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Redirect Call Queues To Voicemail For A Smooth Customer Ride

Simplify your phone communication with a cost-effective, secure and reliable virtual phone solution

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Supriya Bajaj

Senior Writer:

green tickDate: June 10, 2024

With the ongoing COVID pandemic, people are relying on technology in all areas of life. Organizations worldwide are using business phone systems to embrace better two-way communication and ensure accessibility at all times.

If you are thinking about how business phone systems can streamline communication, read on.

One significant benefit of call queuing is that you can leave a voicemail with your queries and wait for a support representative to get back to you. This is particularly helpful in the current scenario where everyone uses phone calls to connect, and agents are not always available to attend to customer calls.

Provide A Stellar Customer Experience By Redirecting Call Queues To Voicemail

Redirect call queues to voicemail for smooth customer ride

Customer service is important!

Did you know that 61% of customers say they have stopped transactions with a business after a poor customer service experience?

This means that organizations need to innovate and think of new ways to deliver a streamlined customer journey. One way that they can do this is by making sure their support representatives are available to take calls and respond immediately to customer queries.

While every business would want to be super quick and responsive to customer calls on the ground, the situation remains different. Peak hours can be a nightmare, and it can get complicated for your sales agents to manage a deluge of calls all at once.

Ignoring customer calls or making them wait for endless hours in telephonic queues may lead to higher dissatisfaction and call abandonment rates. Since over 10% call abandonment rate is considered highly elevated in reference to the industry average, you’ll need to manage call queues for better-improved customer service and experience.

So, what is the solution? How do you manage an overflow of inbound calls without service levels dropping?

The answer is simple. Invest in an intelligent business phone system that can redirect call queues to voicemail. As we know, setting up voicemail is a handy feature for call centers when their staff is overworked and facing huge call volumes. If no agent is free to answer a customer call or the call queues are packed, callers can be automatically directed to voicemail.

Customers today are more demanding than ever. 59% of customers say that they have higher expectations for support than they had a year earlier.

Benefits Of Setting Up Voicemail 

1 ) Reduce The Wait Time:

The traditional service level of the call center industry demands that every call be answered within 20 seconds! So, what happens if you make customers wait longer and hear automated messages? They drop the call believing they will not receive the desired service level at your organization.

By setting up voicemail and redirecting calls there, you can assure your loyal clients that their voice has been heard. You send out a powerful message that you care for your customers and believe that their time is precious. It is a great way to boost customer satisfaction levels and increase business productivity.

2 ) Keep The Pressure Off Agents:

An agent’s productivity directly represents a call center’s capacity to resolve customer issues. When support representatives know that a long call queue is in the pipeline, they may feel pressured with work which can further result in poor service levels.

Redirecting call queues to voicemail acts as an opportunity for agents to provide an excellent service experience to their customers. They do not feel the need to hurry through calls, leading to increased customer engagement and satisfaction. An intelligent IVR system can help set up virtual queues and automatically request customers to leave a voicemail message in heavy traffic.

3 ) Enhance Process Efficiency:

The best part about investing in a business phone system with the ability to redirect call queues to voicemail is that it streamlines critical business processes. The business phone system also saves your money and time by setting call overflow limits by defining the maximum number of customers in a queue before the call is redirected to the voicemail option.

Another useful option is setting call time-outs. Hence, when a customer has been waiting for a specific number of minutes, you can automatically request them to leave a voicemail so that an agent can get back at the earliest. Organizations can streamline inbound calling processes to save time, automate repetitive tasks and increase efficiency.

4 ) Personalized Customer Service: 

One of the most frustrating situations for a customer is encountering an agent with a lack of knowledge or data. According to a recent survey, 62% of customers feel that service insight and knowledge are the keys to a good customer experience.

When agents respond to customer queries after listening to their voicemails, they have time to prepare their responses and provide personalized service. Support representatives can gain the required knowledge to provide better answers. This enables them to resolve customer complaints, queries, and issues in the first call, thereby increasing the first-call resolution rate.

How To Redirect Call Queues To Voicemail With CallHippo

Redirect call queues to voicemail - infographic

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CallHippo is a market leader in the field of cloud telephony. It provides local and toll-free virtual phone systems to over 50 countries to increase operational efficiency.

With CallHippo, you can leverage the power of technology to save time and enhance communication processes. Though CallHippo has a wide range of innovative features, redirecting call queues to voicemail is one of the most beneficial and helpful features for organizations.

The best part about redirecting call queues to voicemail with CallHippo is that you can manage a simple workflow without too many complex processes. Here is how CallHippo redirects call queues to voicemail to enhance customer experience:

1 ) Welcome Callers Through IVR Pre-Recorded Message

When callers call on a CallHippo virtual local or toll-free number, they are first greeted by an interactive voice system. You can give callers self-service options through IVR, where they can select a department or extension number to get connected to resolve their queries.

2 ) Skills-Based Routing To Connect With An Agent

CallHippo then enables you to configure skill-based routing to connect customers to trained and expert support representatives. It identifies ‘free agents’ with a particular skill set who can provide effective service and directs customer calls to them.

3 ) Place Caller In Queue Due To Agent Unavailability

If agents are unavailable for some reason, such as heavy call traffic, CallHippo business phone systems automatically place callers in queues. The caller can listen to on-hold music or pre-recorded messages while waiting for the call to be attended.

4 ) Define The Call Queue Threshold

With CallHippo, you can easily pre-define a call queue threshold for how long you want customers to wait in line for service. Most organizations set it to around 45 seconds to a minute, as anything beyond that may lead to a higher call abandonment rate.

5 ) Redirect Calls To Voicemail

When a caller waits in a queue beyond the threshold time, they get redirected to voicemail. The IVR prompts callers to leave a message due to agent unavailability and lets callers know that an agent will get back to them shortly. CallHippo records the caller’s phone number; hence even if they do not leave a message, an agent can always call back later.

6 ) Receive Alerts and Notifications

Once a message has been left on voicemail, agents and managers can receive automatic alerts. They can also check any new voice messages within the reports or from the dashboard.

The Final Word

Organizations have set the bar high by providing unparalleled customer service experiences. It is essential to invest in reliable business phone systems such as CallHippo to provide you with the best functionality at competitive prices.

With CallHippo, you can help customers save time by redirecting call queues to voicemail and you can also forward that voicemail to other people. This boosts the overall customer satisfaction levels and ensures that you retain your loyal customer base. It provides call centers with a distinct competitive advantage and increases key bottom-line results.


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