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Number Portability- Why Should I port VoIP Number?

Unhappy telecom customers are always in search of the best service provider. Whether it is networks or call drops, anyone can feel irritated due to the poor quality of telecom service providers. There is an excellent option for the VoIP number holders to port their existing number to another service provider.

VoIP Number Porting:

The porting of VoIP numbers within the same geographical area is a business savior for service-based, contact center-based, and e-commerce businesses. It ensures a smooth path to switch to a new service provider without the hassles of changing your number.

It is easy to reach the new VoIP service provider and share the necessary documents with the team. After checking the papers, there is an authentication process, after which you can enjoy seamless VoIP services.

Why Should I Port VoIP Number?

There may be different reasons to port your VoIP number:

  • VoIP numbers are great over traditional lines, but poor quality services from an existing service provider may start hampering your business profits.
  • The lack of features in your exiting VoIP service provider may compel you to look for other service providers that provide excellent features at competitive prices.
  • It empowers the contact center teams to have effective tools to serve the customers in the best possible way.
  • In case you want to keep the existing number but are not satisfied with the current service provider.

Quick Benefits of Number Porting to CallHippo:

  • You can stick to your existing number without worrying about affordability.
  • It is best for small, medium, and big businesses who don’t want to disclose to their clients about number portability.
  • There are zero communication errors with your customers as they don’t have to struggle to find your new number.
  • Establish great services backed by the powerful features of VoIP portability.

Let CallHippo Help You!

VoIP number porting is an emerging trend in companies that never compromise on providing quality services to their clients. It is easy to port your existing VoIP number to an efficient service provider like CallHippo in few quick steps only. Let your business bloom by porting your existing VoIP numbers to a productive, scalable, and affordable VoIP service provider.

Transferring your virtual phone number from your current service provider to a new service provider is Number Porting. The reason why people port numbers instead of buying a new number is because it helps you use your current phone number and also allows you to use the benefits offered by the new service provider.

Advantages of Virtual Phone Number Portability:

  • The best known advantage of number portability is the fact that you get to keep your existing phone number.
  • Get a better set of services when you port your number to another service provider
  • You don’t have to give information to your customers about changing your number.
  • You don’t lose your valuable customers because they have lack of knowledge about your new number.


How much does it cost for number portability?

For porting numbers in the US and Canada, it is free, although it is available only to premium accounts. For porting numbers that are outside the US and Canada circle, there is a one-time charge.

How long does it take to port a number at CallHippo?

The duration of Number Portability differs across different carriers. Once we receive the necessary documents from you, it will take about 3 to 4 weeks to complete the process. Inform your carrier of your decision to port your number to expedite the process.

Can I use the SMS and voice facility immediately after the porting?

Once the number portability is completed, you can use the voice-related services immediately.

How do I port my number to CallHippo?

To port a particular number, you have to show that you are the owner of numbers that you would like to port for which we require documents that include a signed copy of the Letter of Authorization and your latest phone bill. To make the number portability happen, ensure that the account information of the numbers that you want to port are sent to the support team along with digital copies of the documents.

*Number portability means number port-in.

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