Of late, it is being noted that there has been a spike in the adoption of virtual phone systems worldwide. These phone systems provide both enterprises and small businesses a cost-effective, secure, easy to use and reliable service. The small businesses are not averse to the idea of renting phone services, over traditional on-premise phone systems. They have recognized the cost-effectiveness of switching to the virtual phone system that costs less and is more flexible.

The reason why Cloud based Virtual Phone System is finding favors with the small businesses are not far to seek. One of the benefits of these cloud-based virtual phone systems is that they are accessible to the users from anywhere with internet access.

Companies that are switching to Virtual Phone System are saving money and increasing profits, which they are putting back into the business to drive innovation, increase headcount and boost wages. Companies are realizing significant cost savings and improved flexibility through the use of virtual phone system. Virtual office phone systems are gaining popularity in the modern business environment.

You can call it efficiency, or call it doing more with less. But whichever spin you prefer, cloud computing lets you focus on what’s important: your business.

Why move to virtual phone system? There are several good reasons, but what makes virtual phone system a preferred choice is that it makes good business sense. Call it doing more with less, call it productive. Whatever you call it, virtual phone system lets you focus on what’s important: your business.

Let’s take a closer look:

Cost Savings

Cost Savings With CallHippo

There are a number of benefits a business can enjoy with virtual Phone System. Cost savings are the most often cited reasons for switching to Virtual Phone System, but there are also benefits that go beyond money. To name a few, with Virtual Phone System companies can boost productivity and enjoy a greater level of flexibility. You don’t have to spend dollars to buy any software and supporting hardware.



Productivity With CallHippo

In addition to the labor savings, virtual phone system can be extremely cost effective for businesses thanks to the increase in the productivity of the workforce. Added to this deployment of the virtual phone system is notably faster than traditional installation. As is the case with the traditional phone systems, there is no need for rigorous training sessions for the employees to learn the virtual phone system.

The burden on your company’s budget is significantly less with VoIP phone system as well. Since there is no need to spend your time in maintaining and monitoring hardware in a cloud-based VoIP, this results in increased productivity for your organization.Virtual phone system brings adaptability and flexibility to your businesses whilst considerably reducing costs compared to traditional phone systems.

Zero capital costs

Zero Capital Costs With CallHippo

Typically, the virtual phone system is available in a pay-as-you-go pricing model. An advantage of the virtual phone system is the reduction in hardware cost. You also don’t have to pay for the software that isn’t being utilized. The cost of repairing or replacing hardware is left to the vendors. Added to this, you always have the luxury of canceling pay-as-you-go software at any time.  This mitigates the financial risk of any software that doesn’t work.

Finally, the up-front cost of the virtual phone system is lower than traditional on-premise systems.

When you install a physical PBX in your office, you Incur up-front capital costs. But when it comes to the virtual phone system, financing that capital costs are someone else’s headache. This capital can be invested in other activities of your business.

Flexible costs

Flexible Costs - CallHippo

The costs of VoIP phone system are much more flexible than traditional on-premise systems. Businesses only need to pay for the users you actually have at that moment. Those small businesses who have adopted virtual phone systems are now singing paeans to the VoIP technology. Of all the benefits virtual phone systems provide to small businesses, the most significant are that it offers them the opportunity to pay their attention to their business instead of racking their brains to meet the telecom requirements.

Easy implementation

Easy Implementation With CallHippo

Without the need to buy software, hardware or implementation services, a business can get virtual phone arrangement off the ground for a fraction of the cost of an on-premise phone solution. Virtual phone systems free the small businesses from having IT support and provides the best opportunity for them to embrace the Internet era.


Always-on availability

CallHippo Team Always On Availability

The majority of VOIP service providers are known for their credibility and reliability. As long as you have an Internet connection, connectivity is there from practically anywhere. Engage with our clients, customers from anywhere, anyplace & anytime. 


Enhancing your workforce’s mobility

Enhancing Your Workforce’s Mobility With CallHippo

Virtual phone systems are definitive sources of competitive advantage for SMBs. Its adoption is becoming increasingly mainstream as small businesses realize its benefits. As the small businesses are not averse to shedding their traditional on-premise phone system and open to the idea of adopting virtual phone systems, there is not an iota of doubt that small office phone systems are undergoing sea changes and revolutionizing the way business is done.

Virtual phone system helps you globalize your workforce which in turn improves the client service. They can access the cloud from any location, provided they have an Internet connection.

Decrease in Maintenance costs

Decrease in Maintenance Costs With CallHippo

The virtual phone system can also lead to a dramatic decrease in maintenance costs. There is less demand for in-house IT staff because the hardware is owned by vendors and stored in off-site locations. If hardware needs upgrades or repairs, the onus lies on the vendor.  Consequently, your IT staff can focus on other important initiatives. In some instances, this could even mean reducing employee turnover. For SMBs lacking the resources for an in-house IT staff, virtual phone system can be a boon.


Bottom Line

Today, small businesses are faced with the challenge of reducing costs while at the same time continuing to deliver innovating, new business services. With the changing face of the economy, small business enterprises are faced with the task of taking their businesses to the next level. Here virtual phone systems come to their rescue. The virtual phone system is giving impetus to the SMBs to look for productivity, efficiency while operating on small budgets.  The virtual office phone system is fast emerging as a useful business tool for small businesses who are constrained by resource challenges. It is becoming the preferred mechanism and a cost effective way for the small business.

Have you considered saving money for your company with virtual phone systems? If not, it’s time to look into what the virtual phone systems can offer.


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Updated : April 8, 2021


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