Various industries and companies depend on technology. Technology has a significant influence on business operations, depending on the size of your business enterprise, technology has corporeal as well as incorporeal benefits that will help to earn money and yield output as per your customers’ demand. However, upgrading the technologies equipped in your business with respect to technological advancements is also necessary to keep pace with the changing time and surroundings.

Such an upgraded technology is the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), including quickly expanding stock and sales to increase business productivity. Earlier, businesses were having a skeptical view of the long-range feasibility of VoIP and its aptness in businesses across industries. Although, during the last decade, it has been observed that VoIP is well-acknowledged and appreciated. It has been executed amongst all sizes of businesses and all kinds of industries. VoIP, in its latest upgraded form, renders many benefits such as increased productivity and efficiency, cost- minimization, and better business operations. Apart from its basic features like call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail, etc., it is now inclusive of many decisive attributes that enfranchise the business.

With its additional potential to streamline the unified communications and collaboration, VoIP can facilitate your sales executives with all the resources they require to thump out or beat their competitors. The best VoIP phone service not only helps the business to minimize its cost but also supports increment in sales and growing large quantum of customers. 

Let’s explore the features of the modern Voice over Information Protocol or VoIP that endorse and uplift your business and sales in an efficient way:

Unbolt New Sales Opportunities

Some major studies show that more than 80% of the visitors probably like to contact a business if it provides a ‘click-to-call’ widget on its official website. Higher calls mean higher opportunities. VoIP is an indispensable technology for widgets to have a go. The best VoIP phone service provides an advanced API (Application Program Interface) or WebRTC click to call feature to allow free visitor calling attributes from your website. The major and sole requirement is to create a simple alliance so that the sales representatives of your business will possess a higher chance to push or promote customers on the phone. By more and more customers visiting your website and initiating contact with you, your turnover and profit will surely escalate to higher levels.


Truncated Service Interaction and Higher Satisfaction

Customers dislike too long and monotonous service conversations. The contacting service departments take much time to transfer the customer’s query to the right department – unless the business has a smartphone service system.


VoIP resolves such time delay issues effectively. It carries out all the dimensions of call handling to ensure that each caller is addressed with a live operator. 

Through the advanced IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology and call routing features provided by a VoIP phone system, now businesses will be capable of collecting customer input and directing the calls to the preferred terminus or recipient in a 24*7 method. Now those days are gone when customers are being put on hold, waiting for a response from the other side.

Unified Communications (UC) and Coordination

The Unified Communications and Collaboration combines and draws together all the collaborative communication channels of business like voice calls, instant chats, video conferencing, mobile messaging, and email as one main exclusive package. When the Unified communications are united with the righteous business procedures, they can largely influence the business productivity. The amalgamation of all the communication tools into one central platform results in faster accomplishments of tasks and higher cooperation. It is notable in industries with intense and consistent customer interactions because it presents customers with better flexibility in communicating with the organization. UC helps the businesses to operate with a solitary manageable communication web instead of working in a complex network of various individual systems for voice calls, video calls, and data. It consolidates the inner team communications of a business.

Analysis of Sales Performance and Simplified Reporting

Performance appraisal and reporting play a crucial role in the success of a sales team. Now, sales performance can be evaluated easily with VoIP. The VoIP phone service renders adequate call logs and details for analysis of aspects like call times, missed call rates, and other information, which helps to evaluate an individual as well as team sales performance.

Alongside, sales executives can utilize dedicated call recording or the real-time call surveillance feature to supervise a striving novice salesperson on how to communicate with customers on call. It helps to identify the key areas where the sales team needs guidance and identify what they did exceptionally well.

Mobility and Expansion of Market Presence

The VoIP phone system facilitates remote business operations. It enables the employees and executives to work on a reliable communication network with mobility, i.e., irrespective of their physical locations. It minimizes the necessity to travel and allows us to communicate far off places easily. It enhances the productivity and reaches of your business. Along with it, when a sales executive is not available, his calls are rerouted or forwarded to someone else present at that time in order not to miss any opportunity.

Apart from this, VoIP brings an entire novel meaning to the local business. Owning an area code of a popular area can lead to an increase in the closeness of your business with the customers, enabling you to enlarge your market in intangible aspects without significant investments. 

Conventional landline systems are linked with local phone numbers, whereas the VoIP phone systems enable a business to own multiple virtual numbers with any of the area code you desire. This removes the entry bars for intercity, interstate, or international extensions. The best part is, you will always get the benefit by the favorable apprehension of being a vicinal business because your customers will never get to know from where you are calling them.

All the features mentioned above rendered by a VoIP can substantially stimulate team productivity, better business operations, and enhance customer relations—all these results in empowering the turnover and revenues of your business, leading it towards success.

Updated : April 16, 2021


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