Cloud-based VoIP phone solutions are the future of telephony. They are a potent corporate asset for companies in all kinds of industries – medical, retail, banking, e-commerce, or construction. The market for business phone numbers is growing at a highly accelerated pace, and the VoIP market size will surpass $55 billion by the year 2025.

This fast growth rate is a result of the ever-growing demand for cost-effective communication platforms. As enterprises rapidly expand beyond international boundaries, they need smart communication networks that help them connect with remote employees. VoIP phone systems are customer-centric in approach, and make sure that support staff members remain in constant touch with valued clients.

The growth story of virtual phone systems has been phenomenal. Traditional wired telephone systems are now outdated, and modern workplaces have realized the immense cost-value benefit of VoIP phone systems. In the year 2017, there were approximately 1 billion mobile VoIP users, and the market will grow annually at a rate of 9.87% until 2021. So, whether you are a budding entrepreneur, a small business owner, or a manager of a giant multinational corporation, VoIP phone solutions will have something unique to offer your organization.

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Top reasons to invest in a VoIP phone system:

One of the most basic requirements for anyone starting a business is to have an intelligent communication system in place. Virtual phone numbers allow users to make calls through broadband internet and are far more reliable than any wired phone connections. Here are some strong reasons that make organizations want to get the best business phone number

Easy to install and user-friendly:

One massive misconception about virtual phone systems is that they are very complex and challenging to maintain. However, this is far from the truth. Virtual phone solutions are straightforward to install, and it is possible to set a call center in just a couple of minutes. There are no hardware or software requirements – only a fast speed internet connection, and you can start making calls through a virtual phone number. Another thing that makes VoIP phone networks useful is the fact that they are incredibly user-friendly. Though senior management may be hesitant to switch over to virtual phone platforms, once we adopt business phones, everyone in the organization can easily use them, without any technical training.


Every company needs to save precious money to make higher profit margins. Virtual phone systems reduce local call expenses by 40% and international calling budget by 90%. A VoIP phone number can quickly help organizations trim their communication budget and reduce the amount of money they spend on phone calls. There is no need for massive capital expenditure, and most reliable service providers curate customized packages that have a low per-call rate. This leads to massive savings for business firms that make a lot of cold calls per day and increases the business revenues ultimately.

Service mobility:

Companies are looking for mobile phone solutions – they do not want their workforce to remain stuck at the physical office structure at all times. VoIP phone systems do not put any material limitations on employees as they can conduct business communication anywhere. Workers need a reliable internet connection, and they can log in to the system through their laptops, smartphones, or personal computers. This gives them the freedom to meet clients, attend conferences, or go for sales visits, without compromising on productivity. Getting a virtual phone system is a great way to boost efficiency, even while your employees are on the go!

VoIP market size- CallHippo

Versatile features:

Business organizations are always looking out for innovative ways to harness maximum productivity. Business phone systems have a diverse range of features that allow employees to multitask effectively. They make it possible to forward calls to any landline or mobile number, thus ensuring that team members do not miss even a single call. Call planners and world clocks allow team members to schedule business calls at a mutually convenient time slot. Interactive voice response technology enables customers to self-direct themselves to required extension numbers without any external assistance. Voicemail, call barging, call queuing, and recording are some other useful features of virtual phone systems that make them a must-have business asset for all kinds of organizations.

Holistic customer experience:

The modern customer is demanding and wants excellent experience in all fields. Clients want speedy service and have the flexibility of getting in touch with service representatives at any time of the day. Virtual phone numbers enhance customer satisfaction as they open two-way communication between support representatives and customers. Valued clients can call round the clock to receive speedy service. They can resolve all their problems, grievances, or issues in a matter of seconds. This gives companies a competitive edge over rivals and ensures that their brand ranks as a top choice amongst target consumers.

High scalability:

Most organizations grow and diversify with time. Hence, they need to get virtual phone systems as it is possible to scale them according to organizational requirements. Most VoIP phone providers customize tailor-made packages for companies, and additional modules can be purchased at a later stage if needed. Organizations do not need to buy features or modules that they do not require. This ensures that there are no significant overhauls or changes in the communication structure due to business remodeling or growth.

Professional image:

Companies need to have a professional image so that they can attract a broad target audience. Office phone systems ensure that customers get speedy quality service and give a professional corporate image. VoIP phone systems play pre-recorded greeting messages for clients, and even wish them on birthdays or other special occasions. Apex HD voice quality and uninterrupted calls mean an excellent experience for clients. Hence, they view your organization as a right service provider and remain engaged for more extended periods.

Virtual telephony has revolutionized the landscape of corporate communication. It leads to a higher level of team collaboration and better job engagement. Business phone numbers are a multi-functional device that enables users to make calls, video conference, send text messages, and generate sophisticated reports. Advanced call analytics make sure that companies get to know their customers better and enable them to improve the level of service.

Digital disruption has led to drastic changes in many areas, and telecommunications is no exception. The sudden rise in VoIP phone system usage has brought about many positive changes. It is flexible, agile, and reduces the expenses associated with high volume calling. Virtual phone numbers also provide excellent customer service and boost accessibility at all times.

With all the advantages of hosted VoIP systems, it makes sense to immediately make the switch and invest in the best business phone system. Make sure to survey the market, assess your organizational needs, and partner with a credible vendor. Virtual phone solutions are the most economical and reliable communication mode in the current internet-driven society. They can lead to an instant escalation of all critical bottom-line results and help your business reach the heights of success.

Updated : May 6, 2021


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