Local Presence Dialing: What Is It And How Does It Work?

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Many factors are necessary to engage, close, and grow customer relationships successfully. It is the amalgamation of various factors like the price, the product’s value, customer service support, and much more. One of the very important elements that most of us don’t even consider and which is often less discussed is “ Local Presence.”

According to a survey, respondents are 4 times more likely to answer calls from local numbers. Local Presence Dialing It is a practice of making calls look like they are coming from a local area code even when it isn’t.

This is quite obvious because most local business falls into the small-to-medium category, which suggests that keeping an individual customer happy is much more valuable to them.

The idea is simple: “People are likelier to pick up a call from an unknown number if it has a local area code.”

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Expert Advice

"Local presence dialing is a must-have technology. As frauds are increasing at an alarming rate, individuals are skeptical about everything nowadays. In such an environment, it's tough for a company from the outer region to build trust amongst the locals of the targeted area. This is where local presence dialing will be highly assistive."

What Is a Local Presence Dialer?

Local Presence Dialer?

A local presence dialer is a technology used by customer service or sales teams. The technology is such that the executive may be calling from any location, but it will appear that he/she is calling locally.

The best part about this system is that everything is automated, and the executives don’t face any hassle during calls. The local presence dialer will detect the calling destination and configure the number according to the destination.

For example, the executive might be from Austin, Texas, in New York. Via this technology, it will appear that he is calling from New York.

Why Should You Use Local Presence Dialing?

First and foremost, you should use local presence dialing as it offers a plethora of features that make the calling process more efficient and streamlined. It makes the brand more credible as the system will configure the number according to the area code where the sales representative is calling. So it can be used to conduct outbound calls efficiently.

It provides another feature called smart routing where, when the customer calls back, he is routed to the same executive who initiated the conversation. This assists in client retention as well as the representative also feels valued.

Its usage must be preferred as it offers the finest coverage and seamless connectivity, improving the workforce’s productivity and enabling organizations to achieve determined goals and objectives.

So, a local presence dialer is assistive in many ways as it offers advanced functionalities and constant operability. 

Local Presence Dialing: A Boon for Your Growing Business

Local Presence Dialling makes the call look like it’s from a local region. Virtual Numbers are also called Direct Inward Dialing (DID) or access numbers. It is a telephone number that doesn’t have a directly associated telephone line. These numbers are programmed in a way that they can forward incoming calls to one of the preset telephone numbers chosen by your client.

Once you get Virtual Local Presence Numbers Dialing Software, it is always at your service. Moving to a new location will no longer be a problem because you will be saved from all the additional costs spent in setting up the traditional telephone lines. A local presence calling system will help your business take multiple calls simultaneously.

You don’t have to worry about handling multiple calls simultaneously; with the Virtual Phone System, you can forward your calls to any endpoint or several other locations simultaneously.

Integrate all your communication channels and turn your portable device into a strong communication hub using Cloud-based virtual telephony solutions.

A Local Presence Dialer Can Change the Game of Your Business

A local presence dialing phone system can help you establish yourself as a professional local company. Suppose you plan to expand your business to several new markets. What you can do here is install a Cloud-Based Virtual Phone System with a local area code and let your customers connect with you through this instead of your regular phone number. When your customer gets a facility to reach you without incurring additional charges, you can improve the odds that they will call you.

Benefits of Using a Local Presence Dialer

Local presence dialing is a sure-shot option for a business organization that wants to increase its sales or expand its business. There are several benefits of local presence dialing. They are as follows: 

1. Increases reliability

Most people often feel more comfortable calling up a business that has a local presence because they truly believe that a local business is likely to provide more personalized service. Make the best use of local numbers to establish your business as a neighborhood business that your prospects and customers can trust blindly. 

For example, suppose you are a business based in US Texas. In that case, calling your customers from a US virtual phone number can be extremely beneficial and most likely to be attended to as your customer feels it is coming from someone in the neighborhood and not a spam call.

2. Save money

It will cost you a handsome amount of money if you are planning to build a brick and mortar stores in all the locations you want to conduct business. To save yourself from spending so much, a better and more convenient option is to get a Virtual Phone Number. Your business can be national, but you have that secret weapon that can still give a local feel to your business.

3. Variety of features

For a small business to operate the business from a single city is more feasible to use virtual local phone numbers. A geographically dispersed company with a small number of locations will definitely benefit from purchasing virtual phone numbers and uniting them under a single call processing system. 

You get a variety of features in VoIP phone systems, such as flexible forwarding, local caller ID, porting, etc. Suppose it’s affordable and fits your budget. In that case, you can activate premium features such as auto-attendant with the custom voice menu, call screening, call masking, communication analytics, etc.

4. Improve connection ratio

Clients prefer dealing with conveniently available businesses and those offering professional services. With local presence dialing, you can get direct connectivity with customers without any reliance on middlemen. With this, customer retention will be enhanced as with local presence dialers. The sales team can effortlessly reach potential customers and gain desired results.

This will increase the business’s visibility in the targeted area code, and effective insights on increasing the connection rate are also feasible.

5. Increases customer satisfaction

As opposed to toll-free numbers, local numbers have a  strong presence in that specific region. As the same area code is displayed to customers via local presence dialing, the effectiveness of the calling process increases to a great extent. Customers feel secure that they will receive personalized and tailored services.

So local presence dialing is a cost-effective and efficient method of expanding your business and grabbing opportunities, as providing communication from a local number will provide a sense of security to customers.

6. Effective tracking

Local presence dialing is an advanced technology that is highly assistive in your marketing campaigns. With local presence dialing, you can easily track calls. The  call pick-up rate is increased as with a local number, customer’s trust can be easily gained.

The calls can be easily tracked, and it will assist in effective decision-making regarding increasing the conversion rate. 

Hence, with local presence dialing, you can easily connect with the customers and create brand awareness. Calling from a local caller id establishes trust and effectively assists in expanding the clientele.

Wrapping Up

Having a Virtual Number will not only build trust among your customers but will also make them think that you are nearby even if you are situated thousands of miles away. You are no more constrained by geographical Boundaries. Cloud-based virtual phone systems let you use your phone anywhere, like email or any other modern internet device. So get a Virtual phone number today and take your business to great heights.


Does local presence dialing work?

Yes, local presence dialing is highly effective for increasing pick-up rates and making outbound sales calls more effective. Customers trust the company easily if they see a number from a similar area code.

Who can use the local presence dialer?

For small to large, every organization can use a local presence dialer as different companies have different motives; some want to expand their area of business, some want to enhance their customer engagement and satisfaction, some want to diversify their clientele, etc. So all of this can be easily done using a local presence dialer.

Can small businesses use local presence dialing?

Yes, definitely, small businesses can use it to provide customer services, and they can also use it to expand their business by reaching out to prospective customers in other states using this technology.

Is local presence illegal?

No, it is completely legal. Don’t mix it up with the phenomenon, i.e., caller ID spoofing, wherein a number that already exists is used. Here, just the area code is configured on the basis of the calling location; it is completely legal and highly effective too. 


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