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Infographics : This Latest Cloud Service can Innovate your Business to Next Level

Simplify your phone communication with a cost-effective, secure and reliable virtual phone solution

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Paras Kela

Senior Writer:

green tickDate: February 8, 2024

Is your company duct-taped to a technology that doesn’t promote further growth?

Or are you looking for innovative ways to make your business even more customer-friendly?

Look further no more!

Cloud telephony has matured and come a long way only to make our lives easier in ways that we probably don’t notice. Irrespective of the fact that whether you are a startup greenhorn or a tech enthusiastic business maverick, you must acknowledge that cloud telephony is here to stay and it’s revolutionizing the way business communications take place.

The Whats and the Hows

Innovation in the communication industry has been such a persistent and rapid feature that the two have almost become synonyms now. If you happen to be from the evergreen era or are aware of how people used to communicate about a couple of decades ago, then you surely know about waiting in queues and booking 3-minute trunk calls in post offices. Mobile phones and landlines came in and took over the world dramatically. The businesses followed and started using business telephone systems such as the Private Branch Exchange (PBX) with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to communicate with their clients.

cloud based virtual phone system_CallHippo infographic

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But wait! Do you remember when was the last time you made a call to your bank or telecom service provider or even booked a cab? An automated call requested you to choose your preferred language and connected you with the representative. In today’s time, you rarely have to wait as the businesses are using technologies like ‘Cloud telephony’ to empower their consumers and make customer interactions effective, personalized, and seamless.

How cloud-based PBX from CallHippo takes your business to the clouds?

Cloud telephony or a cloud based phone system is an internet-based voice and data communication service that helps businesses in telecommunication applications, switching data, and storage, everything is hosted by a third party outside the organization. In simpler terms, cloud PBX providers like CallHippo moves your business phon

e systems to the cloud.

Using cloud PBX for your business allows interacting with clients through multiple calls and messages simultaneously without having to invest a penny in any additional infrastructure. Moreover, services like Event-based call recording, IVR, Bulk SMS, etc. are only some of the many features this technology has to offer. But if you are still wondering what’s so groundbreaking about this technology and what all the fuss is about, read on!

Build a better reputation for your company

Statistics reveal that about 40% of the calls made by first-time customers are not picked up. And of the remaining, only 5% reach the third follow-up stage, which is when most sales are made. So, clearly, 95% of the leads are actually lost!

The situation breaks the reputation of the venture and dwells the business down. Cloud PBX providers like CallHippo allows you to pick up calls from wherever you are, giving small and medium entrepreneurs facilities that were once just accessible by the large businesses. With offerings like professional/custom messages, IVR, Call management support, etc. businesses can thrive by delivering the very best levels of service to customers over their phones.

A Cloud-based phone system is scalable

So your business is growing by leaps and mounts? We couldn’t be happier.
Let your telephony systems grow too and see the results. Cloud business phone system can scale seamlessly to accommodate peak business growth, resulting in call volumes or the use of resource-intensive features. Plus, the flexibility and ease of installation the technology comes with are commendable. Thanks to its browser-based control management, configuring connections and setup is a breeze.

Enable a Mobile Workforce

Cloud telephony brings to the table an opportunity for your representatives, customers, and partners to connect from wherever they are and on whatever device they might be using. A 24/7 availability of the service will help you take your approach towards customer care and satisfaction to the next level by offering all the services in a prompt manner under a single umbrella.

Cloud PBX offers real-time analytics

Cloud telephony brings home transparency. Get key metrics, understand the performance of your company, and optimize the operations. With a cloud business phone system, you can keep a hawk-eye on all your business communications through recordings and call logs. The detailed reports that follow offer insight into the number of calls missed, agent productivity, duration of calls made, and a lot more and thereby help in never missing a client again.

A Cloud-based phone system is cost-effective

Using cloud telephony, multiple locations can be served over a single cloud-based PBX system. Coming with absolutely zero hidden costs, the technology has great perks on offer for your business that seeks efficiency and customer satisfaction simultaneously. As you continue to grow and your business adds a new location to the existing ones, the cloud system seamlessly grows just by adding a virtual phone number onto the system.

In the Indian economic scenario, adoption of cloud technology, a scattering of businesses across regions, the advent of cheaper and easily available high-speed internet, etc. are adding to the impetus of the industry that stands close to Rs.300 crore according to the industry experts. CallHippo is one reliable name in the industry that aims to replace the desk phones with softphones, helping you eliminate the requirements and complexities to set up a support center. And cloud telephony is how we intend to that for your business.


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