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Give Productivity A 10X Boost With Call Tagging

CallHippo’s User-Friendly Call Tagging Feature Can Help Achieve Unparalleled Efficiency By Sorting Calls With Customized Tags!

  • Prioritize your customer communication
  • Filter phone calls by categories for better visibility
  • Tag colleagues and team members for smooth workflows
  • Search call history effectively through tags

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What Is Call Tagging?

A unique feature that provides detailed real-time insights call tagging enables you to add relevant tags to your calls. You can add various self-made tags to your calls to identify them and segregate them based on different parameters.

Call tags are used to:

  • Segregate calls using specific benchmarks
  • Filter incoming or outgoing calls
  • Add customized labels to call recordings
  • Find calls by performing quick searches using tag labels

The better you categorize your customer calls, the more you can make sense of them! With call tagging, you can mark a personal tag on each customer call. Tags can describe various parameters, such as customer service issues, product preference, or agent outcome.

You can give an unlimited number of tags to each customer call. This makes it easy to reference call recordings and resolve customer issues at the earliest. You can find any call by just performing a quick search using the relevant tags or labels.

Call tagging makes it easy to group calls and understand trends or patterns. You can filter and view call activity by a particular tag over a period of time to analyze real-time call data. It’s a great tool to plan marketing campaigns and determine lead quality in a few clicks!

How Can Call Tagging Benefit Your Business?

Call tagging is a dynamic feature that can provide detailed insights into your call records. It is a next-generation technology that can help you organize, streamline, and analyze call data for better performance and decision-making capabilities.

CallHippo’s call tagging feature can benefit your business performance in several ways:

1. Determine Lead Quality

You can assign specific tags on calls that let you know how interested a lead is in purchasing your product or service. Hence, you can tag calls as ‘cold lead’ or ‘ lead needs follow-up’ to know what action to take for specific prospects. Call tagging can help your agents identify hot leads so that they can shift focus on them and capture better outcomes.

2. Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Call tagging is a smart feature that can help businesses improve their service approach. Tags enable you to determine the reasons for customer dissatisfaction by analyzing calls – it could be agent performance, product quality, or poor support. Once you determine the problem, you can improve training and take the required remediation measures.

3. Efficient Data Analysis

For marketers, it is essential to analyze call data to identify patterns and trends. Call tagging allows you to sift through volumes of call data and analyze the information methodically. You can identify calls on various tags and filter them on parameters such as agent performance, query resolution, and lead follow-up. This leads to quality decision-making and improves bottom-line performance.

Frequently Asked Question

Is there an extra cost to use the call tagging feature?
No, CallHippo users do not need to pay any extra charge to use the call tagging feature. It is a useful feature that allows you to prioritize communication at no extra cost.
Who should use call tagging?
The call tagging feature can be used by any business organization that needs to tag relevant calls. This enables users to segregate calls using specific benchmarks and filter incoming and outgoing calls.
Why use call tagging?
Call tagging is a useful feature that can provide detailed insights into your call records. This results in efficient data analysis, better lead quality, and higher customer satisfaction.
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