Your business phone system might not be the first thing that your client will notice, but it will surely create an impact on your clients at some point in time. With the onset of virtualization, business phone systems have now been integrated into cloud technology, and you can now carry a virtual PBX wherever you go. Today, VoIP has taken over the market and this technology is here to stay. According to IBIS World, the VoIP technology is all set to grow at an annual growth rate of 10.7% for the period 2012-2017, and the rate can be expected to grow with time.

This statement has created havoc in the market, and many have started believing that voice communication is losing its weight now. The actual truth is, voice communication is not on the verge of extinction, rather it is just transforming into something more flexible and mobile as this is a digital world.

You need not shell a fortune to integrate your business phone system into cloud technology

Even if you have spectacular products and premium services to offer to all your clients, even a single drawback is enough to lay back your entire organization. Improper infrastructure is one such example that has the capacity to ruin your organizational image in the market. Suppose, if your prospective client calls on your provided business number and it gets received on someone’s personal phone, then it creates a truly unprofessional mark on the caller.

Gone are the days when there were telephone professionals to ensure proper working of the telecommunication line, a switch that was used to route calls to other extensions, and software to keep track of every number. Today, you don’t need a complex set-up or various tech employees to keep your communication lines properly working. With the introduction of cloud technology, not only the intricate physical set-up has disappeared in the cloud but also your cost-savings have maximized. The virtual phone system has emerged as a boon to businesses belonging to all sizes. Now, all you will be left with is happy clients and smoother enhanced communication at affordable pricing.

Sound more professional in front of your callers

Remember making a call to a top corporate, where everything remains automated starting from greeting the caller to transferring the call to the concerned department. It all seems so organized and professional. You can implement the same process onto your business phone system with the help of any virtual PBX service provider.

With their services, all your customers will be greeted with a personal message which will be followed by retracting them to the concerned department. This creates a considerably good impression on all the prospective clients. The entire process is very simple. Just choose a number for your business, record your custom message, add your business departments and employees, and enjoy the seamless and organized communication process.

Take your office with you wherever you go

With today’s virtualization phase, your personal smartphone is not only restricted to act as a communication device. You can actually do much more with it. Now whenever you go out for a trip, you can easily carry your work with you. With the virtual phone systems and applications developed by hosted PBX service providers, you can receive any call that rings on your office extension number with the help of customized applications provided by the virtual PBX service providers. That way you will always be available to attend business phone calls, and this will create a positive effect on your clients. Being easily accessible in an above-discussed manner makes you look more professional and dedicated to your work.

This feature can be integrated with all other team member’s communication devices as well. It will facilitate quick project completion, easy accessibility, and enhanced performance. All these features are enough to illustrate that a virtual phone system is our future and it is here to stay for long. Not only it makes you more mobile but also upgrades your image in front of your clients, colleagues, and other stakeholders.     

Is it really cost-effective?

Yes, it is. If you are an entrepreneur working pro-actively to start up something of your own, then you must surely know the importance of capital. For you every single penny is valuable, and you need to think hard before spending each penny. If you are considering to install a landline VoIP for your business, then even a basic plan does not require to pay for a single user. In most of the cases, even this price is offered due to the several promotions and offers being given by the providers. If you actually consider the price, leaving all the promotions and discounts, then it will be around $ 45/month or more. But if you opt for the virtual phone number, then your entire work can be done in a comparatively lesser amount. Virtual systems don’t require any intricate servers or complex hardware to provide you with a seamless communication experience. All of this can be easily avoided due to the presence of cloud technology. Hence, you can expect to get better results at a lesser cost.

Your subordinates will also be having easy accessibility of each other in case of emergencies

Imagine if any of your team members are out for some urgent work and immediate communication is required in order to get the work completed, then what will you do? In many cases, it has been found that untimely communication has led to many failed projects. But this problem has been overcome by the benefits of cloud phone systems. Now you can easily communicate with anyone, and anytime you want. Add the respective extension numbers to every team member’s personal communication device with the help of an application, and you are good to go.

With the help of virtual PBX, you can enjoy both voice and video calls using the same unified interface. This will allow you to arrange for video conferencing anytime you want and without any hassle. Group discussions will be a piece of cake and will contribute largely to timely project completion. Even if any of your team members are not physically present, the gap can be filled by connecting with him virtually. This system doesn’t let distance become a hindrance in your work path and facilitates faster communication and enhanced operations.

It is a boon for small-scale businesses

When one talks about small-scale business, the first thing that comes to mind is the cost-saving factor. But actually, it takes much more than a cost-effective plan to flourish your business. Many people overlook some of the most important factors like productivity and professional image while making an important business decision, which leads to catastrophes.  When you consider installing a virtual phone system, you are actually improving other important factors as well. This cost-effective method not only presents your business in a more professional manner but also enhances your organization’s productivity.

It doesn’t have a complicated setup and doesn’t require any hardware installation or recruitment of tech employees for its maintenance. With this virtual system, you can never miss a call and always stay in constant touch with all your clients, colleagues, and other stakeholders as well. The custom greeting feature, call diverting facility, retracting callers to the concerned department feature, and leaving a voicemail in case of unavailability are some of the main highlights that create a positive impression on all your callers in a cost-effective way. So even if you have a budget constraint, don’t hesitate to approach the hosted PBX service providers. You will surely get a plan that fits your budget.

Some main points to take a note of

  • Physical existing landline business phones are no longer necessary. But it doesn’t end the need for voice communication. Voice communications are now being modified to match modern-day requirements.
  • When one talks about virtual phone system products, then there are a lot of products that vary widely in terms of both features and prices.
  • In order to start your business or make a strong position for your business in the market, you will need to portray a positive and professional image of your entire organization. In doing so, you will need the help of virtual phone systems.
  • It is not mandatory that you will have to spend millions to make your organization look professional and organized whenever a stakeholder calls your organization. It can be done in a cost-friendly manner also.

The demand and need for the cloud-based market are constantly experiencing an upward graph. There are a plethora of reasons behind their growing importance and demand, but the most important is the increased mobility that it provides to all its users. If you often have to travel for your business dealings and never want to miss a call, then virtual phone systems are just perfect for you in this modern digital era.

Updated : July 22, 2021


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