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Speech Analytics

CallHippo Speech Analytics ensures faster call QA, better agent evaluation and effective coaching — ultimately enhancing your team’s performance.

Call-listening Insights

What Is Speech Analytics?

As the name implies, speech analytics is the process of analyzing recorded calls using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to extract customer information and ultimately enhance corporate strategy. The information collected differs from one company to another. However, the most typical information collected by most organizations is keywords or key phrases, customer tone, customer sentiment, and so on.

Along with providing customer information, the main fact about speech analytics software is it also helps organizations in assessing agent performance. This technology is commonly used by firms dealing with customer support and service.

How Do Speech Analytics Work?

Speech analytics is a series of processes that analyze call recordings and provide valuable information about customers as well as agents. The method starts with extracting conversation from the system. Then, metadata from the recording, such as the agent who handled the call, client details, the customer issue, date and time, and so on, are segregated.

Later, the call recording is converted to text or transcript, and audio signals such as agitation and silence are removed from the transcript to create a consistent structure. Finally, the speech analytics software analyzes the data and delivers rich insights such as the most frequently used keywords or key phrases, customer tone and sentiments, and more.

This is a brief overview of how voice analytics software works. There are many Conversation intelligence software providers in the market. However, keep in mind that each speech analytics software has its own process flow and set of functions.

How CallHippo Can Help To Your Contact Center?

calls & interactions

Evaluate 100% calls & interactions

CallHippo Speech Analytics benefits your business in many ways like ensuring 100% call coverage to surface the most important interactions that need coaching attention, like customer objections, competitor comparisons, compliance gaps, script deviations and so on. No call goes “unheard” with CallHippo Speech Analytics.

Evaluate more in lesser time

Evaluate a 30 mins call in just few mins. Scan through the critical call moments, listen to them with a single click & record feedback then and there. Your quality analysts can focus more on coaching impact than on randomly flipping through the calls.

Evaluate more in lesser time
Coach your reps better

Coach your reps better

CallHippo Speech Analytics automatically filters out the calls that your coaching team should listen to, thus resulting in faster & to the point feedback. You can also run comparative analysis to ensure your agents are on the path to improvement.

Onboard new agents faster

Make your new agents learn from the best of your calls with CallHippo Speech Analytics. They can also listen to their own calls to understand their gaps, without the active involvement of a trainer.

Onboard new agents faster

Frequently Asked Question

What is the function of speech analytics software?
The primary function of speech analytics software or voice analytics software is to extensively analyze call recordings and extract rich information that helps organizations better understand their customers, alter their process, and improve customer experience.
How does speech analytics improve team training?
Companies can use speech analytics software to understand how efficient their agents are, how well their process works, and what the pluses and minuses of their process are. This will eventually enable them to take the required measures on time and improve client satisfaction.
Which businesses may benefit from speech analytics software?
All types of businesses that rely heavily on customer service must invest in speech analytics software. This technology will help them with call transcription, moment analysis, data filtering, keyword analysis, and other tasks. This will eventually boost customer satisfaction and retention.
Why is speech analytics necessary?
Speech analytics software is required for a variety of reasons. For example, it helps organizations in assessing how skilled their workforce is, how well planned their strategy is, what customers enjoy and dislike, and where they fall short. Based on these data, they can take the necessary actions.
Which are the best speech analytics software for my company?

There is a wide variety of speech analytics software available in the market. However, based on our research, the best speech analytics software for businesses are CallHippo Speech Analytics, Avoma, CallMiner, Talkdesk, Chorus, Jimminy, and, to name a few. However, before you choose one, make sure you do your own research. 

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