The Internet business phone system is more crucial for businesses than ever. With technological advancement, unified communication systems coming into the picture, they facilitate seamless communication with your clients, customers, and team members via phone, and text. 

If you are running a business in 2020 and looking for a cost-effective yet efficient solution for telecommunications, then a VoIP phone system fits the bill. Working in today’s society driven by the internet, an internet phone system can meet all your communication-related needs. If you are still confused about whether a virtual phone system is useful for your business or not, have a look at its benefits and your doubts will be cleared.

Working on a Virtual Phone System

Before we move on towards the benefits of an internet business phone system, let’s first understand how it works. 

  • Most importantly, to use such a business phone system, you need to have a VoIP solution
  • As you speak through the microphone of your mobile phone, headset, or laptop, your voice is digitized and converted into audio signals
  • Then it splits this data into packets and labels them individually
  • Different data packets make up your call as they travel to the recipient over the internet
  • As the data arrives at its end destination, the system puts it back into the right order 
  • Then it converts these data packets into audio, after which the recipient can hear and understand what you are saying

What You Can Do with an Internet Business Phone System

Apart from making and receiving calls, there is a variety of additional tasks that internet phone systems can handle. Some of them are:

  • Conference calling
  • Transferring calls
  • Recording calls
  • Sending instant messages
  • Sending text messages 
  • Sending faxes
  • Sending voicemails 
  • Automated call distribution 
  • Voicemail forwarding



Benefits of Having an Internet Phone System for Business

1. Cost Saving

You will definitely appreciate the cost-saving benefit that an internet phone system can offer. Installing many telephone lines adds up to your cost quickly, especially if you need to make regular long-distance calls for your business. Since communication is done by modifying data into packets and sending them over an IP network, there is no restriction on the number of participants involved in a phone call. The phone service provider directly connects you to the IP network, or your internet connection, or both.

In a traditional phone system, you are charged on a minute basis for talk time, but with a VOIP phone system, the only cost you pay is the monthly charges to your ISP. In fact, many virtual phone service providers offer a wide range of features and benefits at competitive rates.

As far as software and hardware requirements of an internet phone system are concerned, they are kept minimal, as you need not purchase your own phone and other infrastructure. Service providers offer up-to-date hardware and the latest software systems to their clients at minimal rates usually included in the monthly bills like rent.

Since the Internet phone system can work from smartphones, employees can work from home using a virtual phone system. As a result, you save costs on utility bills and office rents.  

2. Global Access

VOIP phone system allows your employees to conduct effective telecommunication, and use your fax, data service, and voice calling remotely via the internet. The technology of the internet phone system is highly portable, which means the users can access the network from their home office, or even when they are abroad. Even if your employees shift home, their number goes with them to their new location, no matter where in the world they go.

The best thing about a virtual phone number is that it is highly portable and mobile as per the convenience of your team members. In a traditional phone system, a unique number was assigned to a phone line, and it was not so easy to transfer a phone number to a new location in case you shifted the office. But with VOIP, systems can be transferred easily to new office space, thus making the system highly mobile and flexible.


3. Easy Conferencing

Since there is no need for individual phone lines, it becomes easy to do call conferencing. The latest traditional phone systems also allow call conferences; however, the host needs to pay additional costs for each member he or she includes in the conference. Text, video, and images are transferred digitally over the phone, because of which the ability to give presentations and solving issues gets dramatically improved. 

4. Flexible Network

One of the most notable benefits of an online business phone system is that it does not need a particular technology layout for its underlying network. This means that your existing Wi-Fi, ethernet, or broadband connection can be utilized to give a foundation to your network. This means it serves as a standard system that can support different types of communication channels with minimal faults and less equipment management.

5. Easy Installation and Maintenance

The best thing is that internet phones are extremely easy to install and configure, and can be even done by a person who is not that technically savvy. You won’t need to call experienced technicians running around your space for installation and wiring. In fact, you just need to buy an IP phone, plug it in, and start using it. You can easily add new users using a hosted VOIP software and move, add or change system configurations using its web portal. All this makes an internet business phone system easy to use and maintain.

Summing Up

As you can see above, there are many benefits to the VOIP phone system for business. What’s more is that it is virtually free of any drawbacks, and successful businesses across the globe are using it to gain a competitive advantage over others. If you are ready to explore more and enjoy all these benefits, then get in touch with an IPS provider today.

Updated : July 22, 2021


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