Introduction to OnePlus

OnePlus is a Chinese smartphone manufacturing company based in Shenzhen, Guangdong. OnePlus was founded by Pete Lau (CEO) and Carl Pei in December 2013. Since its inception, the company has been known to be a brand that provides smartphones with top-notch features at reasonably low prices. Their phones are quite famously referred to as flagship killers, due to their amazing cost to value ratio. 

OnePlus 7 Pro

The company recently unveiled the OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone on May 21, 2019. Apart from being the latest addition to their smartphone line-up, OnePlus 7 Pro is also their costliest device, with a starting price of $669 for the base model. Now, this price tag is surely not cheap, this something that the company is famous for. But if you look closely at all the on-paper One Plus 7 pro specifications, the features of this phone are very much on par with the $1000 flagship smartphones.

Its unique selling point is showcased by its screen, being the first phone in the world to possess an AMOLED display boasting a 90 Hz refresh rate.

VoIP Services

Speaking of the OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone, let’s talk about VoIP services, since what is a phone without its ability to call. VoIP refers to ‘Voice Over Internet Protocol.’ This technology lets you place and receives calls over the internet as compared to the traditional telephone systems.

VoIP systems use VoIP phone numbers, also known as virtual phone numbers, that are chosen by you. You can purchase these numbers having area codes of many different countries right from the comfort of your home. One of the main advantages of using VoIP phone numbers over traditional landlines or cellular networks is their low cost and high accessibility.

Using VoIP services also brings you a host of useful calling features that come in handy for business communication.

You can easily obtain a virtual phone number for different places in the US while sitting at home in India and use it to place international calls at much cheaper rates than your mobile carrier would offer. 

The VoIP industry has many competitors. Each VoIP service provider is fighting for the top spot to gain a major part of the market share. CallHippo is undeniably one of the best among these service providers with a steadily growing loyal customer base worldwide. With a broad range of features and the accessibility of the service across different devices and platforms, you are sure to find all the solutions to your communication problems. 

OnePlus 7 Pro- VoIP App

CallHippo Mobile App

The mobile app for CallHippo is available for iOS on the AppStore, and for Android on the Google Play store. It is free on both platforms. 

Cloud based phone systems are definitely the future of communication. The CallHippo mobile app gives you access to all the VoIP services which you use on the web.

You can truly enjoy the CallHippo mobile app UI on the amazingly fast and smooth display of the OnePlus 7 Pro.

Simply download the app, continue with the one-time login using your CallHippo account, and gain instant access to all the features right at your fingertips. The app brings immense flexibility to your work and allows you to save time. Many VoIP services do not have mobile apps, which means you have to use your laptops or desktops which frankly are very time-consuming. This prevents you from being able to do other work on the go and forces you to stay in one place instead.

In the end, a VoIP service mobile app really simplifies a lot of your business communication tasks and benefits you in the long run.

Let’s see exactly how a mobile app for your VoIP phone number/virtual phone number will help you save time. 

Time Consumption Analysis of VoIP Service on Mobile App vs. Laptop/Desktop

CallHippo has performed comprehensive research on time consumption of VoIP services on a mobile app and compared it with that on a laptop or desktop. The research report has been created by surveying and gathering data points on VoIP usage from our wide customer base.

The observations collected from the research shows that our hypothesis seems to hold true.

(Hypothesis: Overall VoIP usage on laptop/desktop is more time consuming than on a mobile app.)

Average Daily Time Consumption


  • Average time spent(including time spent on setting up the device, opening device, connecting to the internet, opening the browser and finally logging in, and using the VoIP service) by an employee on accessing the VoIP service on laptop/desktop once = 180 seconds
  • Average time spent(including time spent on the opening device, connecting to the internet, and opening the app) by an employee on accessing the VoIP service through mobile app = 20 seconds

Looking at the above observations, we see that a person spends 3 minutes on a laptop/desktop to begin using VoIP numbers for a phone as compared to a minimal 20 seconds on a mobile app. At first, this might not seem like much of a time constraint. But if you factor in further data such as a number of times the service is used in a day and the number of days in a month a person spends this amount of time, the difference or time gap keeps increasing.

Average Monthly Time Consumption

*Number of working days for an employee in a month= 22

By multiplying the number of days an employee works in a month(22) with the average time spent on the mobile app and laptop/desktop, we will get the average monthly time consumption.

  • Average time spent on mobile app in a month(22 x 20s=440s) = 7.3 minutes
  • Average time spent on laptop/desktop in a month(22 x 180s=3960s) = 66 minutes

As you can see the time gap has increased. A worker loses approximately an hour(66 min. – 7.3 min. = 58.7 minutes) using the VoIP service on laptop/desktop.

Accurate Average Monthly Time Consumption

But this is not it. Our research showed that the average number of times a worker used the online virtual phone number was 3 times a day. So, if we multiply the monthly average by 3 times, we will get a more accurate representation of the time consumed on mobile apps as well as laptop/desktop.

  • Average monthly time consumption on mobile app is(7.3 x 3)21.9 minutes = 0.3 hours
  • Average monthly time consumption on laptop/desktop is(66 x 3)198 minutes = 3.3 hours

On a monthly basis, the average worker spends(3.3hr – 0.3hr = 3 hours)3 hours more on a laptop/desktop as compared to a VoIP mobile app.

Looking at the above data, you can clearly observe how time-consuming using a VoIP service on a laptop/desktop is when compared to a mobile app. As an employee, you should definitely consider being more productive by opting to use the CallHippo mobile app to save precious time and utilize it better for other work.


To summarize the CallHippo research :

  1. Using VoIP services on a laptop/desktop is more time consuming than a mobile app.
  2. The time utilized on laptop/desktop monthly is 3 hours more than the mobile app.
  3. You can increase work productivity by opting to use a VoIP mobile app such as CallHippo.
  4. The OnePlus 7 Pro is bound to make your VoIP experience super snappy and more enjoyable to use.

Updated : May 6, 2021


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