Is your business prepared to move with the times and install an intelligent phone system for the future? If the answer is yes – It’s surely the smartest move for your company to use a virtual phone system to gain a competitive edge by skyrocketing your bottom line profits!

An intelligent virtual phone system is truly a revolutionary technology that utilizes an internet connection to power all your internal business communication needs. They are cloud-based, thereby minimizing dependency on complex hardware or software components and use cutting-edge internet technology to meet modern organizational business needs. Small and medium businesses benefit the most from a virtual phone system for internet calling as it is simple, easy to install, and has comprehensive support features.

The future of smart communication has arrived – there is no need to rely on traditional phone services as you can leverage the power of a business phone system to ensure better productivity, cost-effectiveness, and functionality for your company.

So, what is new in a virtual phone system? How will it transform your operations? Well, this groundbreaking technology is going to change your internal business communication with its speed, flexibility, and highly advanced features.

Here Are Some Super Progressive and Radical Features of Virtual Phone Systems:

1. Multi-Lingual IVR

Interactive voice response (IVR) is a novel technology that facilitates a computer to have interactions with humans through the use of voice modulation and DTMF tones input via a keypad. Diverse multilingual IVR solutions mean that your business can take 100% of inbound calls and tailor-make conversation according to the language of your callers. CallHippo allows users to rapidly set a convenient multi-lingual IVR in a number of languages other than the US or UK English –making your intelligent phone system absolutely ready for global business! You need to login into your CallHippo account, go to the numbers setting, and select the IVR option according to the desired language. So invest in an intelligent phone system to get your business ready to take on international clients through a multi-lingual interactive voice response system!

2. Call Planner

Scheduling essential business calls for a particular time is one of the most helpful features of virtual phone systems. Managers need to know and be reminded to make internal business communication on time so that they can take important organizational decisions. The call planner facility is a real boon for busy executives and team members as they can schedule important business calls for a particular fixed time and can even set reminders so that they receive an alert or notification to make their phone calls. Time-based routing of calls makes it possible to assign specific times for calls – be it the weekends, nights, or holidays. So make sure you get started on an intelligent phone system – it will keep your communication schedule in order by reminding you to make all your business calls throughout the day!

3. Call Blocking

Any business organization can overspend on their calling rates and that can lead to a serious dip in their overall profit levels. Sometimes to be smart and cost-effective, it is absolutely necessary to stop business calls to specific countries if they exceed a particular monetary limit. Intelligent Phone systems from CallHippo have this radical feature called amount call blocking – it’s a real-life-saver as it prevents companies from exceeding their call budgets and does not allow the calls to go through if they have exceeded a particular value. The call blocking facility gives users the option to set the upper-most limit after which it automatically blocks calls – hence making absolutely certain of the fact that you don’t overspend your communication budget. So, make sure your company implements a virtual phone system – it will surely keep your mounting expenses in check through its inventive call blocking feature and keep you in control of communication expenditures!

4. Time-Zone Intimation

One of the most important things to keep your clients happy is to call them at a suitable time of convenience and not disturb them at an odd hour. Your intelligent phone system by CallHippo has a great facility of time-zone intimation, where it informs you of the exact time and time zone of your customer. The system routinely handles time zone detection, conversion, and advanced daylight saving time modification, thereby completely eliminating the confusion usually related to scheduling calls to different geographical different locations. So your intelligent phone system empowers you to decide whether you should call a client at a particular time or you should wait for some time to make the call during working hours. It’s a great way to harness technology to ensure that you are well aware of your valued customer’s time zone – so get a head start on implementing an intelligent phone system to accrue massive business benefits. so get started on an intelligent phone system right now to accrue massive business advantages!

5. Number Portability

Your intelligent phone system caters to every requirement of the business – it even has the facility of number portability that ensures that you will be able to carry your old phone number wherever you go. Hence, even if when you get a new service provider you will not need to change your phone number which may result in business disruptions and inconvenience. You can get the best phone service and enjoy unlimited mobility by retaining your old phone number, and there is also no worry about losing important business clients due to the change in the contact number. So there is no obstacle in the way of switching your service provider and it’s not going to require a huge overhaul because an intelligent phone system is perfectly capable of providing you with the option of number portability!

So these reasons must be more than enough to have convinced you that intelligent phone systems are going to transfigure our future in a monumental way! These futuristic software vehicles are going to usher in a technological revolution and change the way organizations handle their internal communication models.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to jump on the bandwagon and invest in the best intelligent phone system for your company to pump up your productivity, reduce expenses and streamline communication processes!

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