Whether you target B2C or B2B leads with your cold-calling marketing efforts, chances are that your approach could use an extra push. Digital content writing and publishing in terms of blog posts, social media updates and other forms of audience interaction can do a lot for your cold-calling success. 

According to B2B Marketing Zone, only 13% of customers believe that the salesperson on the other end understands their needs, while 42% of sales reps who claim that they lack sufficient customer information before making a cold-call. The general lack of common understanding between businesses and potential customers is what usually leads to very low lead generation. With that said, let’s dive into how you can align your digital content writing with cold-calling activities in order to skyrocket your lead generation going forward.

Content Writing and Cold-Calling 101

Before we get into the alignment of content writing and cold-calling, let’s talk about the two terms separately. Content writing is traditionally associated with digital marketing via blogs, social media, eCommerce websites, and other online communication channels. Written content created through tools such as Trust My Paper, Evernote and Grammarly can be integrated into a plethora of marketing campaigns aimed at lead generation. Cold-calling, on the other hand, revolves around first-contact outreach to potential leads which may be interested in your business’ products or services. 

According to Medium, cold-calling is ineffective 90% of the time if it isn’t backed by proper research, customer targeting and salesperson preparation before the call takes place. This is because 50% of potential leads wish to learn about the product or service in great detail through the first call, with 60% of them going further and asking for specific price points and whether or not there are recurring payments to be made. While it may seem that content writing and cold-calling are unrelated at first glance, they can complement each other quite well in advertisement activities.

Advantages of Multi-Channel Lead Generation

Now that we have the basics of content writing and cold-calling out of the way, let’s discuss the benefits of combining the two for higher lead generation. One of the best ways to start your cold-calling activities on the right foot is to settle for a professional call platform early on and build your campaigns around it.

As we’ve previously stated, the two marketing strategies may not seem like a good fit at first, given that one leans toward online advertising while the other revolves around one-on-one sales. However, their implementation and synergy can bring a multitude of benefits to your business, including but not limited to:

  • Giving your brand a voice and personality
  • Quick response to customer questions and concerns
  • Increase in the overall customer conversion rate
  • Data collection and analysis opportunities
  • Higher long-term return on investment (ROI)

Lead Generation through Content Writing and Cold-Calling Alignment

One Complements the Other

There is no denying that content writing or cold-calling should be your top priority in terms of lead generation. However, their style, marketing message, and general vibe should always complement each other. 

For example, if you run a campaign where you push physical products to an international market, your cold-calling salespeople should be aware of the published content’s sales pitch. Your cold-calling and content writing initiatives should never be different from one another to avoid confusion or it may paint your business as unprofessional in terms of internal coordination. 

Instruct your salespeople to read through marketing materials and adjust their pitches to complement the published pieces. Likewise, your content writing should always take cold-calling activities into consideration and include certain calls to action, phone number input offers, and other lead generation tactics. Look at cold-calling and content writing as two halves of a whole and you will undoubtedly find ways to attract interested leads to your portfolio.

Warm-up Leads with Content Writing

If you choose to start your lead generation with content writing, you should make sure that your readers are fully aware of cold-calling opportunities. Content writing is ideal in terms of warming up potential leads to your products and services with well-placed native advertisement and calls to action. 

According to 99 Firms, companies with blogs produce 67% more leads than those without it, with 61% of customers who decided to purchase a product after reading through a business’s blog. Whether you choose to focus on blogging, social media updates or guest posts and affiliate marketing, don’t overlook content writing simply because it might not seem like a good fit for cold-calling at first. Potential leads will be far more likely to convert if they have previously encountered your content online – make sure that they do so through writing.

Content Writing and Cold-Calling

Cold-Call Leads to Generate Engagement

Cold-calling can be an effective strategy in terms of driving new traffic to your website where content writing is available for further details on your products. This approach will require your salespeople to lead (pun intended) the conversation in your website’s direction, listing all of the features available to potential customers who visit it. 

You can also add limited-time discount coupons and special sales offer via cold-calling which will encourage future leads to check out your online store or order a product through the call itself. Generate website engagement through cold calls and your content writing will be seen by a considerably larger audience as opposed to only organic traffic.

SEO of Content Writing

While cold-calling may enhance your content writing’s visibility and engagement, you should also pay close attention to global SEO. Content elements such as keywords, formatting and general originality will play a significant role in your brand’s global visibility. 

Platforms such as Google AdWords and SEM Rush can be ideal platforms for your content optimization, which will also help your cold calls by focusing your marketing message on effective calls to action. Your metadata and featured snippet should also be written so that potential leads can quickly and easily glean what your content writing is all about from their search engines. This will help cold-calling leads to find your brand more efficiently and lead them closer to the final purchase.

Iterate on your Lead Generation Approach

In terms of upgrades and innovations to your advertisement efforts, cold-calling and content writing can provide you with a plethora of data analysis options. Your customers and readers will undoubtedly have constructive criticism, feedback, comments and questions in regards to your products and marketing approach. 

It is essential for your business’ growth that you should interact with these individuals and come up with new and interesting ways to future lead generation. You can organize post-purchase feedback surveys, customer calls, email polls, or even content writing with comment sections to serve as discussion hubs. Use the data collected from calls and content writing interactions to eliminate lead generation bottlenecks and streamline your sales approach for even higher revenue further down the road.

In Summary

Cold-calling often comes down to how well your salespeople can present your brand in a positive light and answer any customer queries along the way. However, by adding an extra layer of marketing via content writing, you will effectively position your brand as a professional and respectable business early on in the marketing campaign. Ensure that your writers and callers are always on the same page and your lead generation results will reflect that.

Updated : July 21, 2021


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