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How to Record a Call on Any Device?

Simplify your phone communication with a cost-effective, secure and reliable virtual phone solution

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Priya Naha

Senior Writer:

green tickDate: October 11, 2023

Are you wondering if there is a way to record telephone calls? Yes, you have numerous ways to record phone calls. 

Most of the time we miss out on crucial information because we don’t know ways to record a call. Even when we take notes, we miss out on things here and there. But businesses cannot afford to do that. So, it’s crucial to know how to record a call.

How to Record a Call

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Smartphone users will see a significant increase in the following years. It is expected to rise to 7.7 billion by 2027. But what’s the use of smartphones if you don’t know how to record a call for your business? 

You can easily record telephone conversations for personal use, but it is different for business purposes. There are tons of legalities that you need to be aware of! Moreover, you need the right software to ensure that you are compliant and recording calls legally. Clients can sue your company for recording a cell phone call without prior notice.

To save you from professional damage, this blog will help you learn ways to record phone calls for your business. Let’s get started.

How to Record a Call Legally?

Recording Phone Calls Legally

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Legality is one crucial thing you must consider while recording phone calls for professional use. Every state has a different law regarding the recording of phone calls. Therefore, you must be aware of local and state laws for recording a cell phone call. 

Some states require only the consent of one party. It means that you can record phone calls if you or the person you call consents to use a call-recording device.

But many states do not function on one-party consent. For example, in California or Massachusetts, you must have permission from both parties to record a telephone call. 

There are states where you need explicit consent if you record telephone conversations in a private place like their home.

How to Record a Phone Call on Android Devices?

How to Record Phone Calls on Android

We’ll now look at ways to record phone calls on Android devices. The Android phone calls don’t come with in-built call recording software. You will need third-party apps to record phone calls.


logo of callhippo

CallHippo’s call recorder solution is legally compliant with multiple international and state laws and regulations. The app allows users to select the countries to disable record VOIP calls. However, it is for users who have subscribed to the enterprise plan.

Other users can access the “record automation” tab and make changes.

CallHippo provides three options under the record automation feature:

  1. Display notifications to the agents and collect explicit consent
  2. The auto pause the VOIP call recording and allow the agents to enable it.
  3. Disable the VOIP call recording and do not allow it to restart.

If you want to know how to record a phone call in CallHippo, it’s simple. If you have a virtual phone number, you can use the voice call recorder ON/OFF option to start or end recording. The option is available in the interface. It will get activated for a specific call. 

Users can also activate the option in the look back technique, where an entire phone call conversation gets recorded, and you get the recording after the call is over.

While some VOIP numbers come with auto recording, you need to contact your VOIP provider to activate the call recording feature on all your work site extensions.

To set up a call recorder in CallHippo, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Save the person’s number you want to make a call 
  2. Tap the number and go to settings
  3. Turn on the call recording feature

Now, you are all set to make calls.

With CallHippo, users also get the facility to review the call recording after hanging up the call. By going to the “activity feed” tab, users can find all the call recordings and listen to the necessary call recording.

Google Voice

Logo of google voice

You need a Google Voice account to record incoming calls using Google voice. You can install the app from the Google play store.

After downloading the Google Voice app, you can start recording calls. But first, you need to tap the icon in the top left corner, find and click on Settings and turn on the incoming call option.

  1. Take a call
  2. By pressing the number 4 on the and the recording will start.

You will get one last reminder where both ends will hear a message letting you know that the call is getting recorded.

After you get off the call, dial number 4 again to stop the recording. You can also stop the recording mid-way through the ring.

Google Voice sends the recording to your inbox after you press number 4 for the second time. You can easily listen to the recording from the inbox or download it on your computer. And if you have a Google Drive account, you can save it on your Android phone and desktop.

But you must not forget that Google Voice can only record incoming calls. The outgoing calls cannot be recorded on Google voice. So for recording the outgoing calls you make, Google voice will not help.

Third-Party Apps

Third party apps

Several third-party apps can record both incoming and outgoing calls. And, if you want to record phone calls with a third-party app, you can download the app and sign up for an account. 

However, remember there are different third-party apps for specific purposes and proper uses. For example, if you work in a contact center and want to record business phone calls, look for contact center software or a robust phone system with built-in call recording. It is cost-effective and safe as these solutions have strict security data requirements.

How to Record a Call on an iPhone?

How to Record a Phone Call on an iPhone

Let’s look at ways to record phone calls on an iPhone.


CallHippo Dashboard

As CallHippo is a cloud phone system, you can easily record telephone conversations from the calling screen.

If calling recording comes up in your company, CallHippo is among your best choices. You can record a phone conversation in several ways.

  1. You have the option of recording calls automatically. You can ask your VOIP number provider to activate the call recording facility for your inbound and outbound calls. After the auto-recording is started, all the incoming and outgoing calls from your site extension can be auto-recorded. The records will be automatically saved on the cloud with access details given to the admin. 
  2. CallHippo also has a VOIP phone recording service compliance system. You can turn off call recording for specific states or record the call of states with two-party compliance laws. You have the option to disable call recording for particular countries.

Google Voice

Google Voice dashboard

On an iPhone, using Google Voice is easy. You need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the voice app.
  2. You need to tap on Settings in the Menu on the top left.
  3. Under calls, you need to choose the incoming call options.
  4. To start recording, you need to tap on the number 4.
  5. You need to tap on number 4 to stop recording the call.

Can you Record Telephone Calls on Your Computer?

Record a phone call on your computer

Using certain apps, you can record calls using a computer. Typically, a business phone system gives you video meetings and SMS/MMS messaging in a single app. You can also record a video or phone call by hitting the record button on your call screen. You can access your call recordings by going to your inbox.

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Which is the Best Way to Record a Phone Call?

There are numerous methods for recording phone calls on various devices. You can use call recording apps, regardless of whether you use iOS, Android, PC, or Mac devices.

Consider the simplest to record a call before making your decision. Will a separate call recorder app work for you, or are you more comfortable with the business phone system?

A phone system or UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) solution with a practical built-in call recording feature usually exists in all businesses. However, if that is not the case, you can change your phone system or communications platform.

Why not check out CallHippo if you’re looking for the finest way to record phone calls? You can get the cheapest plan along with a simple setup process.

Frequently Asked Questions

When would you need to record a phone call?

You must record a call for training, customer service inquiries, data protection, and compliance purposes.

Which app records phone conversations?

CallHippo is among the best options for recording phone conversations.

How can I record a phone call without the other person knowing?

You can record a phone call without the other person knowing by using CallHippo’s automatic call-recording feature. However, it is not legal. You must always ask for consent from the other party before recording calls.

How to record a phone call for free?

To record a phone call for free, use apps like Google Voice for Android or TapeACall for iPhone. Enable call recording in settings, initiate the call through the app, and recordings will be saved for later access. However, always follow legal regulations when recording calls.

How to record outgoing calls?

You can record outgoing calls with CallHippo. Our call recorder solution legally complies with multiple international and state laws and regulations. All you need to do is turn on the recording feature available in the dashboard, and all the outgoing calls will be recorded automatically.


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