Modern business environments have transformed significantly the terms of how employees prefer to work. Going to work at times comes with a heavy burden of long commutes and sitting at work stations to complete 9 to 5 shifts, which never confirms the productivity of any employee. 

The International Workplace Group (IWG) survey confirms that “about 70% of employees work at least one day of the week remotely”. Working remotely contributes to extended flexibility and better work-life balance, which in turn leads to enhanced productivity of employees and the performance of a team as a whole. Working remotely may also reduce employees taking sick leaves pretty often. Also, sick workers with common flu, cold, etc. won’t come to the office and risk spreading illness to their colleagues. They’ll get entitled to have the freedom of working in a free environment as well. 

Moreover, in global companies, remote teams are highly common as these teams are generally distributed around the globe. Many business organizations have realized that VoIP phone system is one of the best solutions for remote teams as it has better features when compared with traditional phone systems to communicate business operations.

Remote working – Need of VoIP

With remote teams, communication becomes a daunting task when different teams are scattered in over a dozen countries. However, communication is the essence of a team, whether real or virtual and for virtual teams, communication is even more critical. To bridge the gap of loss of communication means, it is necessary to incorporate technologies and tools to strive towards success.

While emails and messaging can help to an extent, the virtual phone system wins the game for remote teams. This is where Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Phone System steps in the picture. VoIP is a revolutionary technology that helps remote teams to connect via an internet connection. It is consistent, easy to use, reliable, and cost-effective. One only needs essential components such as a robust internet connection, hardware such as screens, speakers, microphones, etc. and a unique virtual phone number assigned to connect with any team member around the globe with the help of software VoIP.

Benefits of VoIP for remote working teams

  • VoIP helps increase productivity as it cuts down on time wasted on checking out email inbox as well as delays in tracking tasks with their respective teams. 
  • Free communication via VoIP isn’t at the expense of steep prices. VoIP phone systems might as well provide a better return on investment if you opt for a competitive VoIP plan with advanced features included. It is location independent; therefore, receiving or making calls or even video conferencing does not impact the final bill. All voice communication between your employees can become more relaxed with VoIP since it eliminates the location barrier. The employees only require quality hardware such as speakers, microphones, screens, etc. and you are good to go with the help of VoIP.
  • Presence Information feature of VoIP is an advanced enhancement over voice calls and conference calls. It helps in avoiding time zone conflicts. With distributed teams, it isn’t very easy to schedule a team meeting or even communicate with another employee because of time zone differences. The morning first calls of an employee could be another employee’s 2 a.m. in the night. VoIP phone systems utilize the presence information feature to discover the status of the user, whether they are available or busy so that callers know when they can reach out to them. Through presence information, users can set up rules as well, when to route the calls to voicemail or transfer to another employee/colleague or to let the call come through.


  • Beyond effective communication, VoIP also provides a robust collaboration platform. Users can share files and archives. The data shared can be edited and organized by multiple users providing a way to work with better efficiency and effectiveness. This collaborative platform creates a central hub of information as no one will miss out on any updates from colleagues eliminating constant back and forth of documents to be edited individually. 
  • VoIP is most attractive to employees who are frequently traveling, such as sales executives in an organization. Users can access the official calls, tasks, etc. and work on the go seamlessly with VoIP systems integrated on their cell phones.
  • Using VoIP diminishes the risk of hardware failures because it uses the cloud. It provides better reliability and quality as VoIP providers can re-route calls in the occurrence of low internet bandwidth or internet connection failure.
  • Data shared on VoIP remains private and secure. Only authorized members can modify the data in the cloud. With the latest versions, VoIP even hinders major cybersecurity attacks. Generally, every business organization uses VoIP over Virtual Private Network i.e., VPN, which ensures every employee is within protected firewalls rather than using a dubious internet connection/source.
  • VoIP provides a flexible structure that can be changed as per the business’s requirements. Scaling up or down in personnel is more comfortable. As operations are unpredictable in many industries, it saves companies routine costs and overhead costs as well.
  • One of the most challenging tasks is to monitor the remote workforce. An employer would not be able to notice if any employee is slacking off or gets someone else to do their job unless he/she is missing or not responding or low quality work. VoIP offers an optional tracking feature. The employer can measure the productivity of employees via reports every day, month, or year. The bonus point of this tracking feature is that it doesn’t invade the privacy of any employee. 

VoIP phone systems are a boon for remote working teams with numerous advantages such as providing seamless workflows, enhanced reliability, security, and thereby productivity. It encourages modern organizations to keep up with a dynamic business environment to have a happier workforce and, thus, higher profits as well.

Updated : February 23, 2021


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