Call Recording

Record All Inbound & Outbound Calls To Improve Customer Service

Recording all your business calls can be productive in more than one way. You can record calls to analyze the productivity, review data or even use it to win a legal dispute! If calls are cardinal for your business, Call Recording is a vital feature.

So what are the benefits of using an on-hold message?
  • Record every important call automatically or initiate recording manually in middle of an ongoing conversation. Tap in the special short codes and customize the recording in an instant.
  • Eliminate those tedious quick note makings. Review calls to retrieve important data and key points in exchange with clients.
  • Automatically get labeled-recordings of customer interaction by employees. Hassle free analysis and monitoring of individual employees.
  • Integrate Call Recordings with your CRM software and optimize resource management and productivity.
  • Use recorded calls for employee training and improvement programs. Analyze customer requirements and device efficient management strategies.
  • Get automatic recordings of conference calls along with a list of involved credentials.
  • Fulfill regulatory-compliance as per legal norms. Hassle free recording of infinite inbound & outbound calls of infinite duration.

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