With each passing year, we see some technology trends and products that accelerate market growth and helps the business to generate more revenue. The year 2021 is going to be the year of VoIP phone system. To find out how to go through this article.

Running a successful doesn’t demand a magic wand. It demands a successful marketing plan, right tools, and constant communication with customers and within the team. A virtual phone number is the first and foremost tool contrivance if you want to integrate success at an affordable cost. Even nowadays online businesses need virtual numbers for making better business communication.

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Whether you are a Mogul of your respective business area or a start-up that is taking baby steps towards the zenith, a constant communication system is a key to success. As your business phone system is going to expand over a large area, it has to be cost-effective, easy-to-port and should be capable enough to cater to all your business needs.

In addition, when businesses are going global at a drop of a hat, your business phone system should provide you an easy on the pocket international calling system with impeccable call clarity and reach.

Achieving all this is a nightmare with a traditional landline phone system. That is why more and more businesses are taking pride to own a virtual number. The verity of this fact can be established with the below-mentioned data:

The latest report released by Future Market Insights stated that the computer-to-computer service segment of the VoIP phone system is likely to experience revenue generation of around $ 24.74 billion in the year 2021. The revenue in the same section was $ 20, 74 billion in the year 2012. The same section is likely to get 72.2 million subscribers in year 2021.

When we talk about phone-to-phone segment of virtual number service providers, we can easily foresee revenue of $44.78 billion with 116.5 million subscribers by 2021. The hike in this segment is quite noticeable as it was at the mark of $15.88 billion in 2012.

The computer-to-phone segment of the best VoIP phone system is likely to witness future revenue of $56.56 billion with a subscriber base of 128.3 million in the year 2021.

With all those figures and data, we can easily conclude that the year 2021 is going to the year of VoIP. But, the legit question here is: “Why virtual phone numbers are gaining such fame these days?”

Virtual Phone System - CallHippo

The reasons are right here.

It is very easy-on-the-pocket.

Business communication is quite extensive that involves hours of teleconferencing, calls, and voicemail handling. If you have a traditional phone system than doing all this seems next to impossible. In addition, setting up a traditional phone system demands huge initial investment. Plus, the server charges increase your burden by two folds.

With such a high cost involved, tradition phone systems easily drill a hole in your pocket. On the other hand, setting up a virtual number a two-minute task that can be done at the cost of a peanut. You can make unlimited calls to local and international numbers without thinking about high serves bills. It works on your regular internet plan.

In addition, the leading virtual telephone systems offered by CallHippo come with Zoho CRM integration, Freshdesk integration and various other integration that take care of your business marketing and promotion activities as well. So, just buy CallHippo and get a comprehensive business deal.

Its mobility and flexibility are beyond compare.

We are leaving in an era when the whole world can bring to your home over a single click. With such great connectivity, you can’t trust yourself with your office desk as well as with a particular business area. A virtual number allows you to call at any part of the world from anywhere. Neither has you needed to glue to your office desk to make a call or do you require to limit down your functional area.

It is a great productivity booster

Organizations that are using a virtual business phone system have claimed that they have experienced high productivity. As a virtual number allows an employer to work from a remote location as well, chances are high that the employ fee more connected with the customers and the team when using VoIP.

In addition, all the facilities like easy voicemail, call forwarding, call recording and so on that CallHippo offers ensures that your employees are engaged with work allotted by all means. With the launch of 5G, all the services of CallHippo are going to more precise and goal-specific.

It helps you to improve your customer relationships

The detailed call analytics that CallHippo offers helps a business to gain an insight into the nature of the calls. You can do the on-spot call recording and analyze what are the main concerns of your customers. A business VoIP phone system is also a great way to design remedial action plans.


The technological advancement and wide-spread functionality of virtual numbers offered by CallHippo make them an unprecedented future product. More and more businesses are ditching their traditional phone system and shifting to an advanced VoIP technology. So, don’t stay behind and boost your business with a virtual phone number.

Updated : July 20, 2021


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