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Recording your business calls can be productive in. You can record calls to analyze the productivity of employees, review data, coaching/training team members and most importantly, it’s a way to take a step back to see what better can be accomplished over a good business call. If calls are cardinal for your business, Call Recording is a vital feature.

So what are the benefits of using VoIP Call Recorder?

Eliminat task

Eliminate the tedious task of taking notes.

Record Every Call

Record every call automatically

Maintain Evidence

Maintain a evidence for standard or compliance issues.

Review Calls

Review calls to retrieve important data

Analyze customer requirements

Analyze customer requirements.

Integrate Call Recorder system

Integrate Call Recorder system.

Quality Of Calls

Have a control over the quality of Calls.

Integrate Recorder

Integrate Call Recorder system with your CRM software and optimize resource management and productivity.

VoIP call recording

How is VoIP call recording different from its traditional method?

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is one technology that uses the internet for every operation. In traditional call recording methods, calls were taped and stored manually. This type of data storage was only half as good as it was exposed to physical damage and regular wear & tear. In VoIP-based recording, all the calls are auto-recorded and saved on the cloud space. The database is secure from physical damage and is easily accessible from any part of the world.

The mechanism of auto-recording of calls can be explained in a below-mentioned manner

  • You direct your VoIP service provider to activate this facility for your outbound and inbound phone calls, once activated, all the calls coming and going from your on-site extensions will be auto-recorded.
  • All the recordings will be saved on-cloud, and the admin will have access details. Records can be downloaded and played multiple times.

How many calls can you record?

All the inbound and outbound phone calls are automatically saved in the call logs and are available for download up to 90 days. You can download audio call recording and save for your reference in the future. You can record 100,000 calls per account – be it outbound phone calls or inbound ones. Get best automatic call recorder software for your business.

Types of call recording

Call recording can be done in three major ways


In this type of call recording, you don’t use the equipment on your worksite. Instead, everything is managed by your VoIP service provider. You only pay a monthly rental for their services, and they take care of the rest of things.

Software Based

In this type of call recording, all the needed hardware and software are installed and maintained at your site. You connect all your data-driven devices used for making outbound and inbound phone calls with the call recording software, and it records everything.


In this category, calls are being recorded by using a rack-mounted appliance attached with your VoIP equipment. The device is directly connected with all your VoIP equipment through LAN cables and functions on the web.

Do you need to pay for the VoIP call-recorder feature?

Call recording facility is the part of your hosted VoIP subscription, and you need not pay for it separately. They will look after the management and maintenance, keeping you free from all the tensions. However, if you are using a software-based recording, then you may have to bear the maintenance cost from your end.

How can you activate the VoIP call recorder?

If you are using a personal virtual phone number, use the option for turning call recording ON/OFF in order to activate or stop recording. This option must be easily visible to you in the interface. It will be activated for the particular call. You can also activate the recording feature with the ‘look back’ technique where the entire call will be recorded, and you will get the recording once the call is finished.

However, you need to contact your VoIP service provider if you want to activate call-recording on all of your work-site extensions. Some of the VoIP numbers come with auto-recording.

VoIP call recorder

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Last updated: May 12, 2021