Cloud-based services have emerged as an extraordinary driving force in the modern world. Most of the global enterprises use cloud telephony as their office phone system for daily operations.

Solutions such as toll-free numbers, lead management software, virtual numbers, and etc. offer one-stop recording, analysis, and feedback mechanisms. Furthermore, cloud telephony ensures better customer engagement and extended reach.

This cloud telephony enables enterprises to access a professional communication framework with minimal expenditure on installation, infrastructure, maintenance, hardware, etc.

Cloud telephony blazed a trend in the field of technology, revamping the development and deployment of telecommunication. Cloud Telephony is a communications technology where the service provider hosts all the communication apparatus and applications. Enterprises intending to utilize these utilities don’t have to install and configure any software or hardware to start the services. These services can be a call center setup, call recording, call forwarding, or virtual number. This Hosted phone system works on two networks.

  • PSTNIt stands for Public Switched Telephone Network that uses global telephone networks comprising of the telephone lines, switching centers, cellular networks, and satellite. It has an analog telephone line for transmission and reception.   
  • IPThe cloud telephony employs the internet to deliver the services. It is VoIP enabled to render Cloud telephony services.

Prominent features of these solutions include:

  • Extensive network access
  • On-demand service
  • Incorporating with existing call center and CRM 
  • Call recording,call conferencing, and forwarding
  • Serve clientele with scalable and provisional servicesCloud-Telephony-A-prudent-Solution-To-Connect-Globally-middle



How Business Can Benefit From Cloud Telephony

Budget-Friendly Solution

As there is no upfront hardware investment, the cost-saving of a cloud-based hosted phone system is reasonable. Businesses will avail it as it eliminates the recurring infrastructure maintenance cost that comes with the traditional phone system.

Businesses only have to pay for the services employed if they use cloud telephony. Above all, the lower call cost bestowed by the cloud telephony system holds cost-effective capabilities for businesses.

Scalable in nature

When companies are growing or scaling – they need an office phone system that takes care of all the administrative operations. Given that there is no hardware installed on-site, cloud telephony qualifies the businesses to advance with ease and add or remove handsets in just one click. 

 The hot desking feature included in cloud phone systems ensures that businesses can stay as productive as ever while promoting a flexible working style for their employees.

Enterprise-Grade Secure

Working within the cloud means that the hosted phone system remains unaffected by any threat. In case of any emergency, you can quickly and easily set up the call forwarding features. So that you can instantly forward the calls onto an alternative business premise and resume your operations from there.

Robust Functionality

It has a user-friendly interface that provides convenient dashboard access to call history, voicemail, and recorded calls. Its call recording and auto-attendant feature permit you to record calls for staff training and route the call to the appropriate department respectively. Its collaboration functionality, including external and internal call transfers, enables customizable settings for every department, calls park, and instant group calls features. Its Security features include call barring, call history, and authorization code access to make sure that your office phone system is secure.

Sectors That Will Boom With the Adoption of Cloud Telephony

Due to the speed, efficacy, and security, cloud telephony has become constitutive for some sectors. Let’s mull over a few of them.  

Banking: Banking Industry has adopted cloud telephony because of two factors. First, to enhance customer engagement and second, to compete with the Fintech sector. Moreover, the cloud renders a higher degree of security, which is a critical aspect of banking services. Banks get access to thousands of facilities with cloud communications with its bot-based customer engagement and virtual assistants. Cloud telephony has significantly helped the business to stretch its reach. 

Realty Business: Real-estate professionals are predominantly relying on cloud telephony solutions to ensure they do not miss out on any query. Moreover, they also employ the hosted phone system to set up meetings at convenient times, record feedback from visits, etc. Cloud telephony acts as a link between the complementary and cohesive service framework for tech-crazy real–estate players.

Tour and Travel services: The tourism sector completely transfigured with the adaptation of cloud telephony. The cloud telephony platform dispenses a multitude of services in a single framework – customer engagement, planning, assessing different tour options, and many more. 

Medical Management: The healthcare industry is another sector that has significantly benefited from the cloud telephony deployment. It has the potential to change the patient-doctor relationship by making it more prompt and responsive. Also, it aids you to administer the records of individual patients and expedite and entail global knowledge exchange between medical professionals. It also facilitates 24×7-engagement to support patients and treat diseases through instant interaction. The long-term industry goal is to provide a comprehensive medicine ecosystem that entitles care through communication and knowledge empowerment with the integration of VoIP phone system for hospitality industry

Education: Education institutions integrate a cloud-based communications network to offer students help across a variety of metrics. Cloud telephony can be vital in minimizing the cost of tuition and improving accessibility. This sector solely depends on the active participation from the end-users, i.e. the learners contact the institutions and not the other way round. From imparting education to students in remote areas and academic data storage, cloud telephony ensures effective communication among teachers, students, and parents.

Retail business: The retail phone system has made it possible for retail companies to analyze and leverage digital data to enhance their consumer experience. With cloud telephony, firms can also hike their overall efficiency and bring down their total expenditures. Additionally, digital technology has also enabled them to encounter pitfalls in their business processes from customer feedback and take suitable measures against them.

With rising cutthroat competition, no organization can afford to miss any potential queries. Based on the current trend, cloud telephony based solutions offers enterprises the most optimum way to present themselves as a professional. It not only results in productive communication and round-the-clock accessibility but also serves as a one-stop customer management tool to substantiate informed decision making for the business

Updated : May 6, 2021


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