Communication is the key to business success. Businesses need to leverage the power of potent communication tools to survive in the current cutthroat business environment.

While it may seem like a daunting task to scan the market and remain abreast of all the new technologies in telecommunications, the truth is that you don’t need to look beyond VoIP.

Companies across the globe are ditching traditional telephone networks and adopting virtual telephony. Here are three powerful statistics that highlight the strides of VoIP technology in modern telecommunications:

  1. Businesses that adopt VoIP can expect to save over 30% in monthly phone bills. 
  2. The VoIP market is projected to hit $55 billion by 2025.
  3. 204.8 billion – this is the number of estimated VoIP users by the year 2024.

These statistics throw light on the importance and rapid spread of VoIP phone numbers. Now, let’s delve deeper and check how investing in virtual phone numbers can help companies gain market traction in global business destinations.

Win Over The United Kingdom Market With A UK Phone Number

These statistics throw light on the importance and rapid spread of VoIP phone numbers. Now, let’s delve deeper and check out how investing in virtual phone numbers can help companies gain market traction in global business destinations.

One buzzing international destination is the United Kingdom – not only does it have investor-friendly policies, and a growing cosmopolitan customer base. An ideal marketplace for all kinds of companies, here are some reasons that the UK is such a popular base for business expansion:

  • Large and open market
  • Ranks high on ease of doing business
  • The second-largest workforce in the EU comprising a huge pool of skilled workers 
  • Entrepreneurial business environment
  • Robust infrastructure in transportation, energy, telecommunications and energy.

If there is one aspect that organizations entering the United Kingdom market need to focus upon, it’s communication. You cannot compete with the existing businesses with a traditional and outdated phone system. The best option would be to invest in a UK phone number to bring down your expenses and drive operational efficiency.


A UK virtual phone number is highly beneficial for any business that is operating in the country. It can forward calls from UK customers to any other landline or mobile phone number, irrespective of geographical location. Hence, your support representatives do not need to be physically present in the United Kingdom; rather they can work from the comfort of their homes or the office headquarters or any other place.

Based on your business nature and the size of your operations, you may opt for either a UK toll-free number or a local UK phone number. If your organization is highly customer-centric, the best option would be to get a UK toll-free number, as your clients will be able to call your agents, free of cost. It will motivate them to dial and connect since they will not be worried about mounting phone bills.

A local UK phone number is significant for any organization looking out to build its customer base. Customers will need to dial the local area code of the region where your business is based after dialing the UK country code (+44). Getting a UK virtual phone number with a local area code will help your business compete with the prevalent firms in the market, and establish a credible brand reputation.

Compelling Reasons To Invest In A UK Phone Number

It’s difficult to break the norm and try out something new. If your organization is using traditional phone systems, you may not want to transition to VoIP technology.

If your business does not move with the times, your customers may shift to more responsive business rivals.  This is the era to leverage the power of emerging technologies. Virtual phone systems have taken the corporate world by storm and can bring about a host of useful advantages.

The United Kingdom is an upcoming international market, where only the best will thrive and survive. In such a scenario, your organization needs to have a robust phone system that can deliver results and streamline communication between all stakeholders. Here are some instant benefits that your organization can accrue by investing in a UK virtual phone number:

1. Builds Brand Image

Brand reputation is the most vital aspect when you enter unknown territory. Your organization needs to build a solid brand image in the United Kingdom to gain a following of loyal customers. It is not natural to break into a new market; hence, getting a UK phone number can help establish a positive brand image.

Since a UK virtual phone number will have a local area code, your customers will not even know that your organization is located elsewhere. It will help create a trustworthy relationship with clients, which will increase customer retention in the long run.

2. Gives A Personalized Experience

Companies need to put in extra effort to provide a highly personalized customer experience to keep them happy and satisfied.

Your organization will be able to deliver a customized experience to local clients if you invest in a UK phone number. Call agents will have complete access to all information related to clients such as contact details, demographic data, past purchases, and call history. This enables call representatives to provide quality support and personalize conversations for better results.


3. Boost Accessibility

In the 21st century, businesses need to remain accessible to their customers round the clock. If you are commencing business operations in the United Kingdom, the last thing you want to do is lose customers due to dropped or missed calls.

A UK virtual phone number is a smart tool that will ensure that your customers can reach out at any time. You can forward calls to available call agents so that not even a single business opportunity is lost. 

Most virtual phone systems also have interactive voice response, which enables users to promote self-service. Your UK clients will be able to divert themselves to the required extension number themselves through an IVR solution, thus saving your organization tons of time and effort.

4. Provides An Exceptional Customer Experience

Here’s a surprising fact – 86% of customers are willing to pay extra to ensure that they receive a pleasant experience. Your customers in the United Kingdom will expect fast and responsive service, which may not be possible through the traditional wired phone system.

A UK phone number will ensure that your customers can connect to support staff members at any time of their convenience. Clients do not need to wait for office hours; instead, they can call round the clock. They will not have to deal with long telephone queues as virtual phone solutions divert calls to the required agent automatically.

5. Gives Access To A Range of Features

A UK phone number will give your organization access to a range of innovative features. Call forwarding, voicemail, interactive voice response, call bargaining, and call planner are some highly useful features of UK phone numbers that can boost business presence and enhance productivity. 

Call recording allows managers to play out previous customer calls and check that the agent’s performance is satisfactory. If not, they can improve performance through training and proper feedback. Call analytics also ensures that your business can monitor all key performance indicators and take proactive action in case any areas are not performing adequately.

The United Kingdom is a booming market with tons of lucrative opportunities. Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, and Wales are cities that have a promising customer base and are ideal for business expansion. Ensure that you enter the United Kingdom market armed with the right tools and technologies to achieve success.

Make sure to stop relying on outdated telecommunication tools and get a UK virtual phone number for your business. It will surely increase all bottom-line results, and help your organization achieve business success instantly!

Updated : July 27, 2021


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