“The ICC Cricket World Cup is about to begin from May 30th.”

It’s a piece of joyous news for the cricket enthusiasts but not so much for the business professionals. Productivity gets hurt whenever big tournaments like the World Cup take place as organizations also have sports fanatic employees working for them! It is even worse if you go to the stadium to watch the matches. To manage a business from outside the country means a lot of communication expenses.

About 96% of customers feel more loyal when a business fixes a problem over the phone. So you can’t put a hold on the conversations either. The business must go on along with the World Cup.

“So, What’s The Solution?”

There are ways to manage communication expenses in a better way. And no, we aren’t telling you to not attend calls altogether. VoIP is the solution to your communication problems this World Cup. In fact, VoIP can reduce the cost of international calls by up to 90%! 

The above infographic shows, there are a number of benefits of including VoIP in your business strategy. You can even get an Online England phone number while you are there this World Cup. The virtual phone number will help you to cut down the expenses and manage calls from outside the country at minimalistic costs!

Benefits Of Using Business VoIP In ICC World Cup 2019

If you have clients across the globe, it is crucial to have a smooth flow of communication. Being accessible to answer any questions, exhibits that your client’s project and contentment are essential for you. But you might not be available at times in the following months if you are going for the World Cup matches. 

Hence, you need a local virtual phone number! The benefits of using a local area phone number in ICC World Cup 2019 via a VoIP phone system are:

1. Global Connectivity

Say goodbye to all the geographical limitations and enhance your business across the world. You can manage your company and your team with ease and equal efficiency even while watching India take on Pakistan!

2. Real-Time Collaboration

Share the details and impress your clients on the go all while enjoying Virat Kohli’s class in the UK. CallHippo’s VoIP services enable you to address any given issue without being tied down to a particular office or desk. 

An active internet connection and a phone is all you need to enjoy the best VoIP phone service worldwide on your business phone number.

3. Call Transfer And Call Conference

CallHippo enables you to redirect a customer call from your virtual phone number to another team member. It is as it should be. Easy and hassle-free.

Along with transferring calls, sometimes you might need to add a team member to your call. We got you covered here as well! The call conference feature can be used to turn a 2-way phone call into a 3-way conference by adding a third user to the call.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019-CallHippo

4. Smart Call Forwarding And Queuing

CallHippo allows you to forward calls to multiple phones and boost customer support easily from your England phone number. 

It might be a virtual phone number, but it doesn’t limit you in any way. Busy attending to other calls? Place incoming calls in a queue on CallHippo’s hosted VoIP phone system and attend the next one ASAP.

5. Call Barging 

It can happen that while you are busy watching the World Cup your agent who was handling the forwarded call needs your help with closing your business deal. Call barging helps you to pitch in and it turns into a three-way conference call. This saves you from any losses and your agents are assured of your continuous support.

CallHippo provides a call barging feature on your virtual phone number so that you can barge in whenever necessary, and help your support & sales teams get better with each call.

6. Ring All And Voice Mail

If you have team members associated with a single business phone number, all of you will receive a call at the same time. Plus, any one of you can start the conversation.

You might be busy cheering for Dhoni and the loud audience might lead to some missed calls. Well, worry not! Receive voicemails on your CallHippo enterprise VoIP phone system-associated with your email & rest easy.

7. Call Analytics And On Hold Music

After the match, you might need to monitor telephone support through parameters like the number of missed calls and the call load of each team member. CallHippo’s call analytics feature does exactly that!

Plus, you might want to personalize things a little bit for your callers while they are on hold. The on-hold music feature plays customized music for your callers when they are on hold.

8. Connect With Clients From All Around The Globe  At Minimal Rates

CallHippo’s virtual business phone numbers start from a rate as cheap as $6. Plus, we offer a local phone number for more than 50 countries. Fret not about your phone bills! No matter how many clients you have from different parts of the world, all you need is CallHippo.

“Okay, So How Can I Get A VoIP Phone System?”

Glad you asked! Our process is short and sweet. You will get a VoIP phone system in 3 easy steps:

  1. Buy Numbers – Buy the numbers you require from our catalog of 50+ countries.
  2. Add Users – Add multiple users on the same number to gain features like Ring All.
  3. Start Calling – And done! You are ready to make calls and receive calls from all around the world on your phone number!

CallHippo is one of the best VoIP Service providers that you’ll be happy doing business with. Our ultimate goal is to impart customer satisfaction in your budget. 

So are you ready for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 by taking your business global?

Updated : May 6, 2021


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