One of the most challenging tasks for managers is to save important contacts, copy phone numbers, store them and then make a call – all this takes away precious time and wastes a lot of productive periods! Research has proven that inefficient calling techniques can cost companies to lose valuable clients and also damage brand reputation.

Well, there is one wonder tool that can help your team members save over 60 hours a month and boost up efficiency levels to great heights- the Click-to-Call chrome extension is a great feature that you can implement on your affordable virtual phone.

You can utilize this facility to directly click on any number in your web browser or software suite to enable business communication. It completely eliminates the tedious and lengthy process of saving contact numbers, storing them or copying the number to make a call. Click-to-call also keeps a complete record of all call logs that can be referred to a later time for official purposes.

Many United States-based businesses have benefitted by saving a lot of precious time by enabling Click-to-call chrome extension facility on their US phone numbers – it surely is the best way to pump up your bottom line profits! So, just what exactly are the advantages of the click-to-call feature and why do you need it on your virtual phone system from a reliable service provider such as CallHipo? Here are some major reasons:

  • Easy and seamless calling of any number from a web browser – saving your employees time and effort.
  • A user-friendly feature that requires no specialized technical knowledge or expertise to adopt on a large-scale.
  • It provides the option of quick or instant calling for urgent business matters.
  • Simple to install, configure, and trouble-shoot – thereby giving no problems in the long run.
  • Click-to-call chrome extension on your virtual phone can easily be integrated with all other vital business software suites and applications.
  • Detailed reporting ability as call logs are stored and can be easily accessed at a convenient later time by managers.
  • Notes can also be saved to recall important information during phone calls.
  • A cost-effective application for your virtual phone system that eliminates the requirement of a traditional cut-copy-paste method for calling contacts.
  • It allows your team members to focus on closing deals, converting leads, and provide quicker customer service to keep clients satisfied.

There is no doubt that the click-to-call extension can prove to be a potential asset for any company that needs to regularly undertake calls to provide superior customer support and service. Make sure to research and choose a great service provider such as CallHippo to adopt a virtual phone system, and save tons of time by installing the click-to-chrome extension!

Virtual phone numbers are the future of business communication – in fact, companies in fast-growing business districts of developed countries like the United Kingdom have also reaped solid advantages by implementing UK virtual phone numbers. So make sure to revolutionize your success story by implementing the click-to-call chrome extension on your virtual phone system!

Updated : May 6, 2021


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