The long-term success of a small business or startup often depends on one critical factor that shapes its entire brand presence in the market –communication! It is super important for organizations to have great communication policies among team members, stakeholders, and external clients.

Poor communication accounts for major teamwork failures, poor employee morale, and lower customer satisfaction rates. In fact, research has proven that poor communication techniques lead to a massive hike in absenteeism, employee turnover, loss of productivity, and organizational accidents.

Managing communication in an effective way is surely a major challenge for modern organizations. One major solution is the advent of virtual phone systems – an asset for small businesses that can completely revolutionize their work operations and bring about a dynamic atmosphere of efficiency at the workplace! Virtual phone number is useful in real estates, hospitality, finance, and so on to fill up the communication gap.

Virtual phone platforms have invaded the business arena like never before and have gained immense popularity in the last few decades. In fact, the international mobile VoIP marketplace will prove to grow at an imposing compound annual growth rate of approximately 28 percent during the period of 2016-2020. This impressive statistic shows the acceptance of virtual phone systems in all major industries across the globe!

Let suppose you are in the USA and wanna call to Brazil what you will do? Know here- How to call Brazil from the USA.

Businesses can gain a strong foothold in foreign economies by investing in a virtual mobile number and can even increase their customer base. Virtual telephony has proved to be a great success in European and British markets, and many organizations have utilized UK phone numbers to help their organizations establish proper communication practices in England provinces.

Does Your Company Need A Virtual Phone Number?

It is critical for managers to take a wise and careful decision by choosing a reputable vendor who excels in virtual phone services. CallHippo is the absolute best in the business – it is sure to curate a tailor-made virtual phone package to suit your organizational requirements!

So, if you are still undecided about getting a virtual phone system for your organization – think no more, and just go ahead by investing in a top-class service provider to ensure a dramatic revolution of positive change. Here are some major benefits of getting a virtual phone number for your small business:

  • 100% Availability – Make sure your organization remains completely accessible to your precious customers so that they can reach you at any time round the clock. Virtual phone systems make sure that your company provides supremely high customer service and support, thereby making your representatives available to clients even beyond working hours!
  • Super-Charged Features – Virtual phone systems offer a vast and diverse range of utility business features such as call forwarding, call recording, virtual assistant, and voicemail facility – enhancing your business communication to the greatest heights possible. So make sure to pump up your productivity levels by harnessing the power of virtual phone numbers.
  • Complete Automation – Virtual phone systems are a great way to completely automate your communication, and facilities such as virtual attendants go a long way in helping your clients by getting them connected with the required department through a self-service menu. There is no need for a full-time receptionist or front-desk attendant as your automated virtual phone system ensures that calls go through to the right extension number all the time!
  • Increase Client Base in Foreign Markets – Different virtual phone systems help organizations gaining a larger client base in international markets, thereby pumping up overall bottom line profits. For example- many companies have utilized UK phone numbers in the United Kingdom region to increase their brand presence and make a mark in a foreign economy!
  • Encourages Remote Operations – Virtual phone systems are a necessity for current business organizations that operate across international borders and multiple locations. Your team members can keep in touch with all official communication – all they require is a working internet connection to access their business calls through any device such as a tablet, personal computer, or mobile phone.

The VoIP industry is definitely playing a huge role in transforming work operations in contemporary business operations. It is an effortless means of communicating efficiently with high audio quality and excellent features. Virtual telephony is the future of effective communication technology and has the capability to transform your business fortunes in the right direction. So catch up with this buzzing trend and get the best virtual phone system for your organization right now!

Updated : July 22, 2021


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