If you run a call center or manage a voice team (support and sales), you probably need conversation intelligence software. 

Conversation intelligence software uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze all your speech and provide data-driven insights from all your calls. The conversation intelligence software is forecast to grow at a 7.8% CAGR during 2019-2027.  

With conversation intelligence software, you would be able to access key insights from each call, win more sales, weed out unproductive strategies, and improve your training process. 

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However, to get the most out of your investments, you need the best conversation intelligence software, which is why we will discuss it today. Let’s dig right in.

List of Best Conversation Intelligence Software

1- CallHippo Coach

What makes CallHippo Coach the best conversation intelligence software is that it automatically identifies the calls that need your attention (e.g., customer objections, competitor mentions, compliance gaps, and script deviations). This way you won’t miss any important calls the next time. 

callhippo, conversation intelligence software

Key Features

  • Call Transcription: Get all your calls auto transcribed so you can refer back to them for faster QA checks. 
  • In-depth Analytics: Get a comprehensive understanding of your agents’ performance and key KPIs. 
  • Moment Analysis: Define key moments to automatically surface the calls featuring them. This helps stay atop all the things that matter to your business. 
  • Exhaustive Data Filtering: Find calls with specific filters and parameters. 
  • Feedback Manager: Rate calls, offer feedback, and share them with agents right when you’re analyzing it. 
  • Customizable: Tailor the software as per your needs and use case (e.g., sales, customer support, etc.).

Pricing: CallHippo offers custom quotes after understanding your use case, so you get the best out of your investments.

2- Enthu.ai

Enthu helps automate call QA processes, streamline agent evaluation, and improve your call center’s efficiency. It enables you to identify the KPIs and behaviors that your best agents exhibit. You can then use the insights to improve your teams’ overall performance.

enthu.io, tools for conversation intelligence

Key Features

  • Call Monitoring: Monitor all your calls without having to listen to the entire call. Enthu highlights the key moments that you should listen to. 
  • Analytics: Identify how your agents are performing and find ways to enhance their effectiveness. 
  • Process Intelligence: Define keywords, instances, moments, and compliance gaps to get a holistic view of your business processes. 
  • Individual Performance: Get a detailed report on your agents’ performance, including impact outcomes and customer feedback. 

Pricing: Enthu offers tailored pricing for every business as per your requirements.

3- SalesLoft

SalesLoft is an all-in-one platform that allows you to track calls, coach your agents, and analyze conversations. Understand buyer engagement, intentions, and customer behavior right from the calls. You can even leave notes for your support representatives so they can improve themselves.


Key Features

  • Call Recording: Record audio and video calls to keep a tab of who said what
  • Call Transcribers: Convert all your audio and video calls into text, so you can get back to it as and when required. 
  • AI-Based Analysis: Scan transcripts for keywords, competitor mentions, and other things that matter to your business. 
  • Create Playlists: Create a playlist of the call handling best practices so that you can coach your agents better. 
  • Retain Top Agents: Know who your most valuable agents are and make efforts to retain them.     

Pricing: Just like others in this list, SalesLoft offers tailored pricing as per your requirements.

Capture your customers’ interactions phone, web, conferencing, and email to get a better understanding of your buyers’ interactions. This will help you win more deals and increase customer satisfaction rates. However, it is meant primarily for remote teams.

4- Gong

Capture your customers’ interactions phone, web, conferencing, and email to get a better understanding of your buyers’ interactions. This will help you win more deals and increase customer satisfaction rates. However, it is meant primarily for remote teams. 


Key Features

  • Deal Intelligence: Identify the deals that are most likely to convert and discover at-deal risks. 
  • People Intelligence: Determine who your top agents are, what makes the best, and replicate winning behaviors. 
  • Market Intelligence: Stay atop the market trends so your go-to-market strategy and messaging always hit at the right time. 
  • Stats and Benchmarks: Know how your agents are doing, set benchmarks, and track their performance over time. 
  • Personalized Coaching Recommendations: Know what the agent needs to do differently to be more effective in their jobs. 

Pricing: You will have to contact Gong for tailored pricing as they have not made their deals public.

5- ExecVision

If you are looking for simple, intuitive conversation intelligence software, then ExecVision is perfect for you. Extract actionable data from customer-facing conversations and use them to make smarter decisions, coach your team, and ultimately boost profitability. 


Key Features

  • Smart Alerts: Get real-time alerts for keywords, triggers, conversation activity, or account action. You can set up when you want to receive alerts based on your requirements.
  • Performance Dashboards: Analyze how your agents are doing, understand how coaching impacts their performance, and help them get better with each call. 
  • Search: Find calls based on caller, participants, keywords, and more. 
  • Inbox: Keep all your calls organized in one place. Locate conversations someone had requested your feedback on and set coaching meeting reminders. 
  •  Conversation Cards: Create robust conversation cards that display the timeline of the call, notes, and highlights. 

Pricing: ExecVision hasn’t made its pricing plans public. You will have to contact them for tailored quoting. 

6- CallRail

CallRail is yet another great conversation intelligence software that automates call transcription using artificial intelligence. Receive insights in real-time to learn what’s happening in your team and improve the call’s performance. 


Key Features

  • Keyword Tracking: Filter calls based on keywords and phrases used on the call to identify the best and worst conversations.
  • Highlights: Click on any highlight on the call, and you’ll be transported to where they appear in the recording and transcription. 
  • Identify Trends: Hear all the calls that cross your system, then use cloud and bar graphs to understand trends and customer behavior. 

Pricing: CallRail’s conversational intelligence software starts at $50.

7- Observe.ai

Observe.ai is an agent enablement platform powered by artificial intelligence. It enables you to rapidly transcribe interactions, evaluate agent performance, and improve customer experience. Use call transcriptions and recordings to coach your agents and fasten onboarding.


Key Features

  • Analyze: Identify and analyze the most important calls and interactions without spending hours listening to each of them. 
  • Transcription: Automatically transcribe all your calls. Search and filter through the conversations in real-time.
  • AI-Powered Moments: Find moments that matter the most to your business, including escalations, dead air, and hold time. 
  • Sentiment Analysis: Learn what contributes to a positive or negative customer experience. Determine how customers react to a specific message. 

Pricing: Just like others in this list, Observe.ai chose not to make its pricing public. You will have to contact them for a tailored quote. 

8- CallMiner

CallMiner is a speech analytics platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide actionable insights from your customer interactions. It uncovers intelligence across all channels, including phone, email, chat, and web. You can even identify root causes for customer dissatisfaction and a decrease in sales. 


Key Features

  • Analytics: Automate agent scoring based on pre-defined factors and analyze sentiments on each call. 
  • Performance Management: Provide feedback to your agents based on their performance and get alerts for actions (that you set). 
  • Monitoring: Listen to the calls in real-time and alert agents with the next best action. 
  • Audio Acquisition: Capture and record all your calls for efficient speech analytics. 
  • Data Extraction: Use API to extract data and audio data ingestion.
  • Visualization: Leverage graphs to visualize your key KPIs and spot areas that need improvement or your attention. 

Pricing: You will have to contact CallMiner about pricing.

9- Refract

Refract is a revenue intelligence platform that helps identify sales mistakes and missed opportunities. It analyzes 100% of your calls to identify key moments, best practices, and revenue-driving outcomes.


Key Features

  • Advanced Search: Find the calls that matter the most to your business using the search feature. Filter calls by keywords, competitor mentions, and more. 
  • Top Moments: Know what leads to successful outcomes so that you can coach your representatives better. 
  • Triggered Learning: Deliver videos and learning resources triggered by conversation content to improve agent efficiency. 
  • Best Practices Library: Store and share a list of best calls so your new agents know how to deal with customers. 

Pricing: Refract offers custom quotes based on your requirements. You have to contact them to know how much it will cost. 

10- Jiminny

Jiminny is an all-in-one platform for your sales and customer service conversation analysis. It records and transcribes all your business calls in real-time and equips you with critical insights. You can even analyze every interaction across the customer lifecycle to understand how they react in various stages of the sales cycle


Key Features

  • Moment Analysis: Find the moments that matter the most to your business quickly. Skip directly to key themes in any call, such as wow moments and deal risks. 
  • Intelligent Vocal Recognition: Identify callers from their voice with high-quality transcriptions to get more detailed insight. 
  • Performance Management: Analyze your agent’s performance using different metrics, including listening skills, talking speed, and talk ratio between the representative and agent. 

Wrapping Up

Using conversation management software has become more important than ever. It enables you to analyze your team’s performance, understand customer behavior, and know what’s driving success. 

We’ve mentioned the 10 best conversation intelligence software of 2021. Are there other great conversation intelligence software? Let us know in the comments!

Updated : October 14, 2021


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