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Top Reasons Why Online Business Phone Number is a Must

Simplify your phone communication with a cost-effective, secure and reliable virtual phone solution

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Supriya Bajaj

Senior Writer:

green tickDate: December 27, 2023

In the wake of the digital world, businesses are not holding themselves back. You shouldn’t do that too. To take your business on a global level, never underestimate the significance of a virtual phone system. It may help you save 40% on local calls, increase the productivity of employees, and increases sales.

Why Online Businesses Need Virtual Phone Number(s)?

Online business stores have become a new fad in the industry that allows buyers to shop from the comfort of the home. Though, the trend has gained notable popularity, providing a par excellence service experience to your online customers is an uphill struggle. A online business phone number can help you with this.

If you have recently marked your presence in online business, you have to be well-prepared to face up to the challenge. The very first struggle that you are going to face is to build a constant and responsive communication point. As you are going to deal with your customers physically, a Business phone number is the only way via which you two can connect. Services and virtual numbers offered by CallHippo are your best help in this.

Benefits of Having a Virtual Phone System in Place

With an affordable cost, multi-facet functionality, and easy usability, a virtual business phone number makes you self-efficient in many ways. Here is the list of things that it does it for your online business:

Virtual Phone Number - CallHippo

The Power of Internet Telephony

Using an online phone number gives you the flexibility and freedom of designating a special number to your workplace. This has multiple advantages — for one, it helps segregate between your personal calls and official calls. Secondly, using such a number helps in streamlining customer service, by designating internet-routed IVR and automated response systems, which largely make handling bulk calls easy.

Furthermore, using a business phone number allows you to mask your contact, and with service providers such as CallHippo, you further get the freedom of phone number masking customer contacts to local numbers in multiple countries. For instance, if you are a service provider that can operate remotely from one location, using international local virtual number helps your business to expand in multiple countries like you can get a UK mobile number and you can easily operate it from anywhere in the world.

This instills confidence in customers, who tend to trust national providers more than a small business operator that sits at the other end of the world. Furthermore, it reduces customer call and message rates with a fixed cost, which automatically increases the chances of more users reaching out to you globally. As your business grows, you can continue to manage calls by subscribing to a suitable internet-based calling plan through proficient providers such as CallHippo and leverage the ultimate advantages of modern day telephony.

Global Calls at Inexpensive Rates

Being able to establish global calls at inexpensive rates is one of the biggest advantages of formal VoIP numbers. With official numbers, not only can you build an international clientele, but also reach out to larger businesses, consultancies and service providers to outsource their contracts on a mass scale to you. This helps you scale your business up, and with the power of internet telephony, enables you to establish an international connectivity network with reasonably limited manpower and resources.

You can simply avail the internet business phone telephony operators such as CallHippo, in order to get outsourcing contracts for global service and support-related operations. With packages designed for all sorts of businesses, you can choose pricing plans of virtual phone number depending on the scale of your business, and as your venture grows, upgrade your plans to reach out to wider regions, get superior features and have a versatile calling package to rely on.

Four Reasons Why Virtual Phone is Perfect

Easy Management of Call Records

One of the reasons to boost up your organization with business phone number is the versatile usage features that it offers. With a professional number, make the most of it by using features such as automatic call recording, detailed logging of all calls, and dynamic rerouting of phone calls to service staff depending on business hours and availability.

In conventional networks, customers would have typically been required to find out separate numbers for various departments, and then be patched through multiple channels to reach the desired point of contact. The new online phone number plans eliminate such requirements. With a centralized calling mechanism and integrated IVR services, your customers will be taken through an automated phone call assistance system to improve customer services, and depending on the query, you can either choose to solve the problems automatically, or eventually route it through to the concerned people.

While almost all businesses use these services, using it for smaller ventures further give the ability to present a professional approach towards your customer, instill faith in your knowledge, and improve your chances of retaining your present clients and gather new ones in the future.

Streamlined Device Choices

With a virtual mobile phone number, you will not be required for needing to supply specific, encrypted phones to your employees, or set up desk lines to keep your official calling data safe, regulated and streamlined. As a result, not only do you save on hardware costs by not needing to assign devices to employees, you are also giving the advantage of employees getting to use their devices while activating VoIP services.

You can, hence, keep attending your official calls while on the go. When out on business tours, you can continue receiving regular logs of calling data on your phone, and even dynamically choose which phone calls would you be willing to attend to, and which ones would you wish to avoid. This further allows you to leverage the benefit of the internet, where there is no need to be location-locked.

Why You Need A CallHippo Online Business Phone Number 

The future of communications belongs to virtual phone numbers, and any company that does not adopt this radical technology will surely get left behind in the competition. Here are some compelling reasons that will motivate your organization to get an online phone number:

Round The Clock Availability:

One of the greatest advantages of cloud-based phone systems is that they make your team members accessible at any time of the day. It is the digital age, and virtual phone numbers facilitate business communication by allowing workers to log on to the system from any device as long as they have a working internet connection. If your organization has a toll-free phone number, your customers do not need to wait for open office hours to get in touch. Employees can even receive business calls while they are away from the physical office premises, and it is a comprehensive solution that encourages remote work and flexibility!

Lower Communication Expenses:

Every organization needs to capitalize on its revenues and save money from getting wasted on frivolous expenses. online business phone numbers are low on budget and can help companies reduce their communication cost. Most modern vendors provide special call rates that are much lesser than normal telephone systems. Companies can also buy a smaller package initially, and purchase additional features as per their business growth or expansion. If your company makes a heavy volume of calls on a frequent basis then investing in an online phone number will definitely give you a quick and efficient return on investment – a sure shot way to boost profitability!

CallHippo - Virtual phone number

Better Customer Service:

the Customer is king so it is important to keep your loyal clients happy so that they do not move towards rivals. A toll-free phone number can engage your customers seamlessly and ensure that all their queries or problems are resolved instantly. Clients do not have to wait endlessly in telephonic queues as they can contact staff members just through the click of a button. There is no doubt that virtual phone numbers are the best platform to give customers a smooth and satisfactory experience!

Innovative Business Features:

Most cloud-based phone systems have an array of powerful corporate communication features that encourage workflow automation and raise the productivity bar at the highest level possible. Call forwarding can divert calls to any mobile or landline number so that no calls are missed. Call planners can schedule calls at a time of mutual convenience for two or more parties. Another useful feature is call recording which keeps a log of all customer calls so that the quality of service can be improved through training measures. Novel business features make online phone numbers a must-have asset in the current business scenario!

It is time to get rid of traditional phone systems and get an intelligent online business phone number for your organization right now. Virtual phone number helps you take your business to a global level. Make sure to choose a reliable service provider such as CallHippo that has established its credibility in the business world by satisfying hundreds of national and global clients.

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Bottom Line

Running an online business demands a different set of business strategies. When you are going online, having a robust telecommunication system is the first compliance that should meet at any cost. CallHippo is a great choice over others with its advanced and cost-effective Virtual Phone Numbers that helps you attend your call traffic diligently.


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