexible way to ensure that your remain connected while moving to another country without having to give up your phone number.


How Does VoIP Work?

VoIP is a revolutionary technology that has taken the business world by storm. In fact, the global market for VoIP services is expected to touch $US 194.5 billion by the end of 2024.

Most VoIP phone services have a smartphone and web application that enable users to make phone calls, send instant messages, fax, and receive voicemails. The best part about VoIP phone systems is that you do not need to worry about maintaining a physical phone network or infrastructure.

All you need is a high-speed Internet connection ( WiFi or a local data plan) – this means that you can get a local SIM card in the country where you have moved to and retain your US phone number in it. You will need to invest in a credible VoIP service provider to port your phone number seamlessly. 

There are tons of reliable vendors such as CallHippo, Skype, and GoogleVoice. It is important to research the available options by scanning the market to check out the pros and cons of each service provider. Discuss porting options with your VoIP provider to ensure you get the best deal that will work for you in the long run.

Advantages Of Porting Your US Phone Number To A Virtual Phone Service Provider

If you are moving abroad from the United States, keeping in touch with friends, business colleagues, and family is probably high on your priority list. Since your US phone number is your identity, it is evident that you don’t want to lose it.

Well, you can enhance business profitability by investing in a US phone number service provider to port your number and retain your existing US phone number. Here are some advantages, why your business should invest in the perfect business phone solution available in the US.

1. Reliability

One of the most significant benefits of porting your US phone number to VoIP phone service is that you are assured of performance. It is reliable, and you can periodically check your messages, receive calls and voicemails to ensure you do not miss out on any important message. Most modern VoIP service providers specialize in making the porting experience seamless for users. They provide customized services for individuals, start-ups, and business persons moving abroad to deliver reliable phone porting services. Hence, you can move abroad without any worries if you have partnered with a VoIP service provider that meets uptime requirements and is a reliable market player.

2. Cost-Effective

Price is the top-most consideration when it comes to porting your phone number. While some free VoIP service providers such as Google Voice, most vendors will levy a minimal charge for porting your US phone number. Make sure to have a budget in mind before discussing porting options with your VoIP provider. Ask them whether you will get unlimited talk time to any US or Canadian phone number. Make sure to clarify any hidden charges or costs to have a fair idea about the pricing structure.

3. Superior User-Experience

Undoubtedly, user experience is essential for any person porting their US phone number when moving to another country. Apex voice quality, good network connection, and uninterrupted services can make a world of positive difference in the overall user experience. So make sure to take free trials while comparing different VoIP service providers. This will give you a good idea of their services, and get to know the strengths and weaknesses, and improve your customer experience. Ensure to check out the user experience on the mobile application and on your computer to make an informed decision.

4. Support

If there is one aspect that you cannot compromise while investing in a VoIP service provider, it is definitely customer support. Since you will be porting your US phone and moving to another country, you need to ensure your service provider is responsive to customer problems. You should be easily able to contact the customer support team in case of any questions or technical glitches. Most VoIP service providers give utmost priority to customer support. They remain available 24*7 through phone calls, instant messages, chats, and voicemail. However, free services such as Google Voice do not provide support, so make sure to check this vital aspect before going ahead with a VoIP service provider.

The Final Word

Moving to another country is now not going to come in the way of your business or personal communication – just go ahead and port your phone number with a reliable VoIP service provider. This is a perfect option for many global citizens settled in the United States of America planning to move to another country. 

The best part about porting your phone number with a VoIP provider is that you can easily move back to your US number if you decide to shift back in a few years. Happy to hear that you can retain your US number while moving internationally? Let us know if number porting has worked for you – leave your comments below to share your thoughts with us!


Updated : September 21, 2021


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