The contact centers known for ages are changing, along with the increased demands of the customers. Customers nowadays expect a personalized conversation with the company. This could be through SMS, Video, social media, and many more. 

But now, to keep pace with the changing demands of the people, there is a solution, “CCaaS” CCaaS is a cloud-based computer communication solution that can help a business to sort their customer care problem. It is the latest technology delivering the next level customer features over the cloud. It helps businesses save time and money while managing their software needs internally. Also, by 2025, the global market for contact center software is expected to rise by $50 billion. 

Let’s first understand what CCaaS is

Contact Centre as a Service is a business solution that allows cloud-based customer support. This is very scalable as it changes with the new evolutions in the organization. Also, it gives the flexibility to purchase and pay only for the tools that are needed. It offers a “pay as you go” model. Compared to the traditional contact center, the initial investment here is very low and is not considered as an operational cost to the company. 

Features of CCaaS includes

  1. Call routing services
  2. Integration of existing tools
  3. Call recording and management 
  4. Software analytics tracking
  5. Customer experience tracking

CCaaS helps to avail of all the benefits of the latest technology releases without worrying about managing on-premise assets. CCaaS offers faster and easier implementation, flexible scaling, and a low admin expense.

Both UCaaS and CCaaS benefit an organization, and both sound the same, yet both are different from each other. Let’s see the difference:



UCaaS, or united communications as a service, gives cloud-based communication infrastructure. UCaaS offers voice calls, call conferences, text chat, and video solutions. CCaaS features Interactive Voice response, analytics capabilities, automatic call distribution, and many other contact center features, apart from voice call and call conferencing. 
It facilitates communication between employees of the same organizations. It is designed to help sales and customer support staff whose majority of the work is on the phone.

Now that we know what CCaaS is, let’s explore through the various features that it offers.


Special Features of CCaaS

CCaaS is packed with certain special features, which include

  • It gives an analytical report of the call volume, waiting time, and other insights that are needed to make any improvements. 
  • Call recordings to help to improve the quality of the call and enhance the customer experience.
  • Automatic call distribution helps to route the call to a suitable agent.
  • CCaaS has various integrated business tools such as Shopify, Hubspot, Intercom, and many others that help employees to work seamlessly. 
  • IVR directs the callers to the right department immediately. 
  • Live Feed helps the supervisors to monitor real-time activity and respond to the call traffic needs.
  • CCaaS is a cloud-based interface that allows agents from anywhere in the world to connect and work together.
  • Calls could be made easily from a mouse click rather than dialing a number.
  • The best feature of CCaaS is whisper coaching, where supervisors can listen to the call of the agent and advise them without letting the caller know about this.

As per the increase in the demand of the cloud-based solution for customer support as a service is growing, many contact centers are starting to embrace the CCaaS format. The best one among all is the Magic Quadrant Report. 

CCaaS is evolving with the growing demand of the contact center as a service. With the introduction of new technology, CCaaS is evolving at a great pace. 

People prefer to adapt to new changes only if there are any advantages to it. 

So, what are the benefits of using CCaaS?

  • Creating a contact center using CCaaS is easy, just like installing an app and it could be implemented quickly and easily. Employees can work remotely using the CCaaS program. This reduces the need for office space to a certain limit. 
  • CCaaS helps in improving customer experience: Today, a customer wants to be connected to the customer center easily either through calls, live chat, or any other convenient mode. It is easy for large firms to meet customer’s demands. But small firms face issues while making customer support so convenient because of its costing factor. CCaaS helps small firms in this case. They work through a computer system offering desktop notification of the incoming calls. It reduces the chance of missing a customer’s calls. CCaaS has many integrated eCommerce helpdesks, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, and the best part is that there are constant software updates that help the software to improve and meet customer’s expectations. 
  • CCaaS helps in flexible scaling. If the demand increases, it marks an increase in the number of customer calls along with increased revenue and vice-versa. In this scenario, CCaaS is the best solution. The organization needs to pay for the level of service they need and can adjust their requirements accordingly.  
  • Establishing an individual customer center incurs a lot of startup costs. This could include servers, software, phones, staff, and software implementation charges. Apart from this costing, the organization also needs to provide time to the employees to deal with management and tech support. This process not only inculcates costs but also the time of the organization. However, a CCaaS provider can handle software implementation, product updates, and troubleshooting without costing extra bucks. This could also update the software as and when required. 
  • The most crucial factor is the integrated information. CCaaS collects information from the CRM, helpdesk, and other business systems and stores them together to simplify the search. So, the agent will be able to find all the information at one go, which will help in improving the customer experience.

The most recent trends in CCaaS includes: 

  • Customer centers indeed require human interactions. But if artificial intelligence is trained about customer interactions, it could reduce repetitive tasks and can improve business performance. It could route the customer to the right client to improve the customer experience.
  • The cloud-based contact center as a service solution allows employees to log into the system and support customers regardless of their location. This offers a flexible working culture to the new and evolved modern call center. It offers the concept of remote working.
  • Some vendors believe in combining front-end communication solutions like CCaaS with backend communication as a service solution. This would create a new and innovative environment.
  • Analytics of the contact center as a service solution combined with workforce management features help to improve the quality of any contact center environment.

Businesses opting for CCaaS can attract a variety of benefits over their competitors. 

Below are 5 major benefits every CCaaS customer can expect: 

  1. Today businesses are adopting CCaaS, which is customer-centric and fits the way people work. It integrates email and real-time chat into a unified platform to promote easy tracking of information. 
  2. CCaaS offers substantial cost savings. It requires no upfront investment, aligned to streamline billing, reduction in staffing, and low power costs without purchasing extra servers or paying for services that are not required.
  3. Cloud-based contact centers offer organizations to instantly scale up their business by meeting their demands. It also provides the highest level of reliability, disaster recovery, and availability. 
  4. CCaaS providers offer quick integration across multiple channels to help a business achieve meaningful improvements.
  5. CCaaS offers businesses to synthesize all critical information into a single screen to save the representatives from toggling among different data sources. The agent can then sort customer issues in a short time and hence increase customer satisfaction.

CCaaS solutions offer availability and reliability at the highest level. Thus, when business continuity is concerned, CCaaS solution is the best option available for your call center or business

Updated : May 6, 2021


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