Technology keeps on developing and, therefore, the modern systems are much different then what they used to be some years back. The same is with the cloud business phone system and service providers. It is due to the proliferation of virtualization and cloud. 

At this time, if you are considering installing a new business phone communication system along with a business phone number, the Hosted VoIP that is Voice over Internet Protocol system is one of the best options available. Benefits of cloud phone system are not just its features but affordability. Also, it keeps on surprising its users by its ways of helping them in business communication.

Let us see some features of the best cloud business phone system solution:

Affordable Price

The legacy business phone system takes a lot of time and effort if you want to work beyond its basic functionality. They require updates that are costly due to additional service charges and are time-consuming. If you want some extra features in them, then you might require new hardware or additional services.

With cloud-based phone systems or the Hosted VoIP, you can avail of its integrated features, like caller ID, conference service, voicemail etcetera, and all included automatically. There is no need to buy extra hardware, and you can update or expand it easily without spending much.


Technology development since the last decade is pacing at a faster rate. Earlier, it was difficult for the users to get full knowledge of the technology, but now, technology has made itself friendly to the users. Now, you need not struggle to get the benefits of the prevailing technology. They have become easy to use and understand.

When we talk about the Hosted VoIP solution, it is much easier to use it. Its usage is almost the same as the traditional VoIP phone systems, where you can make calls and receive calls with so much ease and that too with your business phone number. Also, the VoIP service providers will make you understand everything you need to know about the business phone system. They will set up such an easy to use system that it would not be necessary for you to have an IT team.

Service Providers

As only a limited amount of hardware is required in a hosted phone system, it is easy to set them up. The VoIP service providers provide its customers with a 24*7 support service and are capable of setting up the system from a remote distance.

As the services run through clouds, it is easy for you to maintain the system without having IT employees. The service providers send any upgrade in the VoIP via the cloud, and you can make changes by adding, moving, or deleting the users. These service providers give support services without charging any extra cost if any downtime or issues are seen.

Integration & Scalability

The Hosted VoIP solutions integrate with your current business communication system. If you are using on premise communication and upgrading to cloud phone system, then you will feel a surprising difference between the two. It makes it easy to track the client’s problem and needs and integrates the record of the client while he calls in. It is easy to scale the Hosted VoIP system as it does not require extra space or resources. It is a system that grows with its user.



The traditional business phone systems always need a physical landline phone to make or answer calls. VoIP Phone numbers keep your employees locked down to their places by providing them an application for communication from where they are sitting. There is no need to move from one place to another to make calls, not anymore. It integrates the applications by which you can have efficient communication, sales, and support.

Virtual Attendant & Mobile VoIP phone system

It provides you with an unlimited number of attendants, mailboxes, and other features as per your need. It will become easy for you to utilize the combinations of IP desk phones while integrating your call flow at the same time with the help of wireless technology.

Unified Communication

It is the integration of voice, chat, data along with various other applications and technology that will help you improve the communication process and productivity of the business. It provides the users with:

1.Mobility: Easy access to the information that the user requires.

2. Manageability: It provides a simplified service to all types of organizations, whether it is small or medium, and helps the organization to manage clients more efficiently around the world with cloud phone system.

3. Multi-user: A large number of people can come together and discuss or share ideas and resources to maximize the budget.

4. Disaster recovery: Data can be set up for backup as well as for quick recovery in case of emergency.

Cloud VoIP Pros:

  1. These are cost-effective
  2. Increased Accessibility
  3. Completely portable
  4. Have high scalability
  5. Have a clear and better voice quality
  6. It supports multitasking

Cloud VoIP Cons:

  1. It requires a strong and reliable internet connection
  2. Latency and jitters
  3. No location tracking for emergency calls

3 Easy Steps to Begin:

1. A reliable internet service provider:

You must have proper and reliable internet service as everything on the VoIP is based on the internet, from making calls to receiving them and integrating data; everything requires the internet. Ensure that your bandwidth is strong, and speed is according to the industry standards. 

Don’t forget to calculate the total number of devices you need and calculate the required bandwidth accordingly.

2. SIP-enabled device:

SIP stands for Session Initiated Protocol; it is used to manage and set up the phone calls. For maximizing the benefits of the VoIP, it is necessary to enable SIP on the phones.

For this, either you can convert your existing analog telephone to a SIP phone by using an ATA adapter, or you can purchase a SIP-enabled hard phone, or you can also use a softphone. A softphone will enable you to receive calls from computers or tablets etc.

3. VoIP Provider:

It is important to have unparalleled customer service so that any issues can be met as soon as possible. 

In this era of competition, it is better to have the fastest, most efficient system. Therefore, the cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol system has far more benefits than the analog ones.

Updated : August 5, 2021


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