According to a report by Marchex, by 2019 nearly 166 billion calls will be made to B2C and B2B, which suggests that having a business phone number will the backbone for every organization. In today’s fast-paced world where everyone is on the internet, VOIP has become the new trend and this is quite obvious as it comes with innumerable benefits.

Today’ s we will see discuss one such VoIP phone system that is Virtual Phone number by CallHippo and how it is better than the other alternatives available in the market. So let’s begin with a VOIP solution provided by one of the renowned names in the search engine market.

Google Voice

It is Google’s VOIP internet calling solution. It has myriad features in its bucket like email, voicemail, SMS capabilities, voicemail Transcriptions, call blocking, call screening, call history, international calling, etc. The best about using Google Voice is that it is absolutely free. If you are a single man army planning to establish your start-up then Google Voice is the best solution to establish an independent business line or second line in general.

Yet it comes with a few limitations…

But the platform is not always the most powerful and reliable because if you want to ensure the most professional appearance possible then Google Voice is not the thing for you.

Call Forwarding Limitation: Phone that is not answered within a span of 25 minutes automatically goes to voicemail, so if  you have forwarded the phone to a person who is not picking up the call in 25 secs it automatically goes to the voicemail

Business phone number provided by CallHippo can be a better choice than Google Voice


CallHippo has a lot of additional features when compared to Google Voice. Call Planning, Call Scheduling, Automatic Call Distribution, IVR ’s, unlimited extensions, multiple phone numbers, call forwarding, etc.

You can take your number wherever you want.

You have the complete ownership of your toll-free or local number with CallHippo. If due to some reason you decide to switch to a new service provider you take the same number with you which is called number portability. So if you are a business where your customers often connect with you over the phone then this is an extremely important feature as a majority of your advertising platforms contain a business phone number. With Google Voice, if you want to change your number, there is a fee.

Toll -free numbers

CallHippo offers toll free numbers starting with 800, 877, 866, 800, etc. Google Voice only provides a local number.

24/7 Customer Support

Google Voice has Google support forums where you can expect long delays and long email conversations before the problem actually gets fixed. So if your business relies on your phone so you will obviously want to get it fixed as soon as possible which is possible with 24/7 support provided by CallHippo.


Skype can do much more than simply placing a voice call. Using Skype you can conduct conference calls, video calls, instant messages, send and receive messages, and provides a facility for file and screen sharing. Place unlimited voice and video calls to other people who are using Skype for free. It comes with standard features such as Caller ID, Voicemail, call forwarding, etc. You can do additional things such as forward your voicemail to email, purchase multiple Skype numbers at a time for a single account, even you can organize chat sessions with your customers.

Why you should prefer CallHippo over Skype


If you want to use Skype to call an actual number you have to buy Skype credits in $10 increments to cover the minute charges.  To receive traditional calls on your Skype account you can get a phone number for either $60 or $24 a year. But with CallHippo you can make and receive calls starting at $0 with all the basic services. Just buy a number with us starting @ $6.

Call Quality

The quality of calls while connecting over the call depends largely on the internet connection -both upstream and downstream. Another factor affecting the call quality is the congestion in the network. CallHippo will overcome all such problems because the internet connection is needed at only one end i.e by the person who is making the call.

Your Mobile Phones

If you have just started with your new business than using your personal number can be a good choice but as soon as you start growing they become inconvenient, inefficient and even dangerous. Let us see how a business phone number by CallHippo can help you under such circumstances.

Save yourself from the vulnerable threats

Now is an era where your personal information is under constant threat from hackers. With so much risk you will definitely not want to expose your personal number.

A simple solution to this is to have a second number and keep your personal number out of the game. This will significantly reduce the chances of any hacker attacking you directly.

With CallHippo virtual phone number any calls to your personal number will be forwarded to the device of your choice, which concludes that you only need to keep one phone with you. So if there are any threats, they will be first directed at CallHippo Servers and we are well equipped to fight against such threats.

No more robocalls

Robocalls not only hamper your day to day lives but they also serve as a tool for telemarketing frauds. Once you are on the list you will be continuously exploited.

CallHippo’s Virtual phone system very well knows how to deal with such circumstances. They will help you set up a blacklist which will automatically drop selected calls and uses multiple inbound lines for your virtual Phone number.

Unlimited communication capabilities

If you want to increase your call processing capabilities, it is quite difficult to do with a personal Phone number and if your business is expanding at rocket speed than it the worst thing to change the contact info.

CallHippo’s  Virtual phone Number is praised by all its clients for their flexibility and scalability. Start with a basic plan, use the services, adjust to it appropriately and then upgrade to our silver and platinum plans.

Keep a track of your employee’s activities

If your employees are using their personal mobile phones to deal with customers there is no way you can keep track of their activities. You will have no idea how times your team has followed up with your prospect or customer, how they handle conversations and what are results behind the failures.

With CallHippo Virtual phone system you can record calls, monitor the call statistics, and a lot of other things. If you provide extensions to the virtual phone number purchased from us, the customer gets a chance to reach particular employees directly.

CallHippo Mobile Application

Nowadays everyone has at least one smartphone and everything can be done with this handheld device. So we thought why not help our customers to handle their business communication from the same device itself and with this intention we came up with CallHippo’s Virtual Phone Android App. We are on both Android as well as IOs platforms to serve our customers in the best possible way. Virtual Phone Android App by CallHippo can keep your Phone number private and always appear as you are working from the office even if you are on some beach relaxing with your family.

  • Your smartphone will become smarter with CallHippo’s Virtual phone android App
  • Check call history, voicemail, faxes
  • Make settings so as to receive a push notification for missed calls and messages.
  • Easy Call Extension on your CallHippo account.

Traditional Phone System

hardware and phones vs cloud telephone

Multiple Live Call Management

Traditional  Phone System: If you are using a local PBX system you will have to install multiple lines or one phone number for each line which are usually linked together within an onsite network or is maintained by an external contractor.

Virtual Phone System: With CallHippo “ Call Stacking” feature you can multiple live phones on hold until any user is able to answer them which gives your business multiple lines without any cumbersome hardware requirements.

Interactive Voice Service

Traditional phone System: You can add this service on request from the service provider. This automation will allow callers to choose from a number of options and which will direct them to the extension of the department they want to have a word with.

Virtual Phone System: With CallHippo IVR services you will have 10 menu options on your Call Menu which will help you sound more professional

Phone set-up

Traditional phone system: Installing a traditional Phone system on your premises has always been tiresome, costly and tiresome. Also a professional is required to handle the bulky wire system.

Virtual Phone System: With CallHippo you can set up your own support center in less than 3 minutes and in 3 simple steps. Sign up to CallHippo, choose the country and number for which you want to buy a virtual  Phone Number and you are set to make and receive calls.

CallHippo: A perfect replacement for multiple phone system

When you compare CallHippo to all the alternatives we discussed above, it quickly becomes apparent that it will surely suffice all your modern business needs. It provides virtual Phone numbers for 100+ countries in the world and has 1500+ loyal customers in a very short span of time.  

Call Forwarding, call greeting and voicemail transcription are some of the features that are available in its most basic plan. CallHippo has adopted a universal integration “Zapeir”  which means irrespective of how simple or complex your product is, you will always be able to use CallHippo services.

With all this, it is quite clear that with CallHippo even the smallest business can compete with large corporations on an equal Footing. So what are you waiting for..??? Subscribe to our services and take your business to a whole new level.

Note:- Please check our updated pricing plans.

Updated : November 10, 2021


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