This is an era where every business organization wants to touch the sky. All today’s entrepreneurs or businessmen want is to introduce new and innovative ideas to increase the productivity of their business. And Hosted telephony system or VoIP(Voice over telephony Technique) is one of those ideas. Wonderful things happen when you mash up ingredients like a cloud, communication system, and mobility. It can change the way of communication around the globe.

Provide Flexible working patterns

Cloud-based Virtual phone numbers allow you to communicate with your UK clients from anywhere in the world. You just have to make a call and a cloud based virtual phone system will forward the call to your clients via internet connectivity. Not just that, it also allows the employees to work from anywhere. The clients will call you and your Cloud-Based Virtual PBX System will reroute the calls to the employee who was active recently. That means by using a Virtual Phone System, it will not just notch down your business running cost but also it can save a lot of time by assigning the calls amongst employees more efficiently.

Save business running expenses

There are many Indian Business enterprises that cover numerous regions of the UK and for that, they need to contact them for following up. We all know very well that cellular communication is the best way of communicating around the globe and nobody can allot UK Phone numbers here in India. You don’t need to worry a little bit as there are so many Cloud-based Virtual phone numbers available in this online world. You can get a UK Virtual phone number at a very affordable price. Whenever you hire a new employee you don’t have to set a new phone connection for a single one of them. Just call your server to add an extra account and bingo, you are all set. So, Buy yourself a UK number now and let the virtual phone system cut-off all unnecessary ISD calling expenses.

Save and secure your data on Cloud

Current generation computing is based completely online. Cloud-Based Virtual PBX System allows you to save all the recorded calls and data online to the cloud servers rather than keeping on your computer or hard drives. It is really important for any business enterprise to keep the call recordings of their clients. It is much better for follow-ups and can nurture your calls. It’s recommended for everyone that; whenever you buy a UK virtual phone number, you should also consider installing a Cloud-Based Virtual PBX System because it provides you secure transmitting of communication and keeps your data safe, online. The cloud-based system allows you to make or receive UK phone number calls using UK Virtual phone numbers much more efficiently.

Seriously Though, What’s the Point?

Do you remember when music was on vinyl records, then tape cassettes? Or perhaps films on video cassettes, then DVDs and now you buy them digitally, or even stream them straight from the internet? Technology moves on, and it makes perfect sense for telephony services to progress too.

Hosted telephony embraces the future with its amazing benefits to your businesses, leaves the 19th-century technology firmly in the past, and is, ultimately, inevitable.

According to recent research, more than three quarters (76%) of small businesses and entrepreneurs in the UK are looking to cloud solutions to increase their business efficiency. Many SMEs are moving operations such as IT hosting, data storage, and office productivity tools, to the cloud. It’s no surprise that telecommunications are next on the list.

Using the internet (IP) for all communications services is fast becoming the norm across the world. BT is taking the plunge by doing away with its legacy infrastructure and shifting the entirety of its voice network over to VoIP via its fiber network. However, it’s not the first company to do so.

Communications providers in Japan, Sweden, and Germany are switching to VoIP already. Orange aims to have all IP digital networks by 2020. Deutsche Telekom has set its sights on the migration of all its European lines to digital by the end of this year.

How does it work?

Hosted telephony allows you to make calls anywhere (depending upon the plan you choose) using Virtual phone number. Generally speaking, Cloud based Virtual phone numbers give you access to make a call in a country or city where you can’t be presented physically. You can choose a UK phone number plan as per your needs and then you can make calls to UK contacts without any ISD roaming charges. It can save a lot of costs. The major benefit of using UK phone numbers in India is that you can deliver to your clients an exceptional service experience. Telephony uses a cloud server to transmit the calls between persons using internet connectivity.

Benefits of having hosted telephony

  • It allows you to deliver customer support experience over the world no matter what time it is.
  • Using a Virtual phone can decrease your business running expenses with a huge margin.
  • Cloud computing gives you access to save and track your customer records and call recordings securely online.
  • You can call from anywhere to anywhere using a Virtual call ID.
  • Smart Cloud-Based Virtual PBX System reroutes the calls amongst employees in a very efficient manner.
  • It also manages your expenses more efficiently.


In an end, we can say that Hosted telephony plays a crucial in the current business scenario because most of the work is done over the telephone or via mail. But some people don’t consider mail for communicating because it is less responsive. So to overcome these problems, you can go with a virtual number or hosted telephony. It is less expensive than general calling and keeps your records save using a virtual PBX system. There are a whole lot more advantages associated with the same. To witness that, you have to try a virtual phone number now.

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