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green tickDate: November 30, 2022

In this omnichannel world, brands have a myriad of options to accelerate sales. Social media platforms, SMS, and emails are some of the many creative alternatives that companies can make use of it. But, when it comes to pursuing leads over a voice channel in this internet-driven society, brands have started preferring cloud telephony technology or virtual phone systems. Be it cold-calling, inside sales, or customer support delivery, Business VoIP phone services are what companies have started banking on. 

The advent of virtual phone systems has transformed the call center operations in a short span of time.  These are calling systems that boast efficient and cost-effective solutions for telecommunications. Besides, it even helps companies optimize their customer service processes.

A virtual phone number is a boon for a customer-centric business with international clients. There are many companies with a multi-national presence i.e.; they have a client base spread across different parts of the world. In such a case, you can have the same virtual phone number assigned to different countries.

As per a survey, sales representatives spend only one-third of their day talking to their prospects. They spend 17% of their day in entering data, 17% in researching about the leads, and 12% in scheduling calls.

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Let us understand these statistics with a scenario.

When it comes to placing calls to clients located in different countries, agents require selecting from which country’s virtual phone number they want to place the call. For example, you buy USA phone number. Now, you want to call a client in the US. When the agent inputs the client’s number he wants to call, he will have to select from which virtual number he will be calling – whether the US, UK, or Canada.

This process consumes about 3 seconds per call of an agent. Let’s consider that one agent makes around 50 calls a day. It sums up to 150 seconds = 2.5 minutes per agent in a day, and 75 minutes per month. Imagine you have 20 representatives. So, the total time spent by your team every month in just selecting from which number to call will be (75 x 20) = 1500 minutes = 25 hours. Don’t you think a lot of time is being wasted every month? Well, it is! 

So, why should you waste hours and hours selecting the number manually when it can be done automatically in no time?

Yes, it is possible! Your agents can free themselves from the hassles of selecting the number every time they place a call to your international clients with CallHippo’s Auto-Switch.

Auto-Switch: Automate the Dialing Process

What is Auto-Switch?

Auto-Switch is an exceptional tool that automatically identifies the number you insert and place a call from the right virtual phone number. For instance, you input +61 423 588 664. Auto-Switch recognizes the inserted country code and automatically makes the call from your Australian number.

How is Auto-Switch beneficial?

For call center operations and customer-oriented businesses, this feature can prove immensely advantageous. As it picks up the right number you want to call from within a fraction of the second, your support and sales representatives can save a considerable amount of time.

  1. Less time spent dialing = More time to focus on essential tasks 

When you have a long list of leads to call, the right business phone number with the right features make the task quick and easy for you. Besides, features like Auto-Switch from CallHippo requires little to no configuration. This reduces the amount of time wasted on shuffling between numbers and eliminates the risk of placing a call from a different number. Thus, your agents can invest their time in concentrating on crucial tasks.

  1. Dialing process automated = Time Saved

Auto-Switch can help representatives save time while making international calls. Where they had to scroll through which dialing number should be used to place a call, here the system automatically places the call from the right dialing number. All that your agents require doing is inputting the number. The system will gauge the country code and make the call from the relevant virtual phone number. Therefore, agents can save a lot of time. 

Leveraging the functionality of Auto-Switch is easier!

If you are a CallHippo user who owns a virtual phone number for more than one country, you can utilize this functionality efficiently. CallHippo also facilitates you to enable and disable this feature as per your use and requirement.

Wrapping up…

Ensure you leverage the functionalities of Auto-Switch quickly and help your agents enhance their productivity. It not only automates the dialing process but also assists your agents in saving time during overseas calling and boosting efficiency.


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