Smart Switch For Better Call Connectivity

Smart Switch is a simple switch mechanism that gives agents the flexibility to toggle between multiple telephony providers and select the one that works for them. This results in greater call connectivity as it is placed on the agent console itself to give the agents the liberty to configure it according to their individual needs.

Improve Call Connectivity By 17% On A Flick Of A Switch

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How does Smart Switch Improves Connectivity?

Telephony is a complex technology with a huge amount of infrastructure going into the smooth conductance and completion of every call. Smart Switch gives users the liberty and flexibility to configure this intricate web of infrastructure with ease.

So one can now simply toggle between the multiple telephony networks and select the one that suits their needs the best before placing a call, which in turn enables greater call connectivity and facilitates effective communication.

How does Smart Switch work?

Smart Switch is a simple switch mechanism by which CSRs can toggle between the telephony networks. If an agent detects a decrease in call delivery, they can select the alternative network before their next interaction with the customer. They can not change the setting in the middle of the call.

Is one network preferred over the other?

According to our data, no one network delivers a better experience than the other. It merely enables the ability to use a different network if a decrease in delivery is noticed at that moment. If you reverse the changes at a later date, then the delivery rate may have improved. We developed this feature so that operations are not hindered during the day to day activities.

What are Telephony Networks?

Telephony Networks are organizations that provide the infrastructure through which calls are routed. They carry the data that is voice to the other end of the line. Hence, they are also known as Carriers. CallHippo now works with multiple such carriers which makes it possible for agents to toggle between them through Smart Switch and get better call connectivity.

Will the use of multiple networks incur any extra cost?

No. The calling charges will remain the same no matter which network you choose or how many times you toggle between the two. Using a particular network at length also will not incur additional charges.

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Published by Nishita

Last updated: May 7, 2021