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Customer satisfaction is one of the major pillars of a company’s success. Consider employing a cloud contact center in your organization to improve customer experience on a single integrated platform.

Agent performance may suffer from switching between several apps and clumsy hardware. The productivity of call centers, however, changes significantly with current technologies. To deliver the best possible service, call center software equips workers with cutting-edge features like skills-based routing, call monitoring, and predictive dialers.

Let’s talk about cloud contact centers, their benefits, and some of the top providers of cloud contact centers in our blog.

What Is A Cloud Contact Center?

A cloud contact center is the hub of an organization where all inbound and outbound customer communications are managed. It is housed on an Internet server, and interactions via voice, email, social media, and the web are now accessible from almost anywhere with cloud contact centers.

Cloud Contact Center

A cloud contact center is a solution developed to support businesses in streamlining and modernizing their call center operations. Its many features help business communication systems become more organized and efficient with the least investment.

Businesses can easily create solutions with their existing CRM and customer relationship management. Hence, we don’t need to rebuild the present CRM system.

This solution offers advanced call-handling capabilities and simplifies communication with customers. The call routing feature allows companies to route calls intelligently to available agents.  With call routing, the agents can receive customer phone calls without leaving them waiting for a long time.

Cloud contact center solutions improve customer experience by greatly reducing call waiting time. Another feature is call recording, which helps companies record their calls.

Modern call centers are accessible with a mobile app. It makes them equipped and provides more efficient customer support. You can have an application once your app development cost estimation is done.

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Expert Advice

" Choose the right Cloud Contact Center Software by considering scalability, integration, multi-channel support, analytics, security, user-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, vendor reputation, trial options, and available support/training. Prioritize features that align with your business needs and budget for a seamless customer service experience."

What is an omnichannel cloud contact center?

An omnichannel cloud contact center is a consumer service function that employs hosted cloud contact center software to handle consumer interactions through different channels, allowing users to switch through contact channels.

These channels may include key features like phone calls, chat, email, text messages (SMS), and social media.

Customers do not prefer a linear path when connecting with a business. It means they can use the mobile app, email, and phone calls to customer service during a single transaction.

They wish for constant experience on all customer service channels and for transaction records to be accessible at all touchpoints. These requirements are met through an omnichannel contact center.

For example, a user might start an online chat session because they are having a problem with an order. After some time, they think talking to somebody would be a more compelling way to clarify their issue. The customer can chat with an agent in an omnichannel cloud-based contact center.

Agents can instantly enhance their phone chat and proactive contact. Chat interactions still work, so the entire customer context is there. For instance, if consumers want to switch channels, they need to leave or hold a conversation.

Now they need to make calls from their mobile phones. The phone agent will be able to transcribe the chat interactions.

Moreover, an omnichannel cloud contact center contains complex information to manage. Agents must be able to organize contacts from multiple channels, sometimes simultaneously, and facilitate smooth customer satisfaction and customer experience.

Organizations willing to convert traditional call centers to omnichannel cloud contact centers will be more successful in meeting customer expectations. That’s important in today’s experiential economy.

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Benefits of Cloud Contact Center Solution

Benefits of cloud contact center solution

1. Easy to install and activate

Often, installing hardware in a call center requires a lot of work. Some complex hardware can force owners to obtain a license. The cloud contact center solutions help to overcome all of this. Most cloud-based contact center solutions are very easy to set up and use in the call center.

The call center software offers a smart plug-and-play solution that integrates your existing CRM with cloud-based software. This takes all the data and helps the operator to provide the caller with a fast and accurate cloud telephony solution.

2. Easy on the pocket

Most typical call center setups require a significant computer and hardware investment. These major key features can easily be done using a cloud telephony solution.

Everything can be done using the cloud on existing devices. You don’t need specialized personnel to assist you. This can save a lot of money.

3. It can be used from anywhere

Cloud telephony solution does not require an office setup. Most Cloud contact center providers also offer the facility to forward calls to an agent’s mobile number.

They may still work using their mobile phones from anywhere in the world. These data centers help gain the clients’ trust with constant and consistent assistance.

4. Provides insights into agent performance

This cloud-based software also helps to record conversations between agents and customers. This log can later be used to analyze agent performance and gain insights.

Recording can be used to train additional new center agents in case of default Recording may subject agents or customers to liability.

5. High-security

There is a high chance of data leakage in a call center with a physical storefront. It is difficult to have highly confidential information. But in a call center on the cloud, all data centers are encrypted in one place.

The cloud contact center solutions offer a secure and integrated space for storing confidential information. It is then in the hands of the company to share the information with whomever they deem appropriate. This simplifies and saves a lot of resources for the company.

13 Best Cloud Contact Center Providers:

Brand NameRatingKey FeaturesPricing
Call forwarding
Call recording
Text messaging
Basic: $0
Bronze: $16 /month
Silver: $24 /month
Platinum: $40 /month
Call transfer
Ticket management
Call recording
Number portability
Starts at $1 per active user
AI virtual assistant
High-definition call quality
Unlimited calling and text messaging on all plans
Free video conferencing
Mobile: $14.99
Premium: $24.99
Advanced: $34.99
- Call recording
Call queuing
Call transfer
Call monitoring
- CloudTalk Starter: $20 /month
CloudTalk Essential: $25 /month
CloudTalk Expert: $40 /month
Omnichannel support
Advanced IVR
Real-time analytics
CX Cloud Essentials: $75 /month
CX Cloud Elevate: $95 /month
CX Cloud Elite: $125 /month
Business phone or toll-free numbers
Unlimited calling within the US and Canada
Business SMS
Core: $20
Advanced: $25
Ultra: $35
Inbound call routing
Call analytics
Call scripts
Genesys Cloud CX 1: $75
Genesys Cloud CX 2: $110
Genesys Cloud CX 3: $140
Appointment Management
AI-based, automated call routing
Call Conferencing
Automatic Call Distribution
Intelligent virtual agent
Workforce optimization
Core: $149 monthly
Premium: $169 monthly
Optimum: $199 monthly
Ultimate: $229 monthly
Unlimited calling in the US and Canada
Auto attendant
Music on hold
Team messaging
Hot desking
Call queues
X2: $24
X4: $44

Many cloud contact center solutions are available in the market. We have churned out the top 10 cloud contact center work providers for you.

1. CallHippo

Callhippo Dashboard

CallHippo is a leading player when it comes to cloud contact center solutions. With its cutting-edge technology, it empowers businesses to provide exceptional customer support as well as elevate their marketing efforts. This cloud-based contact center provider offers an array of innovative features that streamline communication and enhance customer satisfaction.

Key Features

  • Smart call forwarding
  • Global connect
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Gamification
  • Voice broadcast system
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Real-time analytics


  • Guaranteed CLI in 70+ countries.
  • Global virtual phone numbers for a broader reach.
  • Industry-leading call-connect rates.
  • Robust infrastructure with 99.99% system uptime.


  • Some users complained about issues with call quality.
  • The CallHippo mobile application can be further improved.
  • The provider needs to work on the UI to make it easier to navigate.

CallHippo Pricing

CallHippo offers three pricing options ranging from $16 to $40 per user per month. Additionally, they also provide add-ons to further enhance your business communication.

2. Twilio

Twilio Dashboard

Twilio uses its Communications as a Service (CPaaS) platform with its contact center software. All channels are connected to a cloud contact central module, making it highly flexible.


  • Call monitoring
  • A/B testing
  • Compliance management
  • Device management
  • ROI tracking


  • Excellent API documentation
  • Easy to use
  • Seamless integration
  • Easy to set SMS interface within software


  • Technical glitches
  • Slow communication
  • Average customer service


Twilio has sixteen pricing editions from $0 to $150. It offers a free trial

3. Vonage

Vonage Dashboard

Vonage is a NASDAQ-traded US-based cloud call center platform. The cloud call center solutions offer a built-in CRM alongside omnichannel, AI, and agent management features. You can set up a Vonage contact center alongside and enjoy great extensibility through the CPaaS API. It is available in four plans.



  • Seamless phone app
  • Easy integration
  • Suitable for all business types
  • Easy to use


  • Average customer service
  • Delay in getting updates
  • Lag in the user interface


Vonage has three pricing plans.

  • Mobile: $19.99 per month
  • Premium: $29.99 per month
  • Advanced: $39.99 per month

It also offers a free trial.

4. Talkdesk

Talkdesk Dashboard

Talkdesk was founded in Portugal. It is a US company that provides AI-powered contact center solutions. Cloud vendors integrate multi-channel capabilities, working together, and employee participation within each section. The Prices start at $75 per user per month.


  • Automatic call distribution
  • Computer telephony integration
  • Real-time analytics
  • Telemarketing management
  • Sentiment analysis


  • Effective UI
  • Great customer service
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly


  • Average reporting functionality
  • App freezes at times
  • No internal call transfer facility


Talkdesk offers four pricing options.

  • CX Cloud Essentials: $75 per user/per month
  • CX Cloud Elevate: $95 per user/per month
  • CX Cloud Elite: $125 per user/per month
  • Experience Clouds: Please connect with the vendor for pricing

5. CloudTalk

Cloudtalk Dashboard

CloudTalk stands out among top cloud contact center providers with its comprehensive cloud contact center software. It offers a versatile suite of tools that enable businesses to manage customer interactions seamlessly. As a cloud-based contact center solution, CloudTalk is a preferred choice for enhancing customer support operations.

Key Features

  • Intelligent call routing
  • Call flow designer
  • Automated Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Skills-based routing


  • Versatile call routing for efficient call handling.
  • Multiple CRM integration options for seamless data syncing.
  • Detailed reporting tools for performance insights.
  • Easy setup and configuration.


  • Pricing can be steep for smaller businesses.
  • Some advanced features require higher-tier plans.
  • The learning curve is high for advanced customization.

CloudTalk Pricing

CloudTalk offers four pricing options, namely Starter, Essential, and Expert, costing $25, $30, and $50 per user per month, respectively. They also offer a custom plan for businesses with unique requirements.

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6. RingCentral

RIngcentral Dashboard

RingCentral is a renowned name in cloud contact center software and is trusted by businesses worldwide. This cloud call center solution offers a powerful suite of communication and collaboration tools. It’s an all-in-one cloud-based contact center provider, making it a top choice for businesses looking to enhance their customer service operations.

Key Features

  • Omnichannel routing
  • AI-enabled virtual agents
  • Campaign management
  • Speech and text analysis
  • Analytics and dashboards
  • Pre-built CRM integrations


  • Robust integrations enhance workflow efficiency.
  • Scalable for both small and large businesses.
  • AI-driven analytics offer deep insights.
  • Reliable 24/7 customer support.


  • Premium pricing may not fit all budgets.
  • Implementation can be complex for large enterprises.
  • Limited customization options for some features.

RingCentral Pricing

RingCentral offers multiple plans and pricing options for its cloud contact solutions. Visit its website to better understand each plan and its offerings.

7. LivePerson

Liveperson dashboard

LivePerson is quickly becoming a disruptive player in the contact center market. After building its name through conversational AI, LivePerson can harness its omnichannel capabilities with acquisitions. These integrate with a variety of CRM systems. There are also dedicated inbound and outbound solutions and computer telephony integration (CTI) modules that connect to Salesforce, Cisco, and others.


  • AI/machine learning
  • Knowledge base management
  • Natural language processing
  • Social media integration
  • Website visitor tracking


  • Easy to use
  • Seamless user interface
  • Easy to track responses and give feedback
  • Integrated bots


  • Average customer service
  • Needs better email reporting
  • Slow at times


Please connect with the vendor for pricing. It offers a free trial.

8. Nice CX-one

nice cx one Dashboard

NICE is another public company that offers a wide variety of solutions for consumer engagement. NICE CXone is an end-to-end Cloud Contact Center management solution, which is one among them. It lets users map the entire customer journey and uses AI to deliver optimized CX at every touchpoint. It allows users to suggest in-depth customizations and integration with any system. Pricing for this solution was not disclosed.


  • Customizable branding
  • Performance metrics
  • Timesheet management
  • IVR/voice recognition
  • Support ticket tracking


  • Great visibility of real time data
  • Coordinates scheduling and performance
  • Versatile live call monitoring
  • Seamless integration


  • Limited ways to receive calls
  • Average UI
  • Issues with dashboard


Nice CXone pricing starts at $100 per month. It offers a free trial.

9. Odigo

Odigo Dashboard

It is a French company that offers customer experience and contact center solutions within the cloud. Users can manage multi-channel services via voice, email, chat, social media, SMS messages, and video using Odigo. The vendor also provides core services for contact centers, such as call management, routing, and performance management tools that harness the power of advanced AI. Again, the price for this solution was not disclosed.


  • Voicemail transcription
  • Configurable workflow
  • SIP trunking
  • Speech synthesis
  • Contextual guidance


  • Multiple integrations available
  • Manages cloud contact center flows
  • Fast deployment
  • Intuitive UX


  • Not user-friendly
  • Time-consuming to manage
  • Average customer service


Please connect with the vendor for pricing.

10. Lifesize

Lifesize Dashboard

Lifesize is a visual cloud call center provider that offers robust contact center solutions. It is a new supplier in this area. Recognized by Gartner in the 2021 CCaaS Magic Quadrant, cloud-based contact center offerings offer video capabilities alongside all traditional channels. An innovative employee engagement module also incorporates employee management quality management. In addition, Lifesize contact center solutions are available at custom pricing, and users can add virtual or physical conference room solutions.


  • Microsoft Outlook integration
  • SSL security
  • Real time notifications
  • On-demand webcasting
  • Presentation streaming


  • Great quality of audio and video
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly
  • Efficient screen sharing


  • Limited functions
  • No native app for Linux-based systems
  • Initialization after reboot takes time


 Lifesize offers three pricing plans.

  • Lifesize Standard: $12.50/per month
  • Lifesize Plus: $14.95/per month
  • Lifesize Enterprise: Please connect with the vendor for pricing

It offers a free trial.

11. Genesys

Genesys Dashboard

Genesys is a US-based provider of Cloud Contact Centers and customer experience tools. The product contains:

  • Cloud CX for cloud-based end-to-end contact center management
  • Multi-cloud CX for Hybrid Environments and Personalized Experiences
  • Genesys DX, an AI-powered platform for self-service design

It is a Contact center solution that integrates AI capabilities into voice bots. Genesys solutions are available in three plans with the option to expand UC capabilities.


  • Archiving and retention
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Employee coaching tools
  • On-demand recording
  • Website visitor tracking


  • Easy to use
  • Seamless integration
  • User-friendly interface
  • Great security features


  • Limited email channel functionality
  • Lag issues
  • Average technical support


Genesys Cloud CX has three pricing plans.

  • Genesys cloud CX 1: $75 per month
  • Genesys cloud CX 2: $110 per month
  • Genesys cloud CX 3: $140 per month

It offers a free trial.

12. Five9

Five9 Dashboard

Like 8×8, Five9 is also a NASDAQ-listed company and offers a Cloud Contact Center platform management and contact center platform. The company’s solutions cover digital automation, employee engagement, and customer engagement tools. Users can deploy each of these as an individual solution or as an integrated solution. Five9 offers more than 130 integrations to enable extensibility. There are four tiers to choose from Core, Premium, Optimal, and Ultimate.


  • Blended call center
  • Integrations management
  • Social media integration
  • Workforce management
  • Survey/poll management


  • Easy to expand
  • Intuitive UI
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Easy to use


  • Average customer service
  • Takes time to start
  • Limited integrations


Five9 offers four pricing plans.

  • Core: $149 per month
  • Premium: $169 per month
  • Optimum: $199 per month
  • Ultimate: $229 per month

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13. 8×8

8X8 Dashboard

8×8 is a multinational contact center technology and VoIP provider traded on the New York Stock Exchange. The company’s flagship product is an 8×8 experienced customer communications platform that covers telephony channels, messaging, video, and chat, both inbound and outbound. There is also team collaboration, a business phone system, and a video conferencing system. It doubles as a UC tool. The top-end solution costs $133 per user per month.


  • Activity tracking
  • Auto dialer
  • Fax management
  • Queue management
  • Voicemail transcription


  • User-friendly
  • Seamless integration between VoIP handsets and mobile
  • Simple to navigate
  • Easy administrative access


  • Average customer support
  • Limited UCaaS features
  • Difficulty to port numbers


8X8 has five pricing plans.

  • X2: $24 per month
  • X4: $44 per month
  • X6: $85 per month
  • X7: $110 per month
  • X8: $140 per month
  • It offers a free trial.

Final Thoughts

It’s 2023, and numerous innovative players are on the list of cloud contact centers. Some of the essential features that every cloud call center provider must have include interactive voice response (IVR), automated call distribution (ACD), and workforce management (WFM) tools.

Additionally, it’s important to consider how vendors integrate  AI technology to improve contact center efficiency. Technological advancements offer many exciting opportunities to enhance your contact center’s performance. So, hop on the journey and contact the cloud contact center that meets your needs.

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1. Difference between a cloud contact center and a traditional contact center

The traditional contact centers typically include agents handling omnichannel customer support, including call, email, chat, voice-over IP (VoIP), and website support. It is more than managing calls to reach customers on the channels they want.

The cloud-based contact center is a central point in the organization hosted over an internet server; this is where all outbound and inbound customer communications are managed. Cloud-based contact centers make customer interactions via voice, email, social media, and the web can be accessed from anywhere.

2. What are the 4 elements of a Contact Center?

  • Emphasis on telephone communication on the route
  • Capacity for email and text communications
  • Cutting-Edge Technologies: Hardware, Software, and Security
  • Tech-savvy IT personnel and customer-friendly representatives

Data Tracking, Reporting, and Performance Monitoring

The above are the most elements of the cloud-based contact center which are mostly used in interactive voice response

3. How do I set up a cloud call center?

The entire call or contact center solution setup is done online and takes only a few minutes to complete. You can register online or call the support team to set up a call center solution for your business.

4. How much does a virtual call center cost?

Buying virtual contact center software is not as expensive as you might think. Regarding virtual call center software costs, several important factors are involved in determining the final cost. It depends on the carrier and the additional cost. The cost of a one-month membership can range from $20 to $150.


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