Loss or theft of essential organizational data is definitely a nightmare as it could breach customer trust and lead to a loss of valued clients in the long run. Security of data is a prime concern for any organization while choosing a virtual phone system – it is important that essential company information does not reach the wrong hands or is misused by fraudulent parties. There is no doubt that VoIP phone systems are the future of telecommunications and have been adopted all over the world, however security aspects often lead rise to hesitation amongst managers, thus causing them to shy away from the platform.

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Getting a VoIP phone number is definitely a smart move as it can lead to improved performance through world-class features, economical call rates, and better accessibility. One major question that leads to doubt about adopting a virtual phone system is that will vital data be compromised in the process – this worries many users and discourages them from going for the best small business phone number for their organization.

Well, VoIP phone numbers will surely prove to be a business communication asset, and enhance team collaboration and work engagement by keeping team members connected at all times. Here are eight major steps that you can take to keep your VoIP phone systems secure:

1. Clustered Firewalls-

One of the best safety measures that companies can take to keep information safe as it provides stability and prevents unauthorized access to data. Virtual phone numbers have high availability and throughput, and increased demand for latency, hence organizations need to implement advanced clustered firewalls to make sure that their communication data remains safe.

2. Intrusion Prevention Systems- 

Intrusion prevention systems are a useful tool that monitors overall load and activity so that they can detect any sessions that go over the expected threshold limit. They are very helpful as they inspect data traffic packets and close connections instantly to prevent unauthorized system penetration, thereby protecting customer billing and personal information. It is definitely a good idea to prevent in a robust intrusion prevention system to keep your precious information in a systematic and organized manner.

3. Call Behaviour Monitoring Algorithms-

This wonderful solution works by identifying and analyzing typical call behavior to look out for abnormal patterns. Call behavior monitoring algorithms are very successful in finding any irregularities which indicate fraudulent or improper calls – the organization can then take appropriate security measures to stop those call routes immediately.


4. Credit Limits-

Credit limits are an important signal as they analyze current and historical spending to prevent any kind of misuse or abuse of call data that has not been identified previously though call behavior tracking or intrusion prevention systems. Rapid and unexpected increase or escalation of call credit limits generally denote improper call activity which needs to be carefully checked and addressed by the organization’s internal security team.

5. Access Lists-

These are an innovative security measure that can be taken to prevent information theft from VoIP phone numbers as access lists help to lock down a customer’s account to ensure that there is no misuse of data. The virtual phone service providers give access authorization for the VoIP phone system address that is listed to make sure that there is no identity theft.

6. Call Routing-

Facilitating proper and channelized call routes is another radical method to keep your small business phone number information secure. The establishment of particular call routes enables a system where only the customer can make outbound traffic to the desired network, thus making sure that there is no unauthorized use of a VoIP phone number.

7. Geo Limits-

This is similar to setting up call routing profile as setting up geo limits for your virtual phone number allows access only from specific geographic locations and blocks or limits usage from all other locations – it places other geographic areas on a suspicious list and confirms the activity with the client.

8. VPN ( Virtual Private Network) Connection-

A VPN or virtual private network is the ideal security tool to streamline operations in multi-office locations, as it secures data for remote workers and encrypts phone lines to prevent any information loss, theft or abuse.

VoIP phone systems are a holistic solution that can transform your workplace by bringing about a revolution of operational efficiency, task flow management, and team collaboration. It is a potent tool that can help your organization build a strong rapport with local customers at an overseas market and also lends a credible reputation to your small or budding business venture.

It is time to throw away any security concerns or questions that you may have about data loss through VoIP phone numbers – Make sure before investing in a suitable virtual phone system to witness an amazing increase in your bottom line profits and climb up the ladder of corporate success instantly!

Updated : July 29, 2021


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