The COVID-19 pandemic unimaginably battered the world economy, causing worldwide panic and disruptions. But the US government unleashed the world’s most extensive social security program to support their citizens and economy.

Because of the proactive and direct cash transfers to almost every resident in the US, people never went out of money, and the demand never plummeted like it did in other economies. This has made the USA ever more attractive to businesses, and if there were any doubts about it, they have been completely dispelled.

But expanding business in the US or showcasing that you have a US presence is not so easy if your actual operations are located out of America. If you want to claim that you have a local presence, your US clients should reach you with a calling code for the United States. And that’s where having a US phone number becomes necessary.

All about US phone numbers

Knowing about US phone number is important because dialing codes in the United States follow a specific pattern – (XXX)-XXX-XXXX – where the (XXX) represents an area code, and XXX-XXXX represent the actual number of the business.

Anyone calling from within the same area code needs not dial the area code and directly dial the seven-digit phone number. People from different areas or cities as subscribers need to dial the area code before the phone number.

If someone calls from outside of the USA to a business in the USA, they will use the following pattern with the US country code +1: 00-1-XXX-XXX-XXXX or +1- XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Because of these restrictions, many businesses find it difficult to reach local clients in the USA and fail to show that they have a US presence for international clients.

Get US Virtual Phone Number

With the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services, you can solve the problem in minutes. Any business can get a US phone number with the most coveted country code (+1) globally and the desired local area code – from New York to San Francisco or from Seattle to Miami.

As each city in the US may have one or more area code phone numbers registered in their region, you can also get a specific area code of your choice for a particular city.

Because of the government’s proactive policies, the US has become the hotbed of economic activity, innovation, and business expansion like never before. After seeing a slump in 2020, US GDP is poised to grow by a stunning 6.3% in 2021 and another 3.55 in 2022. For the world’s largest economy, both these projections are unlike any in the recent past.

Therefore, it is the right time to expand your business in the United States, and you can easily do it with a local US virtual phone number. If you advertise in digital and conventional media your local US phone number, with dialing codes in the United States, your chances of attracting more customers will increase.

You have the opportunity to enhance business with a US phone number by making the most of the technology that has powered virtual video calls and meetings using Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Team.

Continued restrictions on employees gathering in offices, increasing acceptance of work-from-home culture, and clients’ favor of getting most services online have opened up the opportunity to deploy the virtual phone technology to expand your interest in the new normal. Investing in a US virtual phone number would be a wise and reasonable business decision.

How does a US Virtual Phone Number work?

The VoIP technology powers your virtual phone number similarly as it powers video conferencing facilities on Google Meet or Zoom. Cloud phones or Virtual phone systems are cost-effective, flexible, could be integrated with digital tools, and can be used from any device and anywhere.

The virtual phone systems use the high-speed internet connection already available at your office, home, and even your mobile phones. With virtual phones, you can do away with the wires that come with fixed-line phones and leverage wireless broadband to make and receive calls. 

For your client-facing requirements – for local US clients and international clients – you can advertise your US phone number with calling codes for the United States. People could never imagine that you are not located in the US as they would connect with you like you are situated locally.

A trusted virtual phone number service provider like CallHippo offers you a range of local, regional, national, and 1800 (toll-free) numbers in the USA with call forwarding services. All incoming calls are rerouted to the numbers of your choice – mobile, office, or customer contact center – anywhere in the world.

Working of US Virtual Phone Number

You can change the call forwarding numbers anytime, reconfigure IVRS options, and integrate the system with your CRM solution.

Advantages of a US Calling Code

As businesses realize the importance of having a presence in the US, they are increasingly looking for a virtual phone service that is flexible, customizable, cost-effective, and gives them an upper edge. The result is better customer service, team management, and substantial cost savings.

There are many benefits of having a US virtual phone number with dialing codes in the United States, such as:

1. Local Presence

People readily trust a business’s local presence – especially those who can be contacted by dialing a local phone number. With virtual phone services, you can have a local phone number with all calling codes for the United States to show a local presence. Also, a US phone number allows you to maintain a local presence even if you are moving abroad. So that you can stay connected with your clients and customers.

2. Global Footprint

With a US phone number, you can showcase that you are a multinational with a global footprint, including in the world’s most advanced economy. Your clients from overseas can call your US phone number to connect with you. It would also help you start your USA operations while keeping your costs of operations under control.

3. Stronger Brand

With a local phone with dialing code in the United States, the image and perception of your business are bound to improve. With a more robust brand, you can get more orders and close bigger deals. You would be able to project an image of an innovative international business.

4. Smart Features

A US virtual phone number service comes with many smart features to improve the productivity of your team. These features include multi-party call conferencing, automated call forwarding, call queuing, video conferencing & calls, voicemail, and auto logging. You can empower your employees to work virtually from home safely with cloud-based phone service.

5. Cost-Effective

Conventional modes of communication are very costly when it comes to managing toll-free numbers, making international calls, or holding teleconferences. This is over and above the charges, you pay for internet connectivity. 

With a virtual phone system, you can leverage the high-speed Internet at the office or home and avoid paying high costs for fewer features. The pay-per-use pricing plans make it even more affordable for small businesses.

6. Flexible

The virtual phone service is flexible – you can add as many numbers as you need for as long as you wish. You can customize its IVRS options, use brand music as ringtones, and configure numbers for call forwarding. You can also set up the system to automatically record all calls for training and quality purposes.

7. Easy

Cloud-based solutions are easy to install, configure and maintain. CallHippo’s reputed and credible services ensure that the entire process of system installation and setup takes only a few minutes. The system works online, and all you need is user training for different users – admins, managers, executives, agents, etc. – and customization.


CallHippo offers you the opportunity to have a phone number with a calling code for the United States via its cutting-edge VoIP-based end-to-end solutions. Their cloud-based solution allows you to make and receive calls to and from any number in the US by using dialing codes in the United States.

Equip your business with scalable and future-proof technology and mark a strong presence in the world’s largest consumer market. Empower your employees and showcase a local company to attract more clients and enhance business with US phone numbers.

Updated : September 21, 2021


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