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800 Area Code: Everything You Need to Know

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Supriya Bajaj

Senior Writer:

green tickDate: October 17, 2023

Most of us have dialed an 800 area code number to reach a specific brand’s customer support or sales team. Interestingly, the calling costs in such a case are covered by the business being contacted, adding to the quality of customer service and customer satisfaction.

This is essential as good customer service is crucial for 90% of Americans when deciding whether to do business with a specific brand.

Eager to know more about 800 numbers before getting one? Here’s an extensive guide on 800 numbers, its history, benefits, and working mechanism. We have also covered its difference from other toll-free numbers, how to get one, and how to choose the best 800 number. Let’s get started!

What is 800 Area Code?

800 Area Code

800 area code is one of seven toll-free area codes (833, 844, 855,866, 877, and 888) in the North American Numbering Plan. NANP covers 25 regions in 20 countries, including the US and Canada, so the number owner can be located in any of these areas.

What’s unique about an 800 area code number is that it levies long-distance call charges or normal call charges on the business owner (toll-free subscribers), not the caller.

These toll-free area code numbers are great for nationwide or international businesses aiming to deliver robust customer support, establish customer service lines, or conduct sales and marketing. Such area codes free numbers encourage prospects and customers to contact international or far-away businesses via long-distance, toll-free calling.

Your customers can dial 800 area code numbers via cell phones or landlines; mobile users will only be charged for cellular services.

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Expert Advice

"800 phone number area code is a must-have for businesses if your focus is (as it rightly should be) on delivering brilliant customer service, improving customer satisfaction, and enhancing brand image without incurring high costs. You must not wait to get the best toll-free numbers from a trusted provider like CallHippo and open the gateway of unlimited perks and benefits for your business. "

What is the Location of Area Code 800?

The location of area code 800 doesn’t work as it does for other numbers. So, wondering where is the 800 area code located?

Area code 800 is tied to no geographical area or location–city, region, state, or time zone. Also, there is no 1-800 country code. Rather 800 toll-free number covers all the regions where NANP operates–the US, Canada, areas of the Caribbean Sea, and some islands in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

History Of Area Code 800

Area code 800 has been here for years. Let’s briefly understand the path it has followed over the past –

1. Introduction of toll-free numbers

Area code 800 was the first toll-free number to start its operations in the US on January 1, 1966, followed by other toll-free numbers–833, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888.

With its introduction, the idea of charging the receiver (toll-free number owner/ business) instead of the toll-free caller (customer) and a number independent of any area or time zone was well-established.

2. Automation of 800 numbers in the 1960s

With the introduction of new technology, toll-free calls could be automated, and the area code 800 was assigned to the Wide Area Telephone Service.

This was done to enable toll-free numbers to receive calls from an area without limiting the number of long-distance calls or call hours per month. The core purpose of automated calls was just to lessen the workload of the call center agents.

At this point, these toll-free services were quite costly and surpassed the budgets of large corporations and government agencies, making it an unpreferred choice for them.

3. Widely reachable and computer-controlled numbers

In the start, 800 number services were bounded to US and Canada.

Post that, in the 1980s, Bell Labs introduced a computer-controlled system enabling any toll-free number to be forwarded to any local number and not just 800 numbers. This not only improved the accessibility of toll-free numbers for small businesses but also introduced itemized invoices, charging them for incoming calls only.

4. Lower prices of toll-free numbers

The year 1993 brought RespOrg (Responsible Organization), which ensures the registration and indexing of the toll-free numbers of each carrier in the 800 databases. This organization does not reserve a number without an actual toll-free subscriber.

After that, unlike in the past, the money paid for long-distance service wasn’t used to support the local phone service anymore, decreasing the per-minute charges and making 800 numbers highly affordable for all businesses.

Later from 1994 to 2000, 800 numbers became even more popular, and more toll-free numbers were widely adopted by businesses in the market.

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How Does an 800 Phone Code Number Work?

How Does an 800 Phone Code Number Work?

The call initiation mechanism of the 800 phone code is the same as calling any other number. The difference lies in the call routing process. So, the calls to 800 numbers first route through a toll-free service provider’s network (cloud) and are directed to the recipient (the business’s customer support team or toll-free subscribers).

The provider charges the recipient for the call costs and not the caller.
Given the advancement of technology, 800 toll-free numbers do much more than only make calls when bought from a trusted provider like CallHippo. You can access advanced calling features like call transfer, call conference, power dialer, and more to gain an edge.

Also, you can now use VoIP, where you use the internet to connect your toll-free number calls instead of the traditional phone line.

Benefits of a 1-800 Number for Business

Getting a 1-800 number for your business can bring numerous benefits, regardless of your business size. Here’s how these numbers benefit your company –

Benefits of a 1-800 Number for Business

1. Enhanced customer experience

1-800 area code numbers enable your customers to communicate with your business free of cost. That means they are more likely to contact you in case of any minor or major issue.

When you solve their issues instantly and communicate frictionlessly, customer engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction will rise. This is a great deal for you as 72% of customers share a positive experience with 6 or more people, boosting sales.

2. High portability

Do you frequently travel for work and are constantly stressed about missing out on a few customer calls during that? Well, 1-800 area code toll-free numbers are a lucrative option for you. Why? Because these numbers allow you to forward your calls to your mobile or agent’s cell phone.

3. Improved brand image

1-800 area code numbers portray a more professional image of your brand–large and well-established regardless of location, size, or age. Customers who find your business has a recognizable toll-free number are more likely to trust you.

This is a bonus for small businesses trying to grow with limited resources, as 86% of customers opt for brands with authentic brand images.

4. Affordability

1-800 numbers bring in so much for your business without rolling out exorbitantly high calling or set-up costs. How? Because these numbers have a fixed set of monthly, annual, and pay-as-you-go plans. So, you can choose the one that perfectly aligns with your business size and needs.

5. Rank higher in customers’ minds

800-area code numbers have such easy-to-remember elements that they capture anyone’s mind the first time they look at them. This is especially true for vanity numbers like 1-800-LAUNDRY, which can be custom-made for your business so it clearly states what your business is all about.

With such a number, your business and number will instantly pop up in customers’ minds when they need what you offer, boosting sales.

6. Monitor your marketing campaigns

Toll-free numbers like 800 area code numbers enable you to track your brand’s marketing campaigns. How? You can have a unique extension for each marketing campaign, letting you know where customers must have discovered your business so it’s easier to direct your efforts toward the right thing.

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How Do You Get an 800 Area Code Number?

Do you need an 800 area code number and wish to avail of its benefits? Well, here’s the roadmap to do so –

1. Determine the need and usage

Determining whether your business needs a toll-free number is essential to avoid wasting resources. For that, you must analyze the current positioning of your business and competitors and identify if an 800 area code USA number will be able to boost sales, improve customer service, and validate marketing campaigns.

Also, from being a customer service and marketing tool to a medium to interact with clients, toll-free numbers can be used in various ways; decide your usage.

2. Register a number for your business

To register a toll-free number, turn to a reliable provider like CallHippo. It’s an easy process thereafter. You just have to create a business account with CallHippo, fill in the details, verify your email, and start using your account once it’s activated.

3. Select your desired country

On completing the sign-up process, select the country you want your toll-free number for. After that, it’s time to select the unique code for your toll-free number from a list of codes–800, 888, 866, 855, 844, and 877 provided by CallHippo.

4. Set a call forwarding number

After setting up your toll-free number, you don’t need any further phone lines to access your number from outside of the office premises. You just need to leverage its call-forwarding feature to get your calls forwarded to your business phone, cell phone, or landline. (Set up a toll-free call forwarding service for your business).

Why Buy an 800 Area Code Number from CallHippo?

CallHippo’s toll-free numbers are beyond random phone numbers. They are a holistic business tool that significantly reduce operational costs, promote business success, and streamline operations.

Callhippo Dashboard

CallHippo offers 24*7 customer support and advanced features like IVR, time-and-day scheduling, voicemail transcription, and auto-call recording without additional charges.

And if that isn’t enough, some of the exclusively advanced features that CallHippo offers are-

1. Power dialer to fulfill your daily call commitments
2. Smart switch to toggle and choose the best telephony provider to ensure better call connectivity
3. Global connect to know when to place an international call and encourage fruitful discussions
4. Smart call forwarding to route and forward your toll-free number calls to your desired phone, so you never miss a call, even on the go
5. Call transfer to redirect an active call to a team member’s phone number to get customers’ issues resolved by a niched expert
6. Call conference to turn your two-way call into a three-way conference

How to Choose the Best 1-800 Business Number?

Choosing the best 1-800 area code toll-free number is an elaborate process that needs you to consider different aspects. You must start by scrolling through the toll-free number database.

To choose the best one, consider these factors –

1. Enlist the non-negotiable features important for your business’s functioning, like IVR, call recording, real-time dashboard, and more.
2. Check the pricing and the value it offers at that price–integrations, features, and capabilities.
3. Easy adaptability and setup process so you can instantly align it with your contact center software and start using it.
4. Degree of scalability so you can seamlessly add more agents as your business grows.
5. Number’s memorability and capability to portray your business’s core purpose.
6. Check out customer reviews for the provider you’re considering to determine if it’s a great choice for your business.

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Wrapping Up

As we have reached the end of this extensive guide on the 800 phone number area code, you are likely impressed by the capabilities of toll-free numbers and are eager to get them.

You can now follow the process of getting a toll-free call number mentioned above while considering all the factors to land the best one. Once done, you can start enjoying toll-free numbers’ portability, affordability, and memorability and leverage its advanced calling features to deliver superior customer service.

To make the process easier and enjoy the best toll-free service, get your number from a reliable service provider like CallHippo!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the 800 area code number legit or a scam?

800 phone area code number is legitimate and widely used by businesses. However, to be safe, tally the number you receive a call from with the number listed on the company’s website. In case of differences, block the number immediately.

2. How do I block unwanted 800 calls?

Wondering why the 800 area code keeps calling me? This is probably a scam or unwanted call you’d like to block. Go to recent calls, long press the unwanted number, and hit block number for Android. Tap on encircled ‘i’ against the unwanted number> scroll down>tap block this caller for iPhone.

3. Is Area Code 800 Toll-Free?

Yes, the 800 phone area code is a toll-free number for customers to place calls.

4. Are 800 Numbers Safe to Pick Up?

Most toll-free numbers (800 numbers) are not scammer’s numbers, but it’s wise to be safe by tallying the number on the company’s website and never sharing your personal information.

5. Should You Get an 800 Area Code for Your Business?

Getting an 800 toll-free code number is a viable option for your business for its benefits (mentioned above) and the features it offers to optimize your business communication.

6. What is the procedure for dialing a number with the 800 area code?

To dial an 800 number, open your dial screen, key in the country code (+1) (if not making local calls (dialing from outside North America)), enter the toll-free codes, and finally, type the remaining number.


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